Chapter 9.6 – Some bad news

7 01 2010

Life in the Shenston household was more routine than ever now.  With just one toddler to care for, Audrey made sure she gave Sunny the most attention she had been able to give any of the girls so she would grow up well.

Now Asia was a teen, Paris had lost her play mate and best friend as Asia did not want to play with a kid anymore.  So Paris turned to her younger sister, Cleo to play with instead.  Unfortunately for Paris, Cleo was not as laid back as Asia was and when Paris started with her inappropriate behavior, Cleo’s hot-headed temperament came to the surface.

Paris did not have the patience to put up with Cleo’s mood swings so stopped playing with her altogether.  She found a new best friend in Chloë Handy from school who came round ever day to play with Paris instead.  Paris had warned Chloë about her sister’s temper, so the two girls refused to let Cleo join in with them, leaving Chloë always on her own.

So Cleo threw herself instead into her studies.  She became fascinated by insects and was constantly chasing them and catching them, then taking them home and studying them for hours.

Asia meanwhile had discovered the joys of gardening and had taken up looking after Anna’s old plants and flowers.  Like her younger sister Cleo, she enjoyed the biology of the flowers and plants more rather than their beauty.

Being a loner, she enjoyed the solitude of gardening but there was something still missing in her life.  A father.  She would often watch Alex spending time with Sunny and be so jealous she had never had what Sunny has.

Cleo’s dad would also come round often to see and spend time with her, and Asia would watch them too wishing she had a daddy to love her like Raffi loved Cleo.

Asia knew the story of how she had been born.  How her mother had only known her father for one night and had never been able to find him since.  She was determained that she was going to find her father now herself  and went to her mum to find out as much information about him as possible.

Audrey told Asia as much as she could about her father.  That his name was Ning Su Lung and that she had met him in a village in China called Shang Simla.  She knew that Ning was from the village but she had not been able to find any living family members of his there anymore and had no idea where he was now. 

Audrey felt so guilty that Asia had never known her father, and promised her daughter she would help her look for him.  Asia begun with trawling the internet looking for any reference for a Ning Su Lung from Shang Simla, but to no avail.  So she decided to post some messages on some forums asking people if they knew of him and to contact her if they did.  Now all she could do was wait.

Soon enough there were two birthdays in the Shenton house.  First was Paris who aged into a teenager.

Paris developed the charismatic trait.  She now looked more like her mum than ever, except for those huge lips, they must have come from her French dad!

Next up was Sunny.  As she grew, she developed the family orientated trait.

Sunny was naturally a very kind and caring girl.  For her birthday her parents had bought her a toy oven and she spent hour after hour baking muffins and other delights in it.

Also, unlike Paris Sunny could easily tolerate Cleo’s mood swings and the two girls would play happily together for hours.  This was lucky for Cleo as she did not have any other friends and  she now finally she had someone to play with.

One day when the kids were all at school, Audrey received a phone call.  Audrey could tell right away that it was long distance.  A woman on the other end of the line asked to speak with Asia Shenston.  “Asia is not in right now,” Audrey said, “but i am her mother Audrey.  Can i help at all?”

“Yes hello Audrey,” the woman replied in a thick Chinese accent.  “My name is Kuan-yin Wong.  I saw a message on the internet the other day from your daughter looking for a Ning Su Lung from Shang Simla.  Well Ning is my brother and I am sorry to inform you that he passed away five years ago.”

Audrey felt her body go numb.  “I am so sorry to her than Ms Wong.  Let me please explain to you why my daughter was looking for your brother.”  And then Audrey told Kuan-yin everything, about how Asia was Ning’s daughter and how they had been looking for Ning for nearly 15 years.

When Asia got home from school that afternoon, Audrey took her outside to the garden telling her she needed to speak to her about something important.  “Asia darling, i had a very important phone call today.  It was from a lady who had seen your post on the internet looking for your father.  This lady is your father’s sister and her name is Kuan-yin Wong.  I had never found her before when i was looking as she had married and changed her name so was impossible to find.

“The thing is sweetie, she told me that Ning, your father, actually passed away five years ago.  I am so sorry my darling.”

Asia felt sick.  She could not believe what her mother was telling her.  She felt all her anger and rage at never knowing her father boiling inside of her and she suddenly started to scream.  She screamed and screamed and screamed until her throat hurt. And then she just screamed some more.

Audrey was so shocked at her daughters reaction.  She tried to calm her daughter but Asia just continued screaming.  Audrey held Asia stroking her hair and telling her over and over that everything will be ok.  Eventually the screaming stopped and Asia found herself sobbing into her mothers arms.

Audrey looked her sad daughter in her tear filled eyes and said, “I am so sorry sweetie.  But i told your dads sister all about you and she is desperate to meet you.  Would you like that?  We can go tomorrow if you like and she can tell you all about what kind of man your father was?”

Asia nodded her head in acceptance of Audrey’s idea.  By now Asia was so weak from grief that Audrey put her straight to bed.  She then went and packed a bag for her and Asia to leave the next day.  Paris appeared in the doorway and asked to go too and Audrey said yes, packing a bag for her too. “We can stop off in France on the way back and see your father too,” Audrey said not wanting her other daughter to miss out too.

“No thank,” Paris replied.  “I know he wants nothing to do with me and I don’t care for him.  I just want to be there for Asia is all.”  Audrey was so proud she had such wonderful daughters.  And grateful to have Alex, who comforted Audrey later that night when she could not fight back her own tears anymore.

Two days later Audrey, Asia and Paris arrived in Shang Simla. They went straight to the graveyard for Asia to see her father’s grave.  There were no tears this time, just lots of quiet reflection.

Then Asia headed over to her aunt Kuan-yin Wong’s house.  Audrey offered to go with her but this was something Asia wanted to do on her own.

When Kuan-yin answered the door and saw Asia, the first thing she said was, “goodness my dear.  Dont you look just like him.”

All of Asia’s nerves and sorrow suddenly dispelled and she knew her and Kuan-Ling would get on great.  They spent the rest of the day getting to know each other.  Kuan-Ling told Asia all about Ning, what he was like and how he lived his life as a drifter travelling from one place to the other, never settling down and never having any other children.  She told Asia that Ning would have been very proud of her if he had known her.

While Asia was at Kuan-Ling’s, Paris wanted to go and explore Shang Simla.  Even though Audrey loved to explore she had seen everything that the village had to offer, so went and relaxed by herself at the Hot Springs instead.

So Paris hired a bicycle and went off to explore on her own.

After seeing a few ancient buildings and buying some tacky souvenirs, Paris found herself at the Phoenix Martial Art Academy.  As she walked through into the back she saw two people practising martial arts and she was instantly enthralled.  She had seen martial arts in the movies, but never something so skilled and disciplined in real life.

She headed over to a man wearing a white belt and asked him about what he was doing and if he could teach her.  Chang Su-Lin told Paris that he would be happy to teach her the skill but first she must understand that martial arts requires discipline, self-control and perseverance, thus it is also a spiritual and mental activity as well as a physical one.  If Paris is prepared for this, then he can teach. 

Paris promised Chang that she would be the most dedicated student ever and they got to work that day.

The girls spent a whole week in Shang Simla with Asia seeing Kuan-yin every day.  When it was time to go home, Kuan-yin hugged Asia as close as she could and told her she was welcome back any time.  Even though Asia had never been able to meet her father, she felt at peace now.

When they got back home Paris went to the garden and found the old academy that her uncle, Kai’s father had built many many years ago.  It was in a terrible state and she had heard that uncle Kai had torn most of it down in rage years before.  Paris looked at it and knew she had to re-build it.

She replaced the fence, mended the dummy’s and added a little Paris flavour to it.

She  then set about putting everything into practice what she had learned in China.  She practiced every day and eventually reached her blue belt within a few months.

I would like to finish up this chapter with Cleo’s birthday.  I know we have all been wondering if she will grow into her looks and hat extraordinarily big nose.  Well, here are a couple of pictures of her as a teenager now.  Let me know what you think?  Has the ugly duckling grown into a swan or is she just as funny looking as ever??





28 responses

7 01 2010

Wow…I think Cleo is more beautiful than ever!! ❤ She was quiet scary there for a while.

I'm still in love with Sunny though.

7 01 2010
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

I can’t belive how fast this went. The girls are almost all grown-ups now! It was sad that Asias father had passed away, but I’m happy that she found peace in some way anyway. And, about Cleo, I think she’s gorgeous! She has carachter and uniqueness and those eyes are very pretty.

7 01 2010

Wow, I’d say that Cleo is really pretty! Swan for sure 🙂

That’s great that Asia found some inner peace regarding the absence of her dad.

7 01 2010

I really like Cleo, she’s diffrent in a good way. ^.^

Wow I read that chapter and was like O.O That went by fast, I enjoy you’re legacy so much, I just read the entire thing over again! From the beginning!

7 01 2010

gosh I can’t believe that I thought Cleo was ugly! She really is a swan!

7 01 2010

Love the chapter! Cleo’s looks are definitly improving but my favs are still Asia and Sunny! Did you upload them to the exchange?

7 01 2010

i think cleo is gorgeous. she might be a favorite, but i think that paris is super pretty 🙂 i love this legacy. i have read every post and can’t believe that it’s the 10th generation!

7 01 2010

The girls are all so beautiful! I have no idea how anyone will ever come to a decision on who to name heiress.

7 01 2010

She has grown into her nose

7 01 2010

Cleo still looks kind of weird, but. . .yeah, much better than before. =3

7 01 2010

What trait did she get?

7 01 2010

OMG CLEO IS SOO GORGEOUS i regret calling her odd/ugly as a child, but she is still unique. She does have a bit of temper, u should make her look rebelish.

Poor Asia-she’s my fav after Sunny and Paris-well at least i sorta got my wish, Ning “came back” but he’s dead-oh well.

Sunny is so adorable, she should be the goody-two shoes, but the shy one. I want her to keep the looonnnggg hair.

I WANT A BABY theres only Audrey, Alex, Asia, Paris, Cleo, and Sunny, twin boys couldn’t hurt. LOL

Oh, and where did you get the leggings, i love them on children and teens, and YA. Can I have the link please?

8 01 2010

I want another baby, too 🙂
Cleo definitely grew into her looks. Her eyes are gorgeous. Paris is very pretty, too.

8 01 2010

Chleo is gorgeous!! Her and Asia are my favs!

8 01 2010

hmph I for one NEVER thought cleo was ugly!

9 01 2010

Cleo finally grew into her nose!! This blog is very good, I love your writing style 🙂

10 01 2010

I think Cleo is lovely. Her eyes with her skin and hair are just stunning. I don’t think her nose is that bad.

10 01 2010

I’m sorry Asia’s dad is dead, she seemed pretty upset. On the other hand, Cleo grew up nicely, I think she’s as pretty as her sisters.
I have a legacy too, maybe you could check it out sometime?

10 01 2010

I think Cleo’s pretty.
I love Paris. She’s so pretty, but then again, most Shenston’s are.

10 01 2010

OMG I LOVE UR LEGACY!!!! but this is my first entry the reason im finally doing this is becuz i LUV the hairstyles and clothes!! im only 13 but i NEED TO KNOW WHERE YOU GET EVERYTHIN!! IM IN LOVE!!! but i HATE payin!. If you could plzz leave the sites you got to, prefferably the free ones, and tell me if to sign up the sims resource you pay a fee, that would be fantastic!! PLZZ all the sites you can remember, there wasn’t one shoe outfit or hair that i didnt absolutly LOVE!!


10 01 2010

I love Sunny! She’s so cute, but my second choice is Paris.

10 01 2010

Paris rocks!

11 01 2010

wow, I haven’t visited your legacy in ages so have just had a massive catch up due to the amount of spare time i’ve got (thank you massive snow fall in uk!) I have to say, things move fast here. and I also want Sunny to be the heir, gotta love the red heads! Oh and Cleo looks beautiful. xxx

11 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi Liv. Cleo got the hopeless romantic trait x

11 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi Sims3Rocks. I cannot remember where i got the leggings from. I have looked and looked and looked. But i have found these for you which are similar:

11 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Thank you for your comment cutiepatoutie. It really means a lot.

I get most of my hairstyles from: Some are free some you have to pay for.
Here is another site for hair: and one more: – which are both free.
I get most of my clothes from here and like PeggyZone, some are free and some you have to subscribe and pay for.
Here is another site for clothes: and one more – which are both free.

I hope this helps xxxx

12 01 2010


7 03 2011

How do you download them? Sims 3 is bland without cc…… I usually downlode pp wit custom content on the exchange….

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