Chapter 8.10 – The Fool

27 12 2009

After arriving back from France, Audrey sure did have the explorer bug.  She could not wait to go again so when a school trip to China came up she convinced her mum to sign her up for the three-day trip.  She managed to escape the school group’s boring coach rides around country side and went straight to the town’s notice board.

For the next three days she explored tombs, swum through bottomless wells and found ancient relics.

When Audrey arrived back home she had found things had really hotted up between her brother Kai and the town’s mayor, Gerald.  For the past few months the two had been inseparable and finally, while walking along the beach one day, Gerald had popped the question.

Eva was so excited that her son was getting married.  When he came out as gay she feared this would never happen, and even though Gerald was a lot older than Kai, she could not be happier.  They planned a wedding in the garden and only invited other guests for the party afterwards.  So Kai and Gerald exchanged rings  in front of Eva, Audrey and Bridget. Both grooms wore matching white suits with pink shirts.

After the ceremony all the guests turned up and the party started.  It went on until the early hours of the next morning and Eva was very glad she did not have too many neighbours nearby.

Kai and Gerald certainly did have some wild friends.  The house was trashed afterwards and Eva spent all night cleaning up after it. 

Whilst Eva was busy cleaning, in the next room there was a fight going on bewing between Kai and Gerald.  Now that they were married Gerald wanted Kai to move into his condo.  But at the mere mention of moving Kai exploded saying he could not leave his family as they needed him.

Gerald soon put Kai in his place.  “What happened to Jean-Claude was not your fault Kai, you need to move on in life.  I am too old to be living with your family.  It is time to live your own life with me.”  Kai’s eyes filled with tears.  He knew Gerald was right but the thought of letting his family down was too much to bear and he pleaded with Gerald to just give him some more time.

Being a typical mum, Eva had been eavesdropping on Kai and Gerald’s argument.  She had no idea Kai still felt responsible for what happened to Jean-Claude and it broke her heart.  She stormed over to her son and said: “Kai this is ridiculous. Gerald is right – you need to start living your own life.  We are fine here.  The girls are off doing their own thing and I am certainly old enough to look after myself.  Go and be with your husband and stop all this nonsense.”  She pulled her son to her and hugged him as hard as she could whispering in his ear, “Jean-Claude would have been proud of you, but it’s now time to let go.”

Kai and Gerald moved out that day.  Gerald lived in a very modern house on the outskirts of town.  Kai fell in love with his new home instantly and knew his mother had been right all along.

Bridget meanwhile had got herself a part-time job.  She had found it while reading the newspaper one day:


Babysitter for a six year old girl. 

Five days a week.  3-6pm.

Bridget headed straight down to the address advertised the next day after calling ahead for an interview.  The family were waiting for her when she arrived and she introduced herself to the mother straight away.

Her name was Karen Rogers, her husband was Kenneth Rogers and their little daughter was called Mimi Rogers.  Karen explained that she was the CEO of a megacorporation and worked long hours, sometimes until late at night.  Whereas her husband was a hit movie composer and even though he worked from home, he was very busy so they needed someone to pick Mimi up from school each day and look after her until Karen got home.  Bridget loved the family instantly and took the job. 

Bridget was an instant hit with Mimi.  Mimi was such a friendly girl was an easily impressed attitude and a great sense of humour.

Every day Bridget picked Mimi up from school and they would go to the park, come home play tag and then do their homework together.  Then Bridget would cook her dinner and put her to bed and wait until Karen got home.

Kenneth was always at home but had little to do with the childcare.  He was always at his computer working and to begin with hardly said a word to Bridget.  Bridget found him very handsome but also very moody and tried to stay out of his way the best she could.

After a few weeks of working with the Rogers family, Kenneth started warming to Bridget.  While Bridget waited for Karen to get home each evening, Kenneth would sit and chat to her giving her tips on writing.

They would also chat about their families and Bridget found out that Mimi was Kenneth’s step daughter and that Karen had been married before..  They also laughed a lot with Kenneth teasing Bridget on her idea for a series of children’s books.

Bridget had realised that once your broke through Kenneth’s moody exterior, there was a very deep, passionate man.  Bridget loved this about Kenneth and she also knew she was falling for him.  She could feel the chemistry radiating every time she walked up the path to the house and she knew that Kenneth could feel it too.  Sometimes he looked at her with such lust she had to stop herself from kissing him!

He would tell Bridget over and over again how pretty she was, how much potential as a writer she had and how he could not believe she was only 17!

Then one night Bridget could not take it anymore. Karen was having to work really late so Bridget had stayed late at the Rogers house.  Kenneth was meant to be working on a big project but was instead out the back toasting marshmallows with Bridget.  Bridget could feel Kenneth staring at her and his gaze was burning into the side of her face.

Bridget leaned forward and kissed Kenneth hard and deep on the lips.  “What on earth are you doing,” Kenneth yelled throwing Bridget off him.  Bridget was mortified.

“I thought this is what you wanted,” she stuttered feeling tears prick her eyes. 

“No no no no no,” Kenneth repeated over and over again burying his face in his hands.  “Whatever made you think that?  You are just a young girl and I am a married man, it is never going to happen.  I’m sorry you got the wrong impression Bridget.”

Bridget’s tears suddenly turned to anger.  “But you told me you thought i was beautiful.  You led me on.  This is all your fault and i am going to tell your wife.”

And with that Bridget ran off leaving a bewildered Kenneth behind.  She ran all the way home cursing the day she ever took that stupid job.  When she got home she ran upstairs to find her sister.  Audrey was busy upgrading the bath tub.  This was a new hobby of hers, she though being handy would help her on her adventures.

Bridget told her sister everything that had happened between her and Kenneth Rogers.  Audrey tried to calm her sister down and tell her that she had mis-read the signals but Bridget was so humiliated so could not see clearly and was determined to tell Karen everything.

The next morning Bridget got up bright and early and headed down to Doo Peas Corporate Tower to wait for Karen to arrive for work.  “Bridget what a surprise,” Karen said coming towards her.  “What are you doing here?  Is everything ok?”

Bridget wanted to tell Karen everything, and had intended to, but what was she meant to say?  That Kenneth had seduced her, because he hadn’t.  That Kenneth had promised her something would happen, because he hadn’t.  Suddenly Bridget felt like a fool and all she could say was: “Karen I am sorry but I cannot work for you anymore.”  Bridget could see the confusion in Karen’s eyes but she did not hang around to explain.  She ran off home feeling like the biggest fool ever.

Back at home Eva is faced with the biggest decision of her life, who will be the legacy heir?  She knew her mother had dreaded the day she had to pick and now here it was upon her.  But who should she choose out of her two daughters, Audrey and Bridget? VOTING NOW CLOSED.  CLICK ON TO SEE WHO WON….




14 responses

27 12 2009

i cant believe its almost over i with there would be more the 10 Generations

27 12 2009

I’m assuming this will be the final vote? Oh dear!

27 12 2009

Please continue your legacy farther than the 10th gereration! I love it!

27 12 2009

Noooo its leaving!! Please let it run longer than 10 gen. Your legacy is inspiring me to start my own. The Shenstons are like a soap opera.

28 12 2009

Oh dear, the final vote. Now, Sarah, when generation 10 is born, will you end the legacy or will you grow her up?

28 12 2009

Maybe you could do a 26 generation legacy? Haha, only because I want to keep reading. It’s the highlight of my Sims 3 Legacy reading. 🙂
And I voted Audrey, because most of my Sims are now explorers, because I like exploring the tombs. 🙂

28 12 2009

“Oh dear, the final vote. Now, Sarah, when generation 10 is born, will you end the legacy or will you grow her up?”

Shoot, I meant that when the 10th generation heiress is born, will you end the legacy there point-blank, or will you grow her up before you end it? I know you aren’t going past generation 10, so, yeah. Just curious. 😉

And I can’t wait to see what you have in store for generation 9. I know you wouldn’t end the legacy without tons of drama!

28 12 2009

Vote for bridget! grumpy and artistic is the best mix!

29 12 2009

I Love The Shenston Legacyy!! Please Continue More Than 10 Gen. I Check Everyday To See If U Have Updated Lol I Know Sadd.
I Voted Audrey Gotta Keep The Blonde Goinn Lol x

29 12 2009

when does voting end and will you please continue past 10 gen – I just love your legacy it so great!

29 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi guys

Thank you all so much for voting. I will be closing the votes at around 3pm UK time = 10am US time – thats today!

I know you have all been asking if i will continue the Shenston Legacy…. the answer is i do not know yet! I know that i will definitly grow the 10th generation kids up and have one more vote to determain the 10th generation heir.

Then what i think i will do is have another vote to see if people think i should keep going or quit while i am ahead…..

… Even though i have loved playing the Shenston Legacy, it has almost taken over my life and maybe it is time to bow out gracefully. But then again, if enough people will keep reading it i am very happy to keep going.

I think we should definitly see on this. Thank you once again for reading and commenting. I too cannot believe we are nearly at generation 10. It has been fun.

Dont forget to get your last votes in xxxx

29 12 2009

Great chapter! I hope that you will continue the legacy! Anyway, I’m off to vote 🙂

1 01 2010

this is my favourite legacy i have ever read (:
but i have two questions.
can two guys (or two girls) get married on the sims
or did you just make it look like it?
and secondly can people actually get babysitting jobs?
i know, i know everyone reading this is probably thinking
“gosh this chick is dumb!” lol.
just want to say again how much i love this legacy,
everyday i check for updates (:

1 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi Ireeene. I am so pleased you enjoy my legacy. Its because of these comments that i keep going.

In answer to your two questions: Yes same sex couples can get married in the Sims. No Sim’s can not get babysitting jobs, i set this one up. But i think EA should add this in as teenagers do babysit, but you cannot actually go get a babysitting job, which seems silly to me

Anyway, i hope that helps and please keep reading. xxx

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