Chapter 8.7 – Back with a Vegance

18 12 2009

Telling Eva that he was gay turned out not to be as big of a deal to Kai as he had thought.  He pulled his mother aside in the bathroom out of the  prying ears of his little sisters and begun explaining how he was different to other boys.

But before he could come out and say it Eva said: “I know, Kai – your gay.”  Kai asked how his mother knew and she replied that she had always known.  It was how he would rather bake cakes than train in the garden with his dad.  And how he played with dolls rather than cars.  Eva hugged her son and told him that she did not care if he were gay or straight as long as he was happy. 

Being accepted by his mother was a huge weight off Kai’s shoulders.  It allowed him to really be himself and let every know who he really was.  Even though Sunset Valley was a small town, there was a big gay community there and Kai loved getting to know all of them.  He even managed to turn a few straight guys at school gay.

One evening Kai had been enjoying a date to the cinema with a boy called Jason Steadwell.  So far the date was going well and all throughout the film the two boys could not keep their hands off each other.  So they snuck out early to carry on making out  outside so not to disturb anyone.

Little did they know that someone Kai used to know had been released from prison early and had just turned up in Sunset Valley!  Even though Kai was much older since Chong had last seen him, he still recognised his son immediately.  And he could also see that Kai was kissing a boy. Chong instantly felt sick and ashamed – where he was from boys did not kiss each other like that.  He was so shocked at what he could see that he could not move and decided instead to follow his son home. 

When Chong arrived at the Shenston household he watched through the window as Kai chatted and laughed with his mother.  Eva too was looking much older, but still as beautiful as ever, thought Chong.  Watching his son laugh with Eva made Chong sick – he hated Eva for setting him up and sending him to prison all these years and knew one day he would get his revenge.

The front door was unlocked so Chong crept inside.  He had no idea what he was going to do but he knew that Eva was to blame for his son’s shenanigans’ with boys and somehow she had to pay.

Chong came up behind Eva slowly without being noticed and shouted: “I’m BACK,” at the top of his lungs.  By this point Kai had noticed his father so it was Eva that received the biggest fright of all!

Eva swung around to be confronted with her ex-husband – this was the day she had been dreading for years.  He was looking much older, older than he should have looked.  It appeared prison had not be kind to him.  Eva looked deep into Chong’s eyes and saw his hatred boiling.  Before she had a chance to say anything she felt her son hide behind her and saw Chong’s finger pointed in her face. “You bitch,” he spat.  “Not content with sending me to jail, but you have also turned my son into a fag!  I am going to make you pay for all you have done.”

“Dont you dare talk about MY son like that,” Eva retaliated.  “Kai has grown up to be a very intelligent kind-hearted boy who is liked by everyone.  You would know this if you got to know him and you would be proud to have a son like him.”

“You disgust me the both of you.  I should have killed you when i had the chance Eva and drowned the boy at birth if i had known what he was going to turn into.  No son of mine runs around with other men – you must have made him like this Eva,” Chong screamed in Eva’s face.

“How dare you,” Eva continued with Kai whimpering behind her. “You are an evil man and when they locked you up they should have thrown away the key.  We don’t want you here now get out!

Luckily the twins were playing at a friend’s house and Anna and Anton were out for dinner so they did not have to hear the shouting going on.  But Jean-Claude was home and came running down the stairs after hearing the raised voices.  By the time he got to the hallway he found Kai crying and screaming and Eva rolling around on the floor fighting with Chong. 

Jean-Claude pulled Eva away as quickly as he could from Chong’s grasp and shouted.  “If you want to fight someone Chong, then fight me.”

No one saw the blade until it was too late….  Chong pulled the knife out of his cloak like he had planned to use it all along, and drove it hard and fast into Jean-Claude’s chest!

The blade had been thrust straight into Jean-Claude’s heart and gasping for air he fell to the floor dead!

Eva and Kai had not seen the blade, but they saw Jean-Claude fall to the ground a pull of blood spilling for him.  Everything went so fast and by the time they realised what had happened it was too late!

All they could do was stand by and watch as Death came for Jan-Claude.  After Chong’s initial congratulations to himself he suddenly came down to earth with a bump after seeing Death and the enormity of what he had done made him freeze.

But Eva was not so still.  She ran over to Chong, beating him on his chest screaming: “What have you done? What have you done?”

Cheng did not know how to answer.  All he knew was that he had to get out of there.  So he ran.  He ran out the house and kept on running until he could not run anymore. Eva chased him out and watched him sprinting down the road.

He cant get away with this, she thought to herself pulling out her phone and calling the police.

By this time Choeng had reached Central Park  the sun had come up.  Not knowing what to do he wondered around for a while talking to himself trying to figure out what had just happened.  He was so caught up in his thoughts he failed to notice the police closing in on him.

 “Chong Lum,” the policeman shouted.  “You are under arrest for the murder of Jean-Claude DeBow.” 

Chong knew he was defeated.  He could do nothing as the policeman cuffed his hands and read him rights.”

Chong went quietly and without a fuss. Driving away in the police car he knew this was it for him.  And he was right.  Chong was charged with first degree murder and received death by lethal injection later that year.

Back at home the twins had arrived home to hear the news of their father’s death.  They were devastated as they adored their father.  The whole family mourned Jean-Claude’s death for hours and hours that day.

Eventually, Eva knew she had to be strong for her children and hugged her girls telling them how much their father loved them and how he will be watching them for heaven and protecting them forever.

Kai unfortunately was not so easily comforted.  He blamed himself for Jean-Claude’s death and said if it was not for him being gay or having a father like Chong, none of this would have happened.

Eva’s heart went out to her son.  She drew him close to her and reassured him that this had nothing to do with him.  That Chong was ill and that is why he killed Jean-Claude – not because of Kai. She promised her son he would never have to see Chong again.

Kai then stormed into the garden, grabbed a sledge-hammer and started knocking down Chong’s old training academy he had built many years ago and where Kai, as a boy, had be forced to watch his father train hour after hour..  He was determined to have nothing left in the house from his evil father!  He was now the man of the house and he knew he had to protect his family like Jean-Claude had tried to do!




24 responses

18 12 2009

Your legacy is AWESOME!! I’m hooked =D

18 12 2009

Wow. You’ve really stepped it up with the knife pic and Chong getting arrested in the park. Well done Sarah 🙂

I feared that Chong would could back with a vengeance*, but didn’t see the murder of Jean-Claude coming.. 😦 I really hope that Kai is okay after this, and that the girls don’t grow up hating Kai because of it.

18 12 2009

How did you murder him?
was it starvation deth?!

18 12 2009

Great chapter! Though I can’t still believed what happened! Chong is just so evil that I wish Eva would have killed him after he killed Jean-Claudde. Poor Eva, the twins and Kai…… I hope that Chong won’t return……. but knowing you Sarah he probably will…..

Ohh and well done on the pics! Very realistic and I hope that things will finaly work out for the Shenstons!

18 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Thanks guys. this was a tricky chapter to pull off but got there in the end i think. I always wanted Chong to come back and seek his revenge… glad i go to showcase just how evil he is xx

18 12 2009

i’m just left wondering what that red haze is…

18 12 2009

I know the red haze was from being a Criminal Mastermind, and that you probably killed Jean-Claud with starvation, but how did you get the knife? Did you download it?

18 12 2009

I never liked jean-claud anyway

18 12 2009

Gah! Poor Jean-Claude! I always knew Chong was no good.

18 12 2009
Lilly - Baucom Legacy

I think I saw the knife as a mod somewhere. What I am wondering about is that is it really true that they can get arrested? I’ve never seen that happen before, or is it a mod?

18 12 2009

You’re legacy is awesome, like a real book or something. But, how do you get arrested, is that really something that happens, or is it a mod?

18 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi guys. I do not think it is possible to stab someone or get arrested without the mod i used for this called: Dexter the bear – you can get it here:


19 12 2009

That was an awesome and drama-filled chapter. I can’t wait for more! And thank the Lord that Chong is finally gone, although I wish Jean-Claude didn’t have to go. 😦

19 12 2009

Omg that was soo unexpected, great chapter but poor Kai and his fam

19 12 2009
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

This is just getting better and better. This story captures like a prime time soap opera!

And I have to say I’m not that sorry Jean-Claude had to go. He was never a favourite to me, kind of slimy.

Eva will probably find love again. Or maybe a lesbian lover just for fun a couple of years. 😉

19 12 2009

Evil, evil Chong. Nice picture sequence, btw- the Mod really added for a unique story. I hope this doesn’t leave a mark on Kai or the twins!

20 12 2009

Great chapter! I loved the drama of the fight and subsequent arrest. Sometimes I wish the SIMs really had interactions like that one, but luckily they let people have mods. I thought crafted this part of the story perfectly.

21 12 2009

Noooooo! Jean-Claudeeee!

– It’s Cohenlegacy, except I’m too lazy to switch accounts.

21 12 2009

The Chapters section hasn’t been updated since 7.9 =(

22 12 2009

Honestly I never liked Chong from the start, but maybe it’s just the hair cut.
Keep up more of the good story telling!

22 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Sorry – i have been so busy. Will update over the next couple of days Fakririjekt x

1 09 2010
Kandi :3

OH!! In my last comment I said Chong was bad, but now he’s EVIL!!! Poor Jean-Claude. Alot better looking than C___g! 😦

11 02 2011

NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Chong is so mean!!!!!!Jean-Claude was so nice to Eva!!!! This should never have happened!!! Poor Shenston Family!!!!!!!! 😦

1 06 2011

Hey just wondering where did you get Jean-Claudes hair and the color of it?

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