The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge is a long, 10-generation challenge where you start out with a single founder and very humble beginnings and try to lead the family to fame, fortune and success over the course of 10 generations. For a full list of the Sims 3 Legacy Challenge rules, click here.

Pinstar1161The Legacy Challenge was created by a fabulous Simmer by the handle of Pinstar (pictured right). Pinstar was also the founder of the Sims 2 Legacy Challenge ( – which launched thousands of rabid Simmers into years of creating fun, wild stories about their attempts to meet the challenge of building a ten generation family legacy.

Now Pinstar has graciously created new rules for the newest installment of the Sims for all of us crazy Sim addicts. This blog documents my attempt to meet his Sims 3 Legacy Challenge.

I have chosen an optional rule of Matriarchy – which means: Whatever gender your founder was, this must be the gender of every heir. Meaning if you started with a female founder, only female children may become the heir to bring in the next generation. Children of the other gender are still counted as part of the family bloodline and may still earn the family points, they simply may not bring in the next generation. A male dominant family is called a Patriarchy, a female dominant family is a Matriarchy.


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