And the winner is……

3 09 2009

Thank you to everyone who voted for the new Shenston heir.  There was 293 votes cast and it was very close,  but  Mia won with 56% of the votes and will now be the head of the Shenston Legacy.

Mia Young Adult2

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Weight: Skinny
Traits: Family Orientated, brave, perfectionist, flirty, hopeless romantic
Lifetime Wish: Heart Breaker

Mia is one of the twins Camilla had with Matthew just before they married.  She was born family orientated and brave and developed the perfectionist trait as she got older.  She worries about her looks all the time and is constantly ensuring she looks perfect.  When she grew up she inherited the flirty trait from her farther and became a hopeless romantic. After getting her heart broken she realised her lifelong wish would be to be a Heart Breaker.  She knows this means she may never settle down, but being family orientated she is still determined to have children.

Stay tuned to see what Mia will get up to in the fourth generation while she tries to carry on the Shenston legacy without getting into more trouble!




7 responses

3 09 2009

How are you going to make a heartbreaker an heir? Its going to be hard fitting in the story too. I bet you can do it though!

3 09 2009

Yes i agree – it is going to be a real challenge. But gonna give it a try. Stay tuned to see what happens…. xx

3 09 2009

Won’t be that hard, a few… unprotected nights of lust. I’m gonna have a BALL with my heartbreaker. kekeke….

7 09 2009

Holy cow, her lips are HUGE! They take up her whole face!

7 09 2009

i know! I dont know where she got them from. Think it was her farther – i blame all her bad genes on him! x

25 05 2011

Father. Not farther.

25 05 2011

& it’s oriented not orientated. Orientated isn’t a word.

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