Chapter 9.7 – Teenage Girls

11 01 2010

Audrey had promised herself she would have no more children, but being a great kisser (ahem wink wink) she couldn’t help herself and soon fell pregnant again.  She was pretty shocked as she had made sure to use protection, but she had a feeling Alex was putting holes in whatever they used. 

As Audrey was much older now, she had to be careful with this birth.  Alex fussed around her so much and made sure she did not do a thing that could harm the baby.  He was always listening to her tummy to make sure it was still moving inside.

Audrey gave birth two months premature to a little boy who was born at 3lbs 2oz.  The good news was that he was as healthy as can be but Audrey and Alex still had to wait three weeks before being allowed to bring him home to the family.

Alex insisted on naming his son Elvis, after his idol, Elvis Presley.  Elvis was born absent minded and much to Alex’s happiness – virtuoso.  His hair was more auburn than red and he had purple eyes, something that has never run the Shenston family before.  Must have been Alex’s genes.

Alex was so thrilled that his boy was virtuoso and spent hour after hour teaching Elvis how to play the xylophones. Even though he adored Sunny, he had always wanted a son to follow in his footsteps.

Meanwhile with three teenage girls in the house, boys had to come into this story soon.  With Asia being unflirty she had no interest in boys so when the girls hung out at the park one day after school, it was Paris who seemed to catch the attention of one particular boy.

His name was Duncan Wright and even though he was no school jock, he was a very charismatic boy who was very popular with the girls.  Paris was flattered that Duncan was flirting with her and happily reciprocated his advances.

But she could not help getting annoyed with her younger sister, Cleo.  Whenever she and Duncan were together, Cleo was always hanging around – watching them.  She must just be jealous, Paris thought to herself trying to ignore her.

Things soon started to hot up between Paris and Duncan.  She would stay out till late at night snogging him wherever they could.  But no matter how much Duncan tried, Paris would not sleep with him.  Staying out with him got her into trouble as she often broke her curfew, and would often get bought home in a police car.

One day Audrey had had enough of waiting up for Paris and told her she was only allowed to see Duncan if he came round to their house from now on.

So that was how it was from there on.  Duncan came round every day after school and hung out at the Shenston household until 10pm, when his curfew was.  Paris and Duncan would often sneak off into the garden to have some privacy, but still no matter how hard Duncan tried, Paris would not go all the way with him.

And still in the background there was Cleo, all the time watching Paris and Duncan with a scowl on her face.

One day Paris was busy day dreaming about Duncan in the kitchen when Cleo came up behind her and scarred the life out of her on purpose.

This was not the first time Cleo had done this amongst other things to Paris.  Cleo was always tripping Paris up or snapping at Paris out of the blue for no reason.  Paris had had enough so spun around and stared her sister in the eye.

“What’s your problem Cleo?” Paris demanded.

“You’re my problem,” Cleo spat back at Paris. 

“It’s always the Paris show with you,” Cleo continued.  “Paris this and Paris that.  I’m sick of you getting your way on everything.  Why don’t you think of other people other than you!?”

“I do think of other people,” Paris retaliated, “all the time.  I’m always doing things for you and Asia and especially Sunny. I can’t believe you think this of me Cleo.”  But Paris’s defence fell on death ears and Cleo just turned her head away and blocked her ears up.  Paris gave up with her sister. Jealously was an ugly sin, she kept thinking to herself.

Soon enough it was time for Sunny’s birthday.  As she aged into a teen she developed the family orientated trait. Sunny had wanted to age up without a fuss but as soon as she started, Duncan (who was hanging out at the house again) came running and celebrated it with her.

Duncan’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw what a beauty Sunny had turned out to be. He could not help but to instantly start flirting with her, and Sunny, being young and naive, relished this new attention.

So now there were four teenage girls in the Shenston house, all with raging hormones and all in high school together.

When Cleo left school that first day of Sunny being in high school she was shocked to see her baby sister talking to Duncan.  She ran over to Paris and yelped: “What’s Sunny doing talking to Duncan??!  You have to stop her.”

“I don’t have to do anything,” Paris replied. “What’s up with you Cleo?  What have you got against Duncan exactly?  Is it because you fancy him?  Well Duncan only has eyes for me and you have to accept that.  He’s just talking to Sunny for goodness sakes.”

Cleo suddenly burst into tears.  “You don’t understand,” she whimpered.  “You don’t know what Duncan’s like.  Its one thing him being with you but he can’t be near Sunny.  Please you have to help me.”

“Why?” Paris asked shocked by her sister’s breakdown.  “Tell me what’s happened Cleo.  Why cant Sunny be around Duncan?”

Cleo shook her head and knew she had to tell her sister everything, for Sunny’s sake.

“It was a year ago,” Cleo started remembering back to a time she had tried to forget.  “Just after I aged into a teenager and started at High School I met Duncan and he asked me to hang out after school at the park with him.  He was so charming and such a gentlemen I could not help but fall for him.

“We started to see each other in secret.  Duncan did not want anyone to know because I was so young and I did not want to him to get into trouble so I went along with it.  After a couple of weeks I found myself back at his place.  He told me I was the most beautiful girl in the world and I wanted to believe him so much as I have never been told I was beautiful before. I have always been the ugly duckling of the family.  I guess when I aged into a teen I became a bit of a hopeless romantic. I would have done anything to be with him. 

“And I did.  He told me that if I did not go all the way with him it would mean I did not love him.  He made me feel so guilty and I wanted to please him.  So I did it.  I slept with him.  And it was horrible.  It was the most horrible thing I have ever done and afterwards he threw my clothes at me and told me to get out.  He told me that if I told anyone he would make sure I was the number one most hated girl in school.”

Paris listened to her sister in shock.  She had had no idea.  “But why did you not tell me?  Even after I started going out with him?”

“Because for 1. I was scared that if he found out he could ruin me.  And secondly, because you and I have never got on and I knew you could handle him.  But now he is after Sunny.  Sweet, innocent Sunny and I refuse to stand by and let him do to her what he did to me.”

Paris had heard enough.  If her martial arts training had taught her anything it was to stand up to bullies.  She stormed over to where Duncan was blatantly flirting with Sunny, with Cleo closely following behind.

“Stay away from my sister Duncan,” Paris ordered with her hand outstretched into Duncan’s face.

“Cleo’s told me everything. You disgust me and I do not want you to be near me or any member of my family ever again.”

With this she grabbed both Cleo and Sunny’s hands and marched them home.  The three girls rode back in silence and when they got home Sunny finally asked, “what was all that about?” 

“Tell her Cleo,” Paris ordered to Cleo and Cleo recounted the painful story she had only told her older sister a few minutes before.  Sunny almost cried when she heard it. 

“I’m so sorry,” she pleaded with her sisters.  I had no idea he was coming on to me and if I had known what he had done to Cleo I would not have even spoken to him.”

Paris hugged her little sister and told her it was ok and she had nothing to apologise over.  “It’s me who owes Cleo an apology.” She hugged Cleo as tight as she could and told her that things would be different between them from now on and no man would ever get in their way again.  




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11 01 2010

Wow, this chapter was shocking! I loved Cleo’s story but at first I thought that she was just jealus. Elvis is such a cutie and all the girls have grown up beautifully. My favs in order:
1. Asia
2. Sunny
3. Paris
4. Cleo
What about you guys? I cannot belive that it’s gen 10!

11 01 2010

Damn damn good!!!

11 01 2010

This was nice. But I still feel that Cleo is a bit of a cast-off. May I say that I like it that way?
Woah, Sunny is beautiful. But my favorite is still Asia. Sunny gets a close 2nd.
I know last chapter was all about Asia, but this one is a bit lacking. Please include her more next time. 🙂


11 01 2010

I like Sunny best, then Paris, then Cleo, then Asia.

11 01 2010

Great chapter Sarah! 🙂
I’m glad Alex got the boy he wanted, Elvis is so super cute.
Thank goodness Audrey made it though the pregnancy alright.

About the whole Duncan drama, I really thought Cleo was being a snotty jealous b**** at first. But you turned it into a clever storyline – bye bye jerko Duncan!

Kama, I would say: Paris, Sunny, Asia, Cleo.

11 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi guys

I am glad you enjoyed this chapter. Its great to see who are your favorites too. Keep them coming. The poll for the 10th generation heir will be up on Wednesday…. dont forget to vote xxx

11 01 2010

I love Sunny. Her red hair suits her well.
This chapter was very realistic- I like it. Poor Cleo, I agree with Anthem in the sense that she still seems like a bit of an outcast, but I enjoy how this chapter brought her more into the story. And Elvis is a cutie pie…I Lol’d when I read his name was Elvis.


11 01 2010


11 01 2010

I LOVE Sunny! Could you possibly upload her to the exchange? I really REALLY hope you continue with the Legacy….I would be miss it SO much otherwise!

12 01 2010

Sunny is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see how Elvis turns out

12 01 2010

Would you please check my legacy out to see if its any good.

12 01 2010

Aww! Really sweet ending! I think Cleo is my favourite. Or Maybe Asia.

12 01 2010

Sunny’s my fave. Would you mind putting her on the exchange?

12 01 2010

Well, my comment apparently disappeared, but ok, Elvis looks like Kai 🙂 Don’t remember what else I said but am proud of Paris :] Favorite by far

12 01 2010

what website did u get all your hair from?

12 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi guys

I have uploaded all the girls to my Sim3 exchange for you to download:


12 01 2010
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

Where do you find your inspiration for all this drama? ;-)… and your patience to play your sims in the right direction and not get lost in gameplay? Because I assume that you plan every detail far in advance. I think it’s a real challenge to stick to what I planned and find it really hard do micro-control many sims at one time.

Elvis is a cute name. I could think of naming a future son to that (it works well to pronounce in both English and Swedish too). 🙂

Cleo is my favourite of the girls!

13 01 2010

I love sunny! I would hate to see her move out!

13 01 2010

Aw, that’s rather sweet. I’m glad the girls are looking out for eachother instead of bickering constantly. Sunny is absolutely gorgeous!

13 01 2010

I have been away for 9 days, and I came back and saw all these updates, and I got so excited! I love all the girls, and it’s hard to choose a favourite, but I think I like Asia the best, then Sunny, then Cleopatra and then Paris.
I can’t wait for the 10th generation to be born. And I love your story-telling. You have such dramatic plotlines. 🙂

13 01 2010

Courtney, these people are the 10th generation. XD

14 01 2010

I adore the legacy! I’ve been silently reading it for months!

I used to have the CC for Paris’s hair, but I lost it somewhere, where did you find it and the cute pigtails you use for the toddler’s? I’ve searched the sites you’ve linked other people to, and can’t seem to find them anywhere!

I really hope you decide to continue the legacy for a while even though you’ve reached the 10th gen! It’s one of my absolute favorites to read.

14 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

HI Linsey

Paris’s hair is from:

Which pigtails were you after? x

14 01 2010

Thanks so much!

and the one’s I’m after are Asia’s toddler ones. They’re so adorable!

14 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

That is an old one. You can get it here: Click AQUI at the bottom to download


14 01 2010

Ahh! Thanks so much!
I couldn’t find Paris’s hair, it must have been removed, I searched Savio’s three different times, but I think I can live without it. I’m super excited about the adorable pigtails though.
Again and again, thanks so much!

14 01 2010

Paris’ hair is actually on some russian site 😛 I tried to hunt it down but I couldn’t find it.

14 01 2010

Another cool update! I voted for Sunny, my fave out of the bunch!

Elvis is also adorable, as expected! He’s a cutie-can you upload him ;)!!

I knew the legacy would come to an end sometime, but you know the time comes.

Also, where did you get the hair Sunny had as a toddler, is that a mesh or a download?

I love this legacy, and I enjoyed reading it!
I will be waiting for your new Sims 3 story!

15 01 2010

Where is sunny’s teen hair from?

15 01 2010

It’s a Newsea donation hair.

15 01 2010
15 01 2010

I found Paris’ hair!
And Asia’s toddler hair is there, too.

15 01 2010

Whoops, sorry for the double post. :X

16 01 2010

thanks so so much! I can’t wait to get back to my computer & snag it!

20 01 2010

I’m loving your legacy 🙂
Just wondering..where did you get Paris’ outfit from?

20 01 2010

It’s from 🙂

7 03 2011

you should post the toddlers(on exchange). and how do you get the long staright hair for toddlers (Well, all the adult syles anyway….)

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