Chapter 9.1 – Handing over the Reigns

30 12 2009

How time flies, can you believe it is time for the twins birthday already….?!  Eva decides to throw them a party as she is getting pretty good at these since she started having to host so many fundraising parties.  She invites all the teenagers from the local school and some of her own friends as she will also be aging up that night.

Bridget was first to blow out her candles.  As she aged up into a young adult she developed the Hopeless Romantic trait.

After aging up Bridget realised that all that staring at a computer screen and at books had damaged her eyes so when she went for her makeover she also invested in a new pair of glasses.

Next up was Audrey’s turn.  As she aged she developed the great kisser trait (which, for the purpose of the story, I have renamed “great in bed”)

When Audrey went for her makeover she knew she should buy some sensible clothes that she can explore in. But how boring is that, she thought picking out a skimpy dress and flip-flops.

Eva was so proud of her girls now all grown up.  She had not noticed until now how identical Audrey and Bridget were.  Their features were exactly the same apart from their eye and hair colour.  Eva was suddenly feeling very old being a mother of three grown up children and she knew she had to resign to the fact that she was about to become an elder.  She let the kids party on all night and quietly aged up without anyone noticing.

Even though Eva was an elder now, she still could not retire.  She was one step away from her lifetime wish of being Leader of the Free World as the Vice-President of Sunset Valley.  Yes she got to ride in a limo and yes she got to wear a nice suit, but Eva was tired of playing second fiddle and was determined to reach her goal in life no matter what.

Therefore it was time to hand the reigns of the legacy over and now Eva had finally made her decision on who will succeed her in being the heir to the Shenston Legacy.  Even though Bridget was more of the obvious choice as she was more grounded, she had chosen Audrey as she admired her adventurous spirit and knew if she did not give this responsibility to her, goodness knows where she would end up in life.  Eva gathered her daughters around her and broke the news.

Audrey was over the moon that her mother had picked her, though she had no idea why as she was sure Bridget would be picked.  “Thank you so much mum,” she giggled.  “I will make you so proud.”  Bridget took the news very humbly.  She too had assumed she would be the heir, but she was pleased for her sister and in a way relived that this huge responsiblity did not fall on her afterall.

To celebrate, Audrey decided to treat herself to a quick trip abroad.  She had heard that Al Simhara in Egypt was the best place for tomb explorers so she packed her bags that day and hopped on the first flight south.  When she arrived she checked into her hotel.  Well if you can call it that.  It was more of a camp site in the dessert.

Audrey fell instantly in love with Al Simhara.  It was a land of ancient culture and mystique situated near the famous pyramids with the Sphinx overlooking the village, and the river Nile running through it providing one of the most vital elements in survival for the village.  Audrey went and checked the notice board for adventures straight away. 

She then begun her quest to explore as many tombs as she could in her three-day stay. She visited the great Pyramids by moonlight as she had heard this was the best time to see and explore them.

Looking up, Audrey was staggered by the sheer size of these wonders and was almost too afraid to go inside.

But this was where being brave came in handy.  And boy was she glad she did venture inside as she saw the most amazing statues and collected the most ornate and valuable relics she had ever seen.  Once sold, she knew she would never have to get a job ever.

It was not all so easy though.  There were also many hidden traps to cross and puzzles to solve.  It took time, but she managed to master them all without getting herself killed, just!

One task was to befriend locals and talk to them to gather intelligent information.  This was the hardest part for Audrey as she had not practiced her charisma skills.  Even though the villages were very nice, without good conversational skills it took Audrey ages to get them to even talk to her let alone give her information.  Maybe this is why I have never had a boyfriend, Audrey thought to herself.

So when Audrey returned home this was the first thing she did, practice her conversational skills in the mirror.  She would not let this hold her back on her next trip.  Or getting her a boyfriend, she thought.

While Audrey had been away on her travels, Bridget had been busy working on her next book.  She had still not gotten over her humiliating experience with Kenneth Rogers so was busy writing a romance novel about unrequited love.

She had been doing a lot of research at the library recently and this was where she met Andy Cowan.  Their eyes had met across a tower of books and they had hit it off instantly.  Audrey could not help but fancy Andy, she just adored his bright red hair, pale blue eyes and freckles.

Like Bridget, Andy was also a bookworm and a genius plus he was also easily impressed, especially by Audrey.  From here on the two were inseparable and would spend hour after hour in the library together reading each other love stories and poems. 

When Audrey got back from Egypt to find her sister in love she was instantly jealous.  So after she had worked on charisma skills she asked Bridget to set her up with one of Andy’s friends.  Bridget knew just the person, Andy’s twin brother, Alex.  Even though they were identical brothers, they could not be more different.  Where Andy was into books, Alex was into music and was in a rock band. (Alex is in the photo above in the background).  Audrey jumped at the chance of being set up with someone in a band and they planned to go double date to the cinema.

Audrey and Alex also hit it off immediately and when they left the cinema a couple of hours later, it was not only Bridget and Andy kissing out side anymore.  So now both sisters had boyfriends, who were also twin brothers.  What are the chances!!!!




20 responses

29 12 2009

Awww, twins for twins!! I love Andy and Alex’s red hair <3. Hopefully any furture Shenston babies get some of that, haha.
The girls both look beautiful as adults and their makeover suit them. I especially love Bridget's bookwormy look – something kind of new for you.

29 12 2009

And finaly red hair!!

29 12 2009

I cant believe that the legacy is almost over!

29 12 2009

I love Eva with the princess Leia hair :B

29 12 2009

do you buy your cc hair?

29 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Yes. I get most of my hair from PeggyZone. Some is free some you have to pay for x

29 12 2009

Wow! Your sims are so pretty! None of my twins have ever looked so identical!

29 12 2009
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

I can’t believe I missed the whole vote and several updates! But well, it was great to have a lot to read, coming back from holidays. The twin boys are hot, both of them!

Have you by any chance changed face skin? Or is it just lightening or your graphic settings? I think all your sims look better than ever in the last chapters. 🙂

29 12 2009

love your update and looking foward to the next. 🙂

30 12 2009

YES!! RED HAIR!!! *does a dance*

30 12 2009

Chichi you can get free hair from Peggy Zone at

30 12 2009

i can’t wait to see how the girls’ relationships turn out!!

30 12 2009

The girls are so gorgeous and Eva looks amazing herself! I can’t wait to see Audrey’s exploits, especially since she’s ‘great in bed’ (which is possibly the best interpretation of that trait I have seen).

30 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi Polly. The skins are the same, but i have changed the eyes. I think they are a little more realistic now x

30 12 2009
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

Thank you, Sarah. I thought it was something. What skin and eyes do you use?

30 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

I use Peggy Skin:

And here are the eyes:
They are the IMA Eyes

Hope this helps x

30 12 2009

Where did you get Audrey’s dress from?

31 12 2009
31 12 2009

Both girls grew up beautifully. And good choice Audrey, Alex is a hotie 🙂

31 12 2009


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