Chapter 9.5 – Growing up

5 01 2010

Audrey planned a small funeral for Eva and invited only close family and friends. 

Among the guests was Eva’s sister Anna (at the back in the grey suit) and Audrey’s sister Bridget, who turned up in her wedding dress (silly sims)!  Another old face turned up, Alex.  Slightly older but still as handsome. Audrey’s old feelings instantly came rushing back the minute she set eyes on him. 

“I’m sorry to hear about your mum,” Alex said approaching her.  “She was a great lady and i know she will be sorely missed.”  Hearing Alex’s kind words bought tears to Audrey’s eyes and suddenly she found herself sobbing on his shoulder.

Alex cradled Audrey gently as she wept stroking her hair and whispering that everything will be ok.  Eventually Audrey was so weak from crying, Alex and Bridget took her up to her room and put her to bed.  Bridget stayed over to look after the girls and Alex slept on the armchair in the bedroom to make sure Audrey was ok. When she awoke in the morning, her sister told her all about Alex taking care of her and staying all night to make sure she was ok.  Audrey tried to call Alex to thank him but he had gone on tour with his band that morning and she could not get hold of him.  Raffi came round instead to see how the pregnancy was going.  He was advancing past at the hospital and was already a resident doctor.

The rest of Audrey’s pregnancy went by rather uneventful.  She filled her days with looking after Asia and Paris.  And every night she went to her mother’s grave to mourn her loss.  She did not want to cry in front her daughters.

Eventually Audrey went into labor.  She was on her own at the house with Paris as Asia was at school, so she called a babysitter and drove herself to the hospital on her scooter.

I am proud to announce Audrey gave birth to another girl.  She named her Cleopatra after her Egyptian heritage. She was born brave and a genius and looked just like her farther with green eyes, dark hair and a slighter larger than normal nose!

Raffi was there for the delivery and adored his daughter instantly.  He came round every day after his shift to help Audrey with Cleo Audrey had time for Asia and Paris too.

Before long it was time for Paris to age up.  As she grew into a kid she developed the inappropriate trait. 

Now Asia and Paris were more or a similar age again, they played together all the time, though Paris’ inappropriate behavior often got in the way with her biting the heads of Asia’s dolls or kicking Asia in the head when they were on the swings.

With Paris a bit older it gave Audrey more time to herself now she only had one toddler to take care.    In fact when the two older girls were at school, it gave Audrey too much time.  She did a lot of thinking during this time.  She thought a lot about Alex and could not get it out of her head how nice he was to her at her mothers funeral.  Maybe he had forgiven her??!

One afternoon she decided she could not stand it anymore and called Alex.  He was back from his tour and sounded pleased, though confused, to hear from Audrey.  They talked for around 15minutes, making small talk and hearing about each other’s lives. 

This was not enough for Audrey so in the end she asked Alex if he wanted to pop over for a cup of tea.  Hesitantly he agreed and arrived an hour later.  He looked as handsome as ever.  Audrey and Alex sat on either ends of the sofa chatting.  Audrey got to hear all about Alex’s music and how he is now lead guitarist in his band. 

At first the conversation was awkward and uncomfortable.  But after a few glasses of wine, Alex scooched over and sat closer to Audrey

And by the end of the evening they were cuddling.  “I’ve always loved you Audrey,” Alex whispered into her ear.  “It’s only ever been you.”

Except for the days her girls were born, this was the happiest day of Audrey’s life.  She pulled Alex to his feet and replied.  “You’re the only one I have ever loved Alex.  I’m sorry for ever hurting you but I will never let you go again.”  And with that she got down on one knee and asked him, while pulling out her father’s wedding ring, “will you be mine for ever?”  A tear trickled down Alex’s cheek and that was all the answer Audrey needed.  Alex moved in that night.

The girls adored Alex as much as Audrey did.  Asia and Paris loved the fact that Alex was on his way to becoming a rock n’ roll star and always made him play his guitar for them.

The wedding took place in the garden.  The only ones present were Asia and Paris who were bridemaids.  Cleopatra (or Clea for short) was too young so she was spending the day with her dad. Audrey wore a simple white dress and Alex thought she looked more beautiful than she ever had.

Audrey loved being Alex’s number one groupie and was always the one in the front dancing whenever he played, whether that was in a concert or for tips in the park.  Audrey even changed her dress sense to be more rock n’ roll for him.

It did not take long for Audrey to fall pregnant once again, though she promised herself this would be the last time.  She loved being pregnant but she did not know if she could cope with any more children after this one.  Alex was ecstatic.  He was desperate for lots of children of his own.  Audrey did not want to tell him that this would be her last.

Alex would insist on playing his guitar to the baby in Audrey’s tummy, hoping that it would be as naturally gifted at music as he was.

A few months later the last edition to the Shenston family arrived.  And what do you know, it was another girl.  Again she looked just like her father with her blue eyes.  But her hair was slightly lighter than Alex’s red which must have been Audrey’s influence.  Audrey named her new daughter Sunny, after Sunset Valley.  Well it was only right considering how the other girls were named.  Sunny was born good and neurotic, not virtuoso like Alex had hoped.  But he was sure that would develop as she got older.

Now Audrey and Alex had two toddlers and two kids to take care of.

But not for long as it was Cleo’s birthday.  As she grew into a kid she developed the hot-headed trait.  Her looks unfortunately did not improve either, but she was still loved just as much.

There was also another birthday that week, Asia’s.  It was finally her time to enter her teenage years. She had a little birthday party and blew out her candles very quickly, eager to grow up.

As she grew she developed the unflirty trait.  Then as is the Shenston tradition, Audrey took her to the shops and bought her  a whole new outfit for her birthday.  Asia also got her nose pierced.  Audrey had been against it when Asia had asked, but then Audrey knew that Asia would just have gone ahead and got it done anyway, so let her in the end.

Lastly, it was also time for Audrey to grow into full adulthood.  She did not want a party, so decided to celebrate with just Alex there.  But just before she aged she had broken the news to Alex that she did not want to have any more children. He was so angry with her that he refused to celebrate with her and turned his back as she aged up.

Audrey gave herself a little makeover too.  Asia was really embarrassed by her mums dress sence and complained that Audrey was dressing too young for her age.  But Alex loved it and thought he had the sexiest wife ever.  He was determined to change her mind about having another baby!




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5 01 2010

You need to update your header images Miss Sarah 🙂

The girls are all so cute and I love their names! I think Sunny might be my fave because of the red hair..hehe. Asia looks so much like a Shenston! She hardly got any of Ning’s genes at all. Cleo on the other hand, looks a lot like Raffi but I think mixing it up is a good thing =)

5 01 2010

This is my favourite oneever!
You used my idea of naming her aftet sunset valley!!
You got red hair!!!

5 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

I know, i know Nessva. Its just i did not design it very well and cannot fit another one on so i need to re-do the whole thing and i have just not had time. I will get to it i promise 🙂

I know what you mean about Asia and Cleo – funny how they turn out. I wish it had been the other way round really. x

5 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Im so glad you liked the update Liv. Thanks for giving me the idea about sunset valley, i was wondering what to do with that one 🙂 xxx

5 01 2010

Love the chapter! Audrey finally got smarter and married Alex! Oh, and Sunny is so cute 😉 My favs so far are Asia and Sunny! I guess that the heir poll is coming up soon, right? I truly do hope that you will continue this legacy or at least start a new one!

5 01 2010

Asia has grown up very nicely! I for one think that she does look somewhat Asian. Poor Cleo . . . I’m sure she will grow into her looks more though.

5 01 2010

where did you get that cot?

5 01 2010

last nite i was thinking wot wud she call the baby ( cleo) then i thought cos its from egypt she shud call it cleo lol scarri

5 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Good predicition ab1. I planned Asia, Paris and Cleo’s name before is started the 9th generation. x

5 01 2010

what if theyz turned out to be boyz

5 01 2010

Teehee, I love how I predicted Cleo’s name perfectly :B

5 01 2010

Ahh!! I love this chapter! This is my very first time commenting, but I have read this from the very beginning!! I love Asia!! Where did you get that nose piercing? Also the ones for Alex… where did you find those? I love them! 😀

It looks like Asia inherited the Shenston lips… or it just could be me…. haha.

I love your Legacy! I am hoping to start my own soon…. but I’m not sure 😛

6 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi Kendal

Thank you so much for commenting. I love to hear you have been reading this from the begginning and love to hear from the readers.

I got the piercings from here:

6 01 2010

Aw, you’re welcome!! I really love your stories!! 🙂


6 01 2010

I like clea the best, her slight unprettiness makes her more pretty to me, lol

6 01 2010

Another awesome update as usual!! Go Sarah!!! Woo!!

ALEX IS BACK!!!OMG!!! And he brought his frogiveness with him!! Sunny is an adorable “spawn”(hilarious new word), but I want to see a baby boy! Its just destiny, Audrey+Alex=Baby Boy! But, if you’re naming because of where they come from, a girl would have better name choices, Sunrise, Sunset, Sunshine..etc.

Cleo is a cutie, hopefully she’ll grow into the nose, other wise…..she’s still a beauty though. A unique beauty, she’ll have beautiful babies..

I want Ning and Andre back. They need to meet their beautiful babies–well girls now. The girls deserve the real dad.

I LUV IT!!!!

6 01 2010

aww the power of true love, alex is back and they have an adorable little girl

6 01 2010

Aw so adorable! Asia is gorgeous, I can’t wait to see how the other girls age up. I also hope that Alex gets his way- there’s always Riverview left for birth destinations 😛

6 01 2010

Just an additional question, is there a reason Ivy is no longer in the legacy header?

6 01 2010

Ivy’s still there. Roxy isn’t. 😦

6 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

OH NO! Your right. Cant believe i missed Roxy off. I will put her back in, stay tuned…….

6 01 2010
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

I can just agree with all the former speakers, this was a great update. If I could come with a suggestion: If you want to sontiunue or start a new legacy you could keep all (or one) of the girls from generation 10 and move them to Riverview. Something very tragical/crazy happens and the founder has to start a new life. Or something like it. Or just keep it going. You’ll definatly have readers. 🙂

I love the name Sunny. I had a sim called Sunshine, named after a girl I met who had a British hippie dad by the way. 😉

7 01 2010

They would have been better off in the first place, if it weren’t for that good ‘kisser’ trait 🙂

Also, if you could stop by my legacy and vote for the first heir it would be appreciated 😉

And here’s to hoping Audrey and Alex last more than a week!

7 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Thanks Bluezim. And i have cast my vote x

10 01 2010

where did you get the crib its soo cute you a really good legacy writer and CC finder lol you should post a list of your cc ^.^

11 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi Liddylulu. I cannot remember where i got the crib from. I am sorry i got it months ago. I have thought about making CC list but it would take me forever. if you ever see anything you like, just ask and i will try to remember where i got it from x

22 01 2010


23 01 2010

I’m pretty sure the crib is from TSR, it’s called Gavin’s Nursery Set, I believe.

10 06 2010

If Audrey decided to have another Egyptian girl, you should name her Ramie, after Rameses 🙂

20 01 2011

“and a slighter larger than normal nose” – what an understatement! That nose is like it’s own continent!

11 02 2011

Me tinks Audrey should have at least one more baby!!!!

7 05 2011
littlebitofsims - August Legacy

Asia’s hair is gorgeous! Where did you get it?
One of my favorite Legacy’s I have found. I have read to this point in only a few days! You should do another!

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