Chapter 9.4 – A Big Plan

4 01 2010

Life was not easy for Audrey caring for two little girls all on her own.  She adored her daughters and threw everything she knew into bringing them up right.

The two girls did get on well but together they always seemed to cause trouble.  At dinner time, Audrey tried to feed the girls at the same time to make life easier but she could not turn her back for a second or they would throw their food everywhere and cause lots of havoc.

She felt like her life consisted of running around after the girls and cleaning up after them all the time.  But in a weird way, she loved it!

Bridget meanwhile was finally pregnant!   It had taken so long to get to this point that her and Andy were so paranoid something would go wrong.  Andy fussed around Bridget like an invalid and any twinge in her belly sent Bridget into panic!

When the time came for Bridget to give birth, the labour moved along so quickly there was not enough time to get her to the hospital so she had to give birth at home.  Andy was with her the whole time and when Bridget delivered a boy, he could not help but cheer.  It was what he had been hoping for.

Peter was born a normal 6lbs 8oz and was a bookworm like his parents and good.  He had his fathers red hair and blue eyes.

Peter was a daddy’s boy through and through.  Andy insisted on teaching his son to walk and talk while Bridget rested.  Bridget did not argue with this but made sure she was always nearby to hear her son’s first words or see his first steps.

A few months after Peter was born, Bridget and Andy decided it was high time they moved out.  They bought a lovely house just round the corner from Audrey.  It was the house Bridget had always wanted with a white picked fence and wrap around porch.

A week after Bridget moved out, it was Asia’s birthday.  Eva insisted on throwing her grandchild a small party to celebrate and set the whole party up herself.  She missed throwing parties ever since she retired.

Audrey held her first born daughter as she blew out the candles

Asia grew into a child and developed the loner trait.  She looked just like her mother.  The only thing that gave away her Chinese roots was her jet black hair and slightly almond shaped eyes.

It was difficult for Audrey to see Asia grow up.  She loved being surrounded by babies and she knew it would not be long before Paris would be growing up too.  As she watched Asia playing on the computer on her own she made a decision, she wanted to have another child. 

She also knew that she wanted the baby to be from a different culture to its sisters and could not think of a better mix than Egyptian.  She made plans to visit Egypt the following week and begged her mother to look after the girls while she was gone.

Eva had always known how important exploring was to her daughter and was surprised she had gone this long without travelling.  She told Audrey she would be delighted to look after Asia and Paris and not to worry about a thing.  Before Audrey left she made sure that Bridget was around to help Eva if she needed it.

When Audrey arrived back in Egypt she drunk in the familiar smell of adventure.  She knew she was here to find a man to have a baby with but she could not help but do some exploring too.  She headed to the Great Sphinx.  This was a great place to find treasure, especially valuable gems.

She also learned how to charm a snake.  Well almost anyway…..

Then it was time to get to work on finding the right man for the job in hand.  The first man she met was Youssef Nagi.  He was a local merchant at the market and Audrey met him while browsing for relics.  On paper he was perfect – rich, handsome and very successful.

For their first date Youssef took Audrey for a walk along the banks of the Nile.  It was the perfect evening and should have been so romantic except within an hour of being in his company, Audrey discovered that Youssef was grumpy, a snob and completely inappropriate.  These were not the genes she wanted her child to have.

Next up was Farouk Rashid.  The lady who ran the campsite that Audrey was staying at had set them up and Audrey invited him around to get to know him.

Farouk was handsome, had a great sense of humour and was very handy as he was the local carpenter.  But Audrey soon found him to be a complete slob when he not only finished off her main course but also her dessert.  Then after he let out a huge belch and left Audrey to pick up the bill.

Tired and hungry Audrey headed home to make some dinner of her own and to contemplate what she would do next.

It appears that cooking your own Egyptian food over an open fire is not as straight forward as it looks.  That night Audrey gave herself food poisoning and a doctor had to be called!  That doctor’s name was Raffi Taymur.  He was so sweet and gentle with Audrey and after she was better he came back and taught her how to cook food properly without poisoning herself.

He’s the one, Audrey thought to herself.  Raffi was intelligent, charismatic and genuinely a good person.  Maybe he was not the most attractive man in the village, but Audrey did not care. 

After spending the evening together, Audrey told Raffi of her plans for a baby and just came out and asked him if he would be interested in helping her.  Raffi was a bit taken about at first, but then his eyes lit up.  “I will do this for you Audrey, if you bring me back to Sunset Valley with you.  I want to become a World Renowned Surgeon and there are not opportunities for me here in Egypt.”

“Of course you can come back with me,” Audrey said.  “But I am not looking for a husband Raffi, just a good father.” 

“I’m not looking for a wife either, so this would be perfect.” Audrey and Raffi looked at each other and laughed.  They crept into Audrey’s tent and consummated their relationship with making a baby. They left for Sunset Valley the next day.

When Audrey and Raffi arrived home, Audrey introduced Raffi to her mother straight away and explained the situation.  Eva was not surprised to hear her daughter might be pregnant again.  She liked Raffi instantly and told him she would help him find a house in Sunset Valley.

Raffi desperately wanted to first get himself a job at the hospital so before his interview, Audrey gave him a makeover so he would blend in better

As he was from another country he had to start at the bottom as a bedpan cleaner, but was promised he would progress very quickly in the hospital. He then spent the rest of his savings on a small cottage on the outskirts of Sunset Valley.  He made sure there was a nursery there for when the baby came.  Even though he and Audrey were not together, he was still determined to be a good dad.

Audrey had missed Asia and Paris so much while she had been in Egypt.  She cuddled them both so hard when she got back and promised to never leave them again (well not until they are much older anyway).

Then Audrey noticed how old Eva had suddenly got.  Her hair was now fully grey and she looked very tired and unkempt.  Audrey knew it was probably the burden of having to look after her daughters for the last couple of weeks that had caused it!

She hugged her mother and promised her that she would not be a burden to her anymore.  She then ordered Eve to relax.  Audrey sold off a few of her precious relics and bought a spa package for her mother and made her relax in front of the TV. 

But it did not matter how much relaxation time Eva had, she seemed to get more and more tired everyday.  Then when Audrey was in her 4th month of pregnancy, Eva passed away.

Audrey knew things would never be the same without her mother and her best friend and decided that the child growing inside her would be a tribute to Eva.




27 responses

4 01 2010

Woo! First Comment! I love it!!!!

4 01 2010

Finally a redhead! Peter is a cutie!

Audrey’s finally getting her Egyptian baby to make it complete, maybe she’ll have quads to finsidh the family off! LOL!

Poor Eva, she died knowing her daughter was preggo again, and not married. Sarah you sure have good plots up your sleeve. I want Audrey to marry Alex though. BooHoo!

4 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

WOW you were quick to comment sims3rocks.

Who knows what will happen next… more babies to come. Cant finish off the 10th generation with just a couple of heir options 😉

4 01 2010

There has not been a perfect marrage in this legacy for a while deth cheating

4 01 2010

omg i dont believe it but wen i got the world adventers i was planing on makin my sim have a baby from each country lol funni 😀

4 01 2010

I loved it as usual!

Say, have you had any troubles with world adventures? Cause I have money and I’m thinking of buying it! But I just got an XBOX for christmas and want more games for that too. What is your suggestion?

4 01 2010

Something tells me this is going to be A BIG generation!

4 01 2010

I think Peter’s the most beautiful baby of the entire Shenston Legacy… Audrey and Alex would have made a stunning redhead baby… Pity Alex can’t be back!!

4 01 2010

Peter is adorable 🙂 Its about time we get a redheaded Shenston.
And I agree with Laura, I think this is going to be a big generation! Is that Kidz Zone I heard on the TV Audrey was watching before Eva passed on? 😉

4 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hey Lu. The only trouble have had with world adventures is that the patches that came with it messed up my game and it is running slower now. The expension is ok but its just a little add on to the base game. If you want action pack fun, i would invest in the XBox game x

4 01 2010

Are you planning to name Bridget’s daughter after anyone?

5 01 2010

More like anyplace!!!
If She has a baby with a local you could call it sunset or double bed!!

5 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

lol Liv. I like that idea!!! x

5 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Carla, Bridget does not have a daughter…..?

5 01 2010

I love you having babies from all countries for your 10th gen – how perfect! And a red-head, hooray! The Shenstons must be shocked!

5 01 2010

Is Audrey going to name the next baby Cleopatra because she’s from Egypt? Lol.

5 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

err.. Zeena. How did you know??? xx

5 01 2010

Oh, Peter is a cutie and I’m glad that things are going well for Bridget and Andy! But I cannot belive that Audrey would do a thing like that again! This is just getting annoying! Seriously! But I still do love the chapter though!

5 01 2010

Maybe I have a sixth sense? That would be cool. And it’s Zenna, not Zeena 😉

6 01 2010

Aw, poor Audrey. It’s going to be tough raising three by herself now that Eva is gone. Peter is a darling, by the way. So cute!

6 01 2010

Oh! I meant Audrey! Silly me….

6 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

silly you 🙂

6 01 2010

Audrey is an idiot… I love this legacy!!

6 01 2010

How is Audrey an idiot, Sam? That’s not very nice…

6 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Here here. Poor Audrey. She’s not an idiot, she has just made some silly mistakes ….x

13 01 2010

Red hair, yes! I’ve been waiting for this for so long. 🙂
And Peter is a little cutie.

6 02 2011

I think hes hot, except for that RIDICULOUS NOSE

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