Please find links below to other great Legacy blog’s I love to read. If you would like me to add yours, please leave a comment and I will check it out:

Adahy Legacy
Ashemore Legacy
Baucom Legacy
Charm Legacy
Cohen Legacy
Crinklewinkle Legacy
Foliage Legacy
Garcia Legacy
Kendrick Legacy
Kyoti Legacy
Landgraab Legacy
Newbrook Legacy
Noble Legacy
Red Legacy
Sander Legacy

Other links:
Rachel’s Sim Stories
Rads Sims


14 responses

4 08 2009

Hey, please check out my legacy!

19 09 2009

Thanks for the add πŸ™‚

Your story is just wonderful. It’s giving me sooooo many ideas! lol

20 09 2009

Can you add my legacy:
I added yours.

12 10 2009

Hey, I love your legacy. It’s so funny and dramatic.
Can you please link my story on this blog?
I’ve added yours. πŸ˜€

15 10 2009
Baucom Legacy

Cool legacy. Can you add my link?

4 12 2009

Thanks for adding my legacy πŸ™‚

6 12 2009
Lilly - Baucom Legacy

Yeah, thank you for adding mine too! Your legacy is fabulous!

19 01 2010

THANKS and ps the decasm legacy was deleted lol πŸ˜€

28 01 2010

If would be lovely if you could add my link as well, I’d love to exchange links! Thank you :3

26 02 2010

:O I know you read mine, but the link isn’t there.

1 03 2010

hey, i followed your legacy from the beginning and it was and is still great!!! i cant wait for your new legacy! i started a new legacy blog. can you read it and comment plz

8 04 2010

Hey, your legacy is great and your sims look amazing! Im going to add yu to my blogroll, u can do the same if youd like πŸ™‚ plz and thx

3 05 2010

Hi! Do you think you could add my legacy?

I started on the sims 3 site, but I just swiitched over to my own website.

17 03 2011

Hello! πŸ™‚ Can you please add my Sims blog when you have a moment? πŸ™‚

My Sims blog has two stories that are more like soap operas done in the Sims! πŸ˜€

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