The Final Chapter

23 01 2010

Telling the girls who would be the heir to the Shenston legacy was much easier than Audrey had thought.  They all gathered around in her bedroom and she revealed that the legacy would go to Sunny.

Cleo was the only one who caused a fuss, but Paris and Asia were very pleased for their little sister.  They knew in their heart of hearts that the honour had always belonged to Sunny.

The next few years flew by.  Alex doted on his only son decorating Elvis’s bedroom and buying him a brand new rock n roll guitar even though Elvis was too young to play it.  To compensate, Alex played to Elvis each day, teaching him the basics so he would be ready when he was old enough to practice.

Soon enough both Asia and Paris had grown into young adults.  Asia developed the family orientated trait and Paris inherited the adventurous trait from her mum.

Growing into a young adult had made Asia look at her life differently and realised how important not only her family was, but also how important her heritage was.  So she decided to dress in more traditional Chinese wear.  But this was not enough, she knew she needed to go back to China and discover more of her roots.  Paris decided to go with her as she wanted to become a martial arts master and knew China was the place for her too.  So the two girls set off for a new adventure in life together. )please note i tried to get some images of their lives in China but my World Adventures is not working at the moment so i could not document is…!)

Meanwhile, back in Sunset Valley Cleo and Sunny had also aged into young adults.  Cleo had developed the never nude trait and Sunny developed the hopeless romantic trait.

As Cleo had now realised her lifelong wish to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a world-renowned surgeon, she got a job at the hospital straight away.  Due to her high intelligence and passion for the job she moved up the ranks quickly and became a medical intern very quickly.  It was in this job that she met Gordon Peters.  He was a Gene Therapist and Cleo’s mentor.

Gordon was no oil painting and he was 15 years older than Cleo, but he was a genius and highly ambitious and Cleo could not help but fall for him. 

Gordon and Cleo had to work very closely together and long hours.  They would often sneak off for a coffee at the local diner and it was here their relationship quickly developed.

Gordon had waited his whole life for someone like Cleo and Cleo finally felt comfortable with a man again.  It was no surprise to anyone that in the second month of them knowing each other, Gordon proposed.

Following a quick private wedding, Gordon bought them a very modest little house in Sunset Valley down the road from the hospital.

Cleo and Gordon lived here happily here for years, throwing themselves into their careers.  Eventually there was the pitter patter of tiny feet and Cleo gave birth to a little girl they called Karen.  Karen looked just like her father with her mothers darker hair.  She was the apple of her parents eye as they never had any more children.

Back in the Shenston household, Alex managed to fulfill his lifetime wish of becoming a rock star before he became  an elder.

Audrey was still always his number one fan.

Little Elvis also grew into a teenager.  He was almost a clone of his father and realised his lifelong wish to also become a rock star very quickly.   By the time he became a teen, his father had taught his everything he knew so picking up a guitar, was almost second nature to him.

Finally, we have not forgotten about Sunny, the heir to the Shenston Legacy…..Having a lifetime wish to raise of family of at least five children gave her no ambition to have a career so Sunny volunteered at the local school to fill her time as she loved being around the children.  It was on her way to work one day that she decided to cut across the park.  She did not realise until it was too late, the thief creeping up behind her.  Before she knew it her bag had been swiped and all she could do was scream with fright.

Luckily the park was next to the police station and constable Anderson heard Sunny’s cries from his office. By the time he reached Sunny, the thief was long gone and Sunny was in tears. 

Constable Anderson was such a great comfort to Sunny. He reassured her everything would be ok and took a full report of what happened.  When Sunny had calmed down she looked up and was faced with the most beautiful green eyes she had ever seen.  Sunny made herself blush because she could not stop looking at constable Anderson, and he seemed to notice.

That night Constable Anderson, first name Jack, took Sunny out for dinner. He told her it was to cheer her up, but they both knew it was a date.

Sunny was surprised at how quickly she fell in love with Jack.  Within a year they were married….

And nine months later Sunny gave birth to twins – a boy and a girl.  They named the girl Sarah after her ancestor and the boy Simon.  Sarah was a spitting image of Sunny where Simon looked just like his dad.

Sunny and Jack lived their lives in wedded bliss for many years until one day Jack got offered chief superintendent in Sim City. 

It was a big decision to make, leaving Sunset Valley.  But both Jack and Sunny knew that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and they could not turn it down.  So they packed up their belongings and left the Shenston household.  It was too valuable to sell and none of Sunny’s sisters or brother wanted to live there, so the house was to remain empty until one day a member of the Shenston family would come back and live in it once again…..

So now we have come to the end of the Shenston Legacy. I know there may be a few more questions that have not been answered with this conclusion but i wanted to leave it as open as possible so you can use  your own imaginations. 

I want to say thank you so much to everyone who has been reading over the last six months and how I would never have kept going this long without you.  I have enjoyed writing the legacy but I do know that it is now time to put it to bed and start a new adventure with my Sim Stories.  My first one is called: “A Fairytale in Riverside” and can be found here:

I have only written one chapter but plan to write between 2-3 chapters a week.  I really hope you will go on and read my Sim Stories and enjoy it just as much as you have enjoyed my legacy.

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xxxx




44 responses

23 01 2010

I LOVED IT!!!!! I’m so sad to see the legacy go, but I’m proud that you stuck to it. Yay for Sarah! Haha… Oh, and I think that Sonny’s husband is so handsome…

23 01 2010

Perfect ending to a perfect legacy! Thanks for sharing, it was wonderful to see how the Shenston girls grew up 🙂

23 01 2010

This was a great ending. All of the girls turned out beautiful!

It’s really sad to see your legacy end, Sarah, but it was fantastic while it lasted! So thanks for sticking with this legacy throughout the past months. And now I’m off to read your sim story 🙂

23 01 2010

The twins are so cute, and I just have to ask… HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU GET BOY/GIRL twins!!!! I’ve been trying with no succes for months. Did you use the determine-gender-opposite-fruit-method, i’ve seen different ones but I don’t know which to use.
Anyway, enough rambling. Jus a thought if you want you can put a tab up that has all the websites you get your custom content from. It might be easier than having to search throught the whole thing.
I LUV the legacy, there was no end-drama thank goodness, it was nice. Cleo has nice genetics, Karen is amazingly cute! Sunny looks like Viola’s mother(Mia-I think) with that hair. I love them all.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Don’t delete the blog, I’ve already had the De’Casims go away, the Shenstons can’t. I have to read them from start to finish! LOL

23 01 2010

So sad to see the legacy end, but I think I’ll enjoy reading this legacy over again. Good Luck in you’re stories and anything else you do (Real life or Sim life).

Happy Simming!

23 01 2010

Thank you for sharing this Legacy! It has been great and I enjoyed reading it!!!

23 01 2010

that was a greatt endinggg

24 01 2010
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

This is a great ending, and I like that it’s open! This Legacy is definatly one of the best I’ve ever read, and I will follow your stories, of course, in the future. 😀

24 01 2010

Loved this legacy, sad to see it go 😦
Such a great ending too!
I’m sad that Cleo’s kid didn’t look more like her- those eyes!
Aren’t Sunny + Anderson’s twins adorable! Especially the little girl- yet another gorgeous Shenston methinks (:

Thanks so much for all the entertainment- sure the Sim Story will be just as good!

24 01 2010

I hope one day in the future you do bring back another shenston to the house to start all over again. That would be really neat.

24 01 2010

I just thouGht of 2 things that would fit In perfectly here… “all good things come to an end” & “as 1 door closes, another opens…”

24 01 2010

are all your sims up in the exchange? I’m busy writing a soap series which will start on feb. 1, and wondered if you like the idea of one of the shenstons making an appearance? Let me know. 🙂

24 01 2010

Good ending!
And, until I saw another pic, I thought Cleo had a unibrow! haha

24 01 2010

That was amazing…

I feel like a part of me is missing now.
Everyday I would look to see if you have updated the
legacy, and now I can’t do that anymore.
So now I will just read it from start to finish (:

24 01 2010

That was a gorgeous ending to a beautiful legacy. The boy/girl twins made it even more perfect. Congratulations on completing your legacy. 🙂

24 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi Carl

Some of the Shenston’s have been uploaded here: Many of them have been uploaded as kids or teens but you can download them then age them up. I would be delighted for you to use a Shenston for your soap series. I reccomend Sunny, Paris, Asia, Audrey or Eva. Let me know if you do it xxx

24 01 2010

That was a good ending. THanks for entertaining stories! p.s. you have strangely pretty sims!

24 01 2010

That was amazing, I will sorely miss the Shenston’s. Sunny grew up to be so pretty, and their kids were adorable. Congratulations on making it through a whole legacy!

24 01 2010

Well done on completing your legacy! I know what it feels like and it’s so good to see you keep going and get to the end. I’ll miss the Shenstons but I’m excited about your new stuff. I loved the four girls from four different places for Gen 10 and that you finally got a redhead after all this time!

24 01 2010

Thank you for all of your hard work and your entertaining family. I will miss reading of the Shenstons, but i look forward to reading your fairytale stories.

24 01 2010

Ahh, I can’t believe it’s over.
But I am very excited to read your Sims Stories.
And wow, I can’t believe it’s over. It’s become a daily staple in my life, checking for updates to the Shenston Legacy.
It will be missed! I hope you leave the page up, so I can always re-read it.

25 01 2010

You know what I didn’t even think that anyone would take it down…..

Please keep it up so we can read it over and over again.


25 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Thanks for your comments guys and of course i will not be taking this legacy down unless i am told too xxx

26 01 2010

Its sad that the legacy ended as all the shenston girls where all cute and as i like how u added twist n turns,but the only thing i hated was that u should of named simon seth 4 the sim we always liked ty 4 sharin

🙂 bye

26 01 2010

Hi Sarah, I’ve been reading your legacy for the past two months and I love your ending! Your legacy has inspired me to write my own legacy and would mean a lot if you checked it out!

Thank you so much for finishing up your legacy like so many other didn’t. I’m really sad to see it go, but I’ll be reading your Sim stories! 🙂

26 01 2010

Congrats on finishing your legacy! Loved the ending 😀

7 02 2010


I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your legacy! I’ve just started a matriarchal legacy which I’m typing up as a story (still on the 1st Gen) and I was looking at other legacies when I found yours on thursday, and I haven’t been able to stop reading it!!

I loved how different you made all of the characters, and I think the ending was perfect. I hope that one day you’ll do something more with the girls, but if not then it couldn’t have stopped in nicer way

haha I’m gushing so I’ll stop 🙂


8 02 2010
StarSarah - AFairytaleInRiverside

Thanks so much Fiona. Will hopefully do another legacy shortly, so stay tuned xxx

10 02 2010

Yay! Another legacy! I absolutely adored this one and am looking forward to your next! (sorry about you losing all your sims stuff – that sucks). Do youroughly know how long it’ll take you to get back on track – I’d really like to know

Thanks 🙂

12 02 2010

Hi Echo. Thank you for your comment. I am just trying to re-install everything now but for the time being i am creating a world of my own so stay tuned for this x

13 02 2010

sounds good – looking foward to the new leagacy. 🙂 You did say you would post a link here right?

13 02 2010

I’ve been looking at the legacy again and was wondering if:

1. Did you really get quadruplets and if so how?

2. How did you get boy/girl twins?

I’d really like to know.

15 02 2010

Hi – quads were using a mod – check the comments when they were born.

for the b/g twins you have to get a level 7 or 8+ doctor to tell you what the gender is then if it is say a boy eat alot of watermelon and listen to kids music or watch kids tv – (if its a girl eat alot of apples) (at least 4 or more)

6 05 2010

OMG! Asia is so beautiful as a Young Adult! I really enjoyed this legacy, I’m gonna miss it.

8 05 2010

screenshot is not showing up for screenshot-187

10 06 2010

Aww noo!!

This legacy was great and to see it end made my very sad face. 😦

1 09 2010
Kandi :3

Sunny looks like Nicole in your other series! Are they twins or something? 😀

12 09 2010

hi Sarah! 🙂

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading your legacy from the beginning (even when I didn’t have a WordPress account), and I absolutely love it!

You’ve inspired me to create my own legacy, which I have, and it’s called the Kufmine legacy. 😛 it’s not nearly as great as yours, but it’s a work in progress. . .

I wish you would have continued, but i understand that it does take a lot of work.

btw, i absolutely love your sims’ hair and clothing! did you get at peggyzone?

12 09 2010

oh, one more thing

sorry to be a bother, but would you mind telling me how you changed “Links” to “Recent Chapters”? i’m new to this so I’m not sure how to change it.

Thanks so much Sarah! 🙂

12 09 2010

ugh sorry about this, but this is the last question! (at least i hope so)

how do you get your pictures so big? mine are like 1/5 that size. 😛

26 12 2010

I think Sunny and Jack are the best looking couple i’ve seen in any legacy that I’ve seen.

12 02 2011

You should have continued!!! 😦 It was so good… It had me hooked!!! 😦

27 06 2011

Hey, StarSarah- Could you email me at

I have a reallygood idea I’d like to put forth but I want your help/permission with it. Email me ASAP!!!!

30 06 2011

Hey StarSarah- love your legacy! Would you mind linking mine?

I’m only a few chapters in, but I’d like more publicity!!

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