Chapter 9.3 – A big mistake

2 01 2010

Audrey still could not believe she had had a baby.  All this time she thought she was getting fat and she had been pregnant the whole time!  But the surprise did not take away from the fact that she adored Asia.  She was the most beautiful thing Audrey had ever seen.

But something was nagging at Audrey’s conscience…. Ning!  He had a right to know he had a daughter but Audrey did not know how to get in touch with him.  She had only met him that once and she had no idea where he lived.  Audrey and her mother discussed it at great lengths and it was decided that Audrey should travel back to Shang Simla and find Ning.  Before Audrey left she made sure to teach her daughter how to walk and talk so Asia would not be such a burden on Eva.

When Audrey arrived in Shang Simla she felt so lost.  Even though it was a small village, she still had no idea where to start looking for Ning.  She decided to go and ask the lady who ran the market as she had been nice to Audrey in the past. Hsiu Mei did not know where Ning was as she had not seen him around for a while.  But she told Audrey that she knew he rented a house from Mr Ling Fung who lived at the top of the hill.

Audrey headed up there straight away.  When she rung on the door she was faced with a very old stern looking man.  Audrey apologised for disturbing him so late but told him she was looking for Ning Su Lung.  Mr Ling Fung blinked at Audrey and in his best English explained that Ning had up and left the village six months ago and he had no idea where he was.

This was not what Audrey wanted to hear.  She thanked Mr Ling Fung for his time and wandered down to the river in the village.  She had no idea what she was going to do now and finally resigned to the fact she may never find Asia’s father.  Audrey looked out over the village and said goodbye to Shang Simla, she did not know if she would ever see it again.

Audrey still had time left on her VISA, so instead of heading straight home she decided to go via France.  When she got there she once again went straight to the graveyard to pay her respects to her ancestors.  It was here she met Andre Douay.  He was morning at a grave close by to Audrey and Audrey could feel him staring at her.  When she was about to leave, Andre ran over and introduced himself in French.  He was shocked to learn Audrey was English as he thought she looked so French.  Audrey explained that her father was French and Andre’s eyes lit up even more.

He asked Audrey if he could take her to the cafe for some crepes and Audrey happily accepted.  It had been such a long time since she had had any male attention and she was almost over Alex now, even though he seemed to remain in the back of her mind.  Audrey and Andre chatted for the rest of the  afternoon.  Audrey found out Andre was single and lived with his mother in town.  Audrey told Andre all about Asia and Andre told her he loved kids and could not wait to have some of his own one day he was just waiting for the right girl to come along.

Andre was the most romantic man Audrey had ever met.  He told Audrey all about his hopes and dreams in life and how he has always been looking for someone like Audrey to fulfill him. He gave Audrey butterflies and she soon became totally smitten with him.

Audrey spent the rest of her VISA time exploring tombs and seeing Andre.  She missed Asia so much and spoke to her twice a day on the phone.  Eva was taking good care of Asia and she totally dotted on her granddaughter.

Eva was still working and had finally reached her lifetime goal of becoming Leader of the Free World.

So when Eva was at work, Bridget also helped out.  She and Andy had been trying for a baby for a while but had no success yet.

Back in France, Andre was always at Audrey’s hotel with her.  They never spent time at his house as he told Audrey that his mother was old and not very well and did not like people around.  They spent their time relaxing in the communal lounge.

And in the bedroom.  Being a great kisses (ahem, you guys know what i mean) meant Andre and Audrey could not get enough of each other.

This time Audrey made sure she used protection.  In fact Andre  insisted on it much to Audrey’s relief.  Andre was never able to sleep over as he had to look after his mother, but Audrey always made sure she made the most out of him when he was with her.

Audrey had now been away for two weeks and missed her little girl so much.  Even though her VISA had still not ran out and she still had another two weeks left, she could not bear to be without Asia anymore.  She tried to call Andre to tell him she was going home but his phone was switched off so she decided to go over to his house to say goodbye.

Audrey was surprised when a young girl answered the door.  The girl looked just as surprised to see Audrey.

She must be Andre’s sister, Audrey thought to herself. “Hi,” Audrey began suddenly a bit nervous.  “I was wondering if Andre was home?”

The pretty young French woman looked Andrey up and down and said, “Who’s asking?”

“I’m his girlfriend Audrey,” she explained.  “I’m heading back home and just wanted to say goodbye.”

The French lady scowled and replied.  “Well my name is Evette and I am Andre’s wife!” At that moment Andre arrived home.  As he walked up the garden path he saw his wife and his girlfriend involved in a heated argument.  His throat hit his tummy and he knew he had been caught!

The two women caught sight of Andre standing there and Evette shouted.  “Andre Francois Douay get over here right now.”  Andre walked over to Audrey and his wife with his hand hung low.  “Mesdames, relax.  I can explain.”

“I’ll give you relaxed,” Evette spat at Andre and continued shouting at him in French. Audrey could not understand what she was saying but in a way she did not want to know.

Eventually Evette switched back to English, she obviously wanted Audrey to hear this.  “This is the last time you will do this to me Andre.  I am finally leaving you and you can have this skanky English girl instead.”  With that Evette stormed inside her home and slammed the door shut.

Now it was Audrey’s turn.  “I can’t believe you lied to me,” Audrey started.  “You told me you loved me and you were married the whole time.  You disgust me”

“What do you want from me,” Andre retaliated?

“I never promised you anything Audrey.  You must have known this was just a holiday romance so don’t give me this shit.”

“Your amazing.  You can’t people treat people like this, me or your wife.  You don’t deserve anyone, and I hope your wife divorces you and you end up a sad, lonely man.”

Audrey walked away from Andre with tears in her eyes.  She would not let him see her cry but the minute she got out of sight from him the flood gates opened.  All she wanted was her daughter and her mother.  She went straight to the airport and caught the next flight.  When she arrived home she ran upstairs to nursery and scooped Asia up in her arms squeezing her as tightly as she could.

She tried to put Andre and the whole mess out of her head.  He had made his position completely clear and Audrey wanted to never have anything more to do with him again.  She made up for her two-week absence by spending every minute possible with her daughter.

But Audrey’s promise with herself to have nothing more to do with Andre was short-lived.  After she had been home a couple of months, she found out she was pregnant.  This time she recognised the signs.  She could not believe it as they had been so careful, but obviously not careful enough!  The hardest part was breaking the news to her mother.

Eva was very disappointed with her daughter.  “I can’t believe you did it again Audrey.  Dont you have enough on your plate with Asia?”

Audrey knew she had let her mother down and burst into tears.  “I’m sorry mum.  I tried to be careful but it just happened.” 

Eva’s heart went out to her daughter.  She could not really lecture her when she had made the same mistakes as well when she was younger.  “Don’t worry darling.  I can retire and help you.  We will do this together.”

Audrey felt much better.  She knew with her mother’s help she could cope with another baby.  Eva too became excited about the pregnancy.  Secretly she was wishing for at least 5 grandchildren .  She just wished that Audrey had gone about it a different way.

This pregnancy was much different to Audrey’s last one.  She felt everything that was going on and relished it.  She made sure she really took care of herself reading all the pregnancy books and eating sensibly.  Eva also employed a private doctor to come round and take care of anything Audrey needed.

When the time came, Eva went with Audrey to the hospital and held her hand the whole time.

I am proud to announce that Audrey gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing in at 5lbs, 3oz.  She was born athletic and brave just like Audrey and was named Paris after her heritage.  She looked just like Andre with big blue eyes and blond hair.  This was a constant reminder for Audrey, but a happy one.




19 responses

2 01 2010

What are you going to Egypt yet?!?!

I really want to see somered hair in this but Bridget is having a hard time to have a baby

2 01 2010

Oh Audrey, not again. Maybe she’ll have another child if she visits Egypt. Who knows?
And I want Bridget to have some red-haired babies, but I’ll wait. 🙂

2 01 2010

i cant believe some men omg but paris is so pretty i love her eyes

2 01 2010

Asia and Paris… I love it!!

2 01 2010

Hopefully she can find someone better than Andre in Egypt! Paris is adorable, I love her eyes.

2 01 2010

can’t wait to see these two grow up!

Like the rest I can’t wait to see some red-headed children for the Shestons.

2 01 2010
chelseakc - Ostrovsky Legacy

She is a cutie but something about Asia has me wrapped around her little finger.

2 01 2010

Now she just needs an Egyptian baby (:
I was wondering how you were going to work things out because Audrey and Bridgette couldn’t marry brothers, but you seem to have that taken care of hah.

3 01 2010

Okay Sarah! You’ve had your fun. I think its time the Shenstons got a male to help out with the kids.

3 01 2010

de ja vu…

3 01 2010
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

Interesting how this turned out with the eight generation being a single mum. I like it. And kind of a relief that the Shenstons did know at least something about birds and bees… unfourtunatly for Audrey it wasn’t enough. 😉

3 01 2010
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

I mean9th generation of course. 🙂

3 01 2010

aww poor girl but her babies ares adorable

3 01 2010

I can’t belive that Audrey did it again! I agree with Eva, and I think that Audrey is going to be in big trouble with either Andre or Ning. Or Alex. Paris is cute but I still like Asia better.

4 01 2010

A true explorer, I love how Audrey’s children each come from a different part of the world and are named after them. Gorgeous idea! Paris is adorable, it seems fitting that you have a blonde potential heiress for the 10th generation since it ties in with your founder’s genetics.

4 01 2010

amisay, i’ve had twins marry twins in my games,
so i think it is possible.

4 01 2010

The doctor scares me………

11 02 2011

Paris so cute and her name really suits her 🙂

27 06 2011

Isn’t it funny how at some point all of our legacy babies become African American? I have never attempted a legacy without going from Caucasian skintones to much darker skin. Weird.

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