5th Generation Family Overview

13 10 2009


Viola Adult2Gender: Female

Age: Adult

Weight: Athletic

Traits: Friendly, evil, athletic, kleptomaniac, family orientated

Lifetime Wish: Become a Master Thief


Viola Toddler Viola Kid

Viola Teen Viola Young Adult




Viola was born evil but she is also friendly and athletic and became a kleptomaniac when she grew into a teenager.  Viola’s life long wish is to become a master thief and was dragged into the criminal career when she was barely a young adult.  She married another criminal, Jack Austin even though he has commitment issues, and they have two daughters called Freya and Roxy and a boy called Perry.



Jack Adult2


Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Weight: Athletic

Traits:Athletic,brave,daredevil, committment issues, flirty

Lifetime Wish: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body


Jack Young Adult 








Jack grew up in Riverside with just his father as his mother had died during child birth.  He moved to Sunset Valley when he turned eighteen to pursue a life of crime.  One day his boss told him about a young girl named Viola who he had heard was a great thief.  Jack’s job was to recruit Viola as an accomplice, which he was successful.  Although Jack has commitment issues, he ended up falling in love with Viola and they are now happily married with two daughters and a son.



Freya Yound Adult2  

Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult

Weight: Athletic

Traits: Evil, Genius, Brave, Athletic, Mean Spirited

Lifetime Wish: Emperor of Evil


Fraya Toddler Freya Kid

Fraya Teen 




Freya is Viola and Jack’s eldest daughter.  She was born evil and a genius and has her mothers gorgeous strawberry blond hair.  As she grew into a teen she developed the brave and athletic traits and her evil nature started to develop.  At school she was a straight A student attending the Sunset Valley School for the Gifted, but being so evil led her to realise her lifetime wish to become the Emperor of Evil!


Roxy Young Adult2 

Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult

Weight: Skinny

Traits: Hopeless Romantic, Artistic, Good, Virtuous, Hot Headed

Lifetime Wish: Hit Movie Composer

Roxy Toddler Roxy Kid

Roxy Teen




Roxy is Viola and Jack’s youngest daughter.  She was born good and artistic, a stark contrast to her older sister and unlike the rest of her family, she has dark brown eyes!  When she became a teenager she developed the virtuous trait and instantly realised her lifetime wish would be to become a Hit Movie Composer.  She has never quite gotten over her first love, Rupert.  They were banned from seeing each other as he is not only a lot older but is also Roxy’s half cousin.



Perry Teen2 

Gender: Male

Age: Teenager

Weight: Skinny

Traits: Easily Impressed, Loves the Outdoors, Excitable, loner

Lifetime Wish: TBC


Perry Toddler Perry Kid









Perry is Jack and Viola’s youngest child and only son.  He was born easily impressed and to love the outdoors.  He looks just like his father with his blond hair and green eyes. Due to the drama caused by his older sisters, Perry has been overlooked by his family most of his life and therefore he has now become a loner and enjoys his own solitude.




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