And the winner is……

20 01 2010

Thank you to everyone who voted for the 10th Generation Shenston Legacy heir.  We had 2,253 votes and i am proud to announce that Sunny won with 47% of the votes.

Gender: Female
Age: Teenager
Traits: Good, neurotic, natural cook, family orientated
Lifetime Wish: Surrounded by family

Sunny was born good and neurotic and became family orientated and a natural cook when she grew up.  As the baby of the family she has always been protected by her older sisters, but now the legacy has fallen on in her lap, it is time for Sunny to stand on her own two feet and continue what her ancestor, Sarah Shenston, started 10 generations ago.




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20 01 2010

I knew it would be Sunny, I voted for her so did 1051 viewers. lol. I want to see how the girls take the news about Sunny.
Question are the Shenstons going to be characters in your simsstory? Like as a minor or something?:^
Love the legacy.
When Sunny was a toddler, did you use a mod to get her that type of hair? If so where can I find it?

20 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi Sims3rocks.

For my first story i will not being using any Shenston characters as i have already worked out the story. But this will be a short story so for my next one, maybe i will incorporate them somehow….

I did use a hair conversion mod for Sunny’s toddler hair. Here it is:


20 01 2010


I like Sunny best! And she has the name i surrgesgted!

20 01 2010

are we going to see anymore of sunny as she grows up???

20 01 2010

I voted for Cleo, I always vote for the one that I know is not going to get many votes, even if they are AI they still have computer feelings >.<

Anyway, So sad to see that the legacy has come to an end, please, please, please let us see her kids, I bet they will be so adorable.

Of course its up to you if you do this, I would love to see her kids though.

Happy Simming!

20 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi guys

I will be doing one more chapter over the next couple of days to bring the legacy to an end. This chapter will show you what happens next with the four girls…. stay tuned xxx

20 01 2010

So sad 2 see the legacy end. But I’m sure your sim stories will be great. By the way guys, if we were too see Sunny’s kids, then when we finally see them we will just want to see their kids, and their kids…. etc… If you see where I’m coming from.

20 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Your right Becky, that is why i am not going to go into the conclusion too much. But i might give you at a least a taster x

20 01 2010

I was the 999, 1000 and 1001 voter for Sunny in addition to the other votes I had cast :B Lol.

21 01 2010

Yay! I love Sunny! I have her in my sims game and she has twin daughters, Caralynn and Antoinette (who just had a baby Ella) , then daughters Samantha and Angelina and a son Calvin. 🙂 They are all gorgeous and my new favorite family! 🙂

21 01 2010

but sunny didn’t get the majority of the votes… She only got 47%, doesn’t she need more than 50%?

21 01 2010

I’m sad to see the legacy come to an end, but can’t wait for the sim story. I hope you will be posting the web address on this site.

21 01 2010

I voted for Sunny, so I’m glad that she won. I’ll be downloading her to pop into my game to have some fun with very soon. 🙂

21 01 2010

Yay! I’m so glad Sunny won.

21 01 2010

Yaay, go Sunny, go Sunny! I knew it would be her too, and of course I voted for her!

22 01 2010


22 01 2010

I’m super happy that Sunny won and that a red head rounded out the Shenston Legacy. It was great, Sarah 😀 I’m looking forward to your other stories – keep us posted.

22 01 2010

No, Sam, she didn’t need more than 50. She just needed a higher percentage than everyone else.

23 01 2010

When do you think the next chapter will be ready? I hope soon 😀 I know it will be AWESOME 😀 😛

23 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

It will hopefully be later today.. i am just finishing it now. It will be the last chapter but will link onto my new story x

19 04 2010

I like Sunny, but I wanted Asia to win… Sunny is just too good to me…

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