Chapter 6.2 – …in with the new

14 10 2009

Life for Perry was ticking along nicely.  He had aged up into a young adult inheriting the athletic trait and getting a job in the military.


He had even got himself a girlfriend.  Her name was Holly Smart and she was a chef in the local bistro.  He had met her online and they spent their first date at the library together.  She was a real bookworm.


Viola’s life was not so rosy. Even though she had now fulfilled her lifetime wish of becoming a master thief she had been forced to retire due to her age and what with Jack leaving and her kids all grown up – she had never felt so lonely. 

New Picture (9)

Her life soon become centred around her grandson Gabriel and it seemed only he was able to fill the emptiness inside her. 


She tended to him day and night annoying her daughter Roxy, Gabriel’s mother, as Viola would not let her do anything with Gabriel.  When Roxy went to teach Gabriel to talk, Viola was already there doing it.


And when Roxy went to teach Gabriel to walk – there was Viola helping her son up off the floor, praising him where Roxy should have been. Roxy tried to suggest Viola should get a hobby.  But Viola insisted that she was happy staying at home and just wanted to help her out with the baby. 


One morning, Viola had to go to the next town to claim her pension.  Roxy took this opportunity to have some alone time with her son.  But after a morning of playing games with Gabriel, she was exhausted and popped Gabriel in his crib while she had a quick nap.



Roxy had not realised how tired she was and slept through the rest of the morning and lunchtime.  Meanwhile Viola came home and looking for Gabriel, found him in his crib with his mum sleeping close by.  Thinking she was helping, she lifted Gabriel into her arms, leaving her weary daughter to rest.



Viola decided Gabriel needed some fresh air and took him for a walk in the park.


Back at home Roxy woke with a jolt. How long had she been asleep for?  She dashed straight over to the crib only to find it empty.  Where was Gabriel?  Where was her son?  She started to panic!


She called out for him and for her mother Viola, but was only met with silence.  She dashed around the house checking everywhere out of her mind with panic and worry.  Horrible images flashed through her mind that someone had kidnapped Gabriel or that he had somehow gotton out of his crib and had fallen down somewhere and was badly hurt.


When she found the house was empty she called Rupert up at work screaming and crying.  Rupert tried to calm her down and told her Gabriel was probably fine and was most likely with her mother somewhere. Roxy dashed out of the house running through the streets calling her mother and Gabriel’s names.  She checked with all the neighbours and her mother’s friends but no one had seen them.


When she reached central park she could hear a baby crying in the distance.  She recognised her son’s cry immediately and dashed in his directions.  She found him sitting on the grass on the far side of the park, on his own, screaming his head off.  Roxy scooped her little boy up rocking him back and forth checking his whole body to see if he was hurt.  He was fine.


Roxy’s fear suddenly turned to anger and she knew her mother was behind all of this.  All she needed to do was turn around to see her mother across the other side of the park chatting to one of her friends completely oblivious that she had just left Gabriel all on his own.


Roxy stormed over to her mother pushing her shoulder to get her attention and screaming: “How could you?!  How could you take my son and just leave him alone in the park!  Anything could have happened to him!”


Viola was taken aback to see her daughter standing there yelling at her. “I thought I would give you some time to rest,” she stuttered back. “I only turned my back for a minute.  He is absolutely fine.”


“No he is not,” Roxy spat back!  “He was screaming his head off and he is wet through.  Do you not know how worried I was when I woke up to find him gone?  Your evil mum and I don’t want you to ever come near by son again!”  With that Roxy stormed off holding her son as tight to her as possible.


Viola was left standing in the park stunned by her daughter’s outburst.  Is what she did really that wrong?  She burst into tears and could not believe what a mess she had made of things.  She was determined to put things right one way or another – she could not risk loosing anyone else.


That night the whole family sat down and had a meeting.  The air was cleared and Roxy and Viola made up – but Roxy made it clear she did not trust her mother.  Viola begged her daughter not to take her grandson away from her so the family decided on a compromise.  They built a separate apartment for Viola upstairs where she would have her own kitchen and private quarters to herself.  And she could look after Gabriel but only when she was in the house in her own apartment.  That way Viola would know where they were the whole time. This decision suited Viola fine.  She did not want to be in the way anyway and now she would have her own private space where she could look after Gabriel. 


This system seemed to work very well.  Viola looked after Gabriel while Roxy was at work each day and then handed him back to his mother when she got home.  Viola cooked all the meals for Gabriel during in the day in her kitchen.  But with Viola getting older by the day so was her mind.  It had gone un-noticed by the family until one day when she forgot to take the cooking off the stove and her kitchen burst into flames with Viola and Gabriel cocooned in the room.  Viola fainted with fear instantly.



No one else was home and soon the fire was spreading rapidly engulfing Viola’s body in flames and heading for Gabriel’s crib!


When Roxy arrived home from work she saw the smoke bellowing out of the upstairs window.  She dashed upstairs as quickly as she could overwhelmed with fear.  Thankfully by the time she got to Viola’s apartment door the flames had burnt themselves out, but Roxy was still faced with the grim reaper when she entered the room.


She stood at the door paralysed with fear and sorrow realising that the ashes on the floor were all that was left of her mother.


Coming to her senses she quickly rushed to the crib only to find her son happily sitting in it giggling.  He was totally unhurt and unscathed by the fire and Roxy could not help but think what a lucky boy he was.


She took him next door and laid the him in his crib in her own bedroom, and rung up Rupert to come home at once to check Gabriel over to make sure he was definitely ok.  While waiting she went back into the room which once belonged to her mother and begged and cried to the grim reaper to give her mother back.


When Rupert got home he checked over Gabriel and determined he was 100% ok.  Then him and Perry went and paid their last respects to Viola before she was taken away once and for all by the grim reaper. 


Stay tuned to see how the family cope without Viola and what will happen between Perry and Holly Smart…?




14 responses

14 10 2009

Wonderful! Cannot wait for more 🙂

14 10 2009

Wow! That was edge-of-my-seat reading! I had a horrible feeling something awful was going to happen to Gabriel (which btw is such a beautiful name) but thankfully he’s ok… You’ve totally inspired me to write more of my legacy tonight. 🙂

14 10 2009

Aw. 😦 Poor Viola, dying that way. . .she and Jack were such a cute couple.

14 10 2009

Wow! Was not expecting that! I’m sad to see Viola go that way, but if Gabriel had died..omg, that would have been devastating!! Great writing/photos as always Sarah 🙂

14 10 2009

Wow, I didn’t expect that fire.

But WOW that was totally… Wow. Very on the edge of seat moment there. Well at one point I almost fell off the sofa. Do you know how hard that is? Very thats how hard.

14 10 2009

wow wow wow great i need more

14 10 2009

wow i must read more

15 10 2009

That was a bit scary there. Gabriel could have died, too. That would have been terrible!

Well, more terrible!

15 10 2009

Oh my god, no! Not Viola! No!
At least Gabriel is okay, because he’s a cutie.
Poor Shenston family. 😦

15 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Im glad this chapter kept everyone in suspence. I know poor Viola, but she was due to die of old age soon anyway. I must say when the fire started and Viola fainted i too was on the edge of my seat hoping it would not harm Gabriel – but thankfully it died out once it had killed Viola. Phew…..

Just to let you know the charging socket on my laptop has broken so no sims playing for the next few days as the orginal game is on the laptop! Will hopefully get it back asap to update x

16 10 2009

Thats OK. I don’t mind waiting. I have to wait another 2 days to get my new computer. I havn’t had the chance to play Sims3 yet. All my computers have the wrong grapics card. So I am buying a new one Sunday.

But any ways. You post when you get your laptop back.

17 10 2009

Lol, that was a great chapter. Loved the kidnapping story. I found another neat little toy that I will be incorporating into my legacy at some point. *evil grin*

18 10 2009

Sarah! You killing us with suspence… We want to see how the family cope without Viola and what will happen between Perry and Holly Smart! lol

18 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Well i try lol 🙂

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