Chapter 6.1 – Out with the old….

13 10 2009

Following the wedding, Roxy and Rupert were inseparable!  They stayed in bed for days only leaving to use the bathroom or to eat.


After a couple of weeks they both had to go back to work.  As Rupert had just graduated from medical school he was still at the bottom of the ladder and was just a paramedic.  But he had high hope to become a world renowned surgeon one day.  Whereas, Roxy had already been promoted to a Quartet Member in the music field.


Even though Viola was now an elder she was still working hard towards her goal of becoming a master thief.  She was only one step away as a Cat Burglar, but having three children had really held her back.  She hoped she would reach her goal before it was too late!


While Roxy and Rupert were not working they carried on like love-struck teenagers.  They loved spending time with each other especially playing games like table football,


having splashing contests in the pool,


or challenging each other at video games.


Other times, they just loved cuddling or making out with each other on the sofa.



Soon enough the inevitable happened – Roxy had her first pangs of morning sickness – she was pregnant!  She and Rupert decided not to tell anyone for a while as they knew that people were still not happy about them being together!


It was tough for the rest of the household to have to watch Roxy and Rupert carry on like this day in and day out.  Perry just kept to himself as usual.  Viola threw herself even more into her career.  And Jack…well… seeing Ruby at Roxy’s wedding had stirred up old feelings in him.  He could not resist the temptation anymore and arranged to meet Ruby one day at a secret location.


Jack fell instantly into Ruby’s arms complaining about how evil his wife Viola was, how his son Perry did not want to know him and how bad it was living at home with Roxy and Rupert and their constant public displays of affection.  Ruby held Jack in his arms and knew she had to seize her chance of happiness, even if it meant stealing her sister’s husband for good.


She took Jack’s face in hers and said: “They don’t deserve you Jack.  Come and live with me and I will take care of you like you deserve.”


Being bad with commitment, Jack did not think twice about leaving his wife and family.  Ruby’s invitation was too appealing to him to turn down and he promised her he would leave Viola and move in with her that night.


Being a daredevil and brave Jack was fearless when he marched home to pack up his stuff to leave.  He found Viola in the downstairs bathroom and told her he was leaving her. Viola was shocked, confused and heartbroken.  “Why,” she cried.  “Why are you leaving? What did I do?”


“I’m sorry, I just don’t love you any more,” Jack spat.  “I have not been happy for a while.  All you think about is your career.  I am going to be with someone who shows me the attention I need.”


Viola could not believe this was happening.  Where had it all gone wrong?  All she could do was stand by and watch Jack walk out of her life.  He moved out that night.


Viola’s first response was anger.  She stormed into the office where Roxy and Perry were shouting abuse about Jack and how much she hated him.  As usual Perry kept his head down and ignored the drama, but Roxy had heard everything and went to comfort her mother.


The next stage for Viola was sadness – she burst into tears whaling: “How could he leave me?  What did I do?”


Roxy was appalled with her father’s behaviour.  But the family had always known he had commitment issues and she guessed it was only a matter of time before he got bored and moved on.  She tried to cheer her mum up the best she could and reassure her that it was nothing personal and that Jack just could not stay committed to one person forever.


Then Roxy had an idea that she knew would cheer her mother up.  “Well mum, you need to forget about dad as I need your help.  You’re going to be a grandmother.”  Viola’s eyes suddenly lit up and she stopped crying instantly.  She had been wishing for a grandchild for years now and finally her wish was coming true.  As she felt her daughter’s tummy she knew that Jack was not worth it – her children is what was important and Roxy needed her right now. (Check out Perry in the background of the photo below.  Me thinks he is chatting to a girl…!?)


Roxy’s pregnancy was running very smoothly and she was getting bigger and bigger by the day.  Having time off work bored her so she filled her days with reading pregnancy books and playing her guitar for tips in Central Park.


Rupert was ecstatic that his wife was having their first baby.  He fussed around her day in and day out always trying to listen to her tummy to hear his first born.  Both Roxy and Rupert hoped for a boy.


Soon enough the day came when Roxy went into labour.  As Rupert was a paramedic they decided to have the baby at home.  Viola was also on hand to help but she just seemed totally freaked out by it.


Eventually after a gruelling 18 hours of labour, Roxy gave birth to a bouncing baby boy weighing in at 5lbs 4oz.  They named him Gabriel and he was born brave and a heavy sleeper – lucky for Roxy.

Gabriel Toddler

True to her word, Gabriel was the apple of his grandmother’s eye.  Unlike both his parents, Gabriel actually looked more like his grandmother with his bright green eyes.


Viola adored him and was constantly snuggling him and tossing him in the air.  It was almost like she was trying to compensate for the loss of Jack with Gabriel!!! Little did the family know how dangerous this was to become……





8 responses

13 10 2009

Awww, those pics at the end of Viola with Gabriel are absolutely adorable!!

“Little did the family know how dangerous this was to become……”
Oh no…what’s she going to do?

13 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

a ha! You’ll have to read tomorrows edition to find out nessva….. 😛

13 10 2009

Awww, Gabriel is adorable.

“Little did the family know how dangerous this was to become……”
Oh no… what’s she going to do to him?

13 10 2009

“Little did the family know how dangerous this was to become” how dangerous can it be?

13 10 2009

“Little did the family know how dangerous this was to become” This family seems to be cursed, don’t ya think? lol

13 10 2009

He has green eyes? They look icey blue to me. Like a really light turquoise. (Much like my own eyes.)

14 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

yeah i guess you are right Melissa. Maybe Gabriel’s eyes are more his dads… hmmm. Or a mixture as Ruperts are more blue. Its hard to tell!

21 01 2011

wow, i just began reading today and i’ve got to say, your legacy is coming along great!! everyones sooo beautiful/handsome. i’m honestly jealous. 😀 can’t wait to read more!!

p.s. (all of your babies are so tiny! i was about 7 lb 11 oz, that seems huge compared to the Shenston kids)

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