Chapter 8.9 – The Explorer

23 12 2009

When we left the Shenston family the twins had just celebrated their birthdays and aged into teens. There was also another birthday that day – Kai’s.  But still ridden with guilt, he decided not to remind anyone and after the party he went and aged up alone and quietly in his bedroom.  As he aged he developed his final trait in life – the family orientated trait.

As he aged he completely freaked out.  His clothes were so ordinary and worst of all – he had the same hair as his father had had!  He did not want to have any reminders of his father so he quickly made himself over…. it was much better!

Meanwhile Anna and Anton had made a life-changing decision.  They had been trying for a baby for years but to avail.  They had considered going to see a doctor to see what the problem was, but since they had found god, they resigned to the fact that it was god’s will for them not to bear a child of their own.  They realised that god must have bigger plans for them – that they should provide a home to a child who needs one.  So they applied to adopt.

Their request was instantly granted and within a month the social worked turned up at their door with a basket in hand.

The basket contained a little boy who the social worked said was called Tommy.  Anton and Anna knew this would not do and instantly changed his name to Moses.  The moment they clapped eyes on the little boy, they instantly fell in love with him.  Yes he did not look like either Anna or Anton, but they knew that god had sent Moses to them and they cherished him.

Now Anton and Anna knew it was time to set up their own lives in their own home.  With the help of Eva, they purchased a small home near to the beach that had ample space in the yard for Anna to build a new garden.

Eva was sad to see her sister go but pleased she had finally found her place in life.  Eva had her career to focus on which consumed most of her time.  She frequently held fundraising parties at the house where all her three children would be required to get involved, schmoozing with all the local business people and getting them to donate to Eva’s campaigns.

It was at one of these parties that Kai met Gerald Howarth, the Mayor of Sunset Valley.  He was a very suave dapper gentleman – more than twice Kai’s age at 48 years old.  The two men hit it off instantly.

Kai was attracted to Gerald’s intelligence and passion for the city they lived in. Gerald was attracted to Kai as he was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and could tell that he needed rescuing.  No one knew that Gerald was gay, not even Eva who had worked for him for twenty years.  Everyone had assumed he was just a forever bachelor – but here at this fundraising party he truly came out of the closest when he could not hide his interest for Kai.

The two men danced in each others arms all night long while Eva, Bridget and Audrey looked on.  They had waited many years to see Kai once again happy and finally it had happened.

With Kai now finally moving on in life, Eva knew it was time to confront the loss of Jean-Claude.  Audrey and Bridget had often asked their mother about their French heritage and Eva knew it was time to take her daughters to the town where Jean-Claude grew up and introduce them to their roots.  They arrived in Champs Les Sims on a warm spring morning.

They went straight to the town’s cemetary to look up their ancestors.  Even though they had laid Jean-Claude to rest in Sunset Valley, his parent’s grave was still in Champs Les Sims and Eva took her daughters to pay their respects.  Even though Audrey and Bridget had never met their grandparents, it was still very emotional for them.

They then decided to do some local exploring.  Eva took a taxi to the village square and the girls raced each other on the mopeds they had hired from the hotel.  They had fallen in love with France already.

After pottering around the village square for a while Bridget got bored of sight-seeing and begged her mum to let her go and check out the local book shop.  This was no problem with Audrey and Eva so Bridget headed off on her own.  She discovered the book store on the corner of the square and purchased three books: the first on the history of  Champs Les Sims, the second on how to make frogs legs and a lastly a book entitled: “French Kissing”, which she knew she had to hide from her mother.

She settled down to read French Kissing straight away.

Bridget was not left alone for long though.  Word had spread throughout the village of two pretty English girls visiting and soon enough Bridget was being chatted up by a handsome French man named Eugene.  Bridget may be a bookworm, but she was also turning into a huge flirt!

Audrey and Eva meanwhile went and checked out out the relic shop where they found exclusive souvenirs like gems, metals and artifacts from France and other cultures.

Now it was Audrey’s turn to tire of sight-seeing and told her mother she was going off to explore on her own.  Eva had no problem with this – it gave her an excuse to visit the cafe and treat herself to some French pie.

Desperate for some excitement, Audrey went back to the hotel to check out the notice board to see if there was anything going on in the village.  She was about to give up when she saw a sign from the owner of the general store asking for help to find something precious to her that she had lost.  There was also a cash prize.  Audrey jumped at the chance for some adventure and headed off to find Amiee Lefebvre, General Goods Merchant.

Amiee Lefebvre was delighted to meet to meet Audrey.  “I have a bit of underground exploration for you,” she started.  She told Audrey that she had dropped something very valuable whilst exploring a catacomb at the Celtic Foray and if Audrey could find it for her, she would give her a cash reward.  She gave Audrey some dried food for her journey which was essential for nourishment.  Before she set off, Audrey also purchased a tent and spray shower just incase her adventure went on all night.

When Audrey arrived arrived at the Celtic Foray she found a hidden staircase leading to the catacombs.  Audrey was filled with anxiety as she climbed down the stairs, but she was also fuelled with adrenalin and realised at that moment that her lifetime wish would be to become a Great Explorer.

At the bottom of the stairs Audrey was faced with a large underground room.  At the end of the room there was a door blocked by fallen debris and rocks.  Picking up an axe that was laying on the floor, Audrey sets about clearing the rubble in order to get through the door.

The next room was much darker than the first but Audrey’s excitement spured her on.  In all corners of the room, she discovered hidden relics and even a pile of old gold coins.  Audrey had never seen anything so beautiful and shiny and quickly scooped the ancient coins into her pockets.

The next few hours were tough but exhilarating.  Audrey moves from room to room discovering lost treasures and solving puzzles set out to stop her from moving forward.  She tackles all of them and succeeds in matching keystones into the right slots…

…and pushing and pulling ancient statues over buttons on the floor to open hidden doors.

Finally she enters a room that looks much like an  underground garden.  Audrey realises that it must have been hidden for many years and sets about exploring the area and collecting any relics she can find.

At one point she comes across a room containing an old tatty tent and a skeleton.  At first she is shocked and terrified that she too will be left to rot down here like the dead person on the ground.  But she  pulls herself together and becomes more determined than ever to get out of this never-ending tomb.

Eventually, after what seemed like forever, Audrey made a breakthrough. She had discovered a map that led her direct to the last room in the catacomb – the actual crypt.

Other than the room being filled with tombs and graves there was also a hole in the ground.  Audrey winced when she stuck her hand in it wondering what creepy crawlies lay inside.  But then suddenly she felt something hard and pulled it out. It was an old baseball with the name “Amiee Lefebvre” inscribed on it.  Audrey knew at once that this is what she had been sent to find!

Thankfully at the end of the room was a hidden door that took her direct to the stairwell that led back outside to fresh air.  Audrey had never felt so relieved and exhilarated in her life.  She went straight to Amiee Lefebvre to deliver her baseball. Aimee was so grateful.  She said: “Ah Madame! You have returned my precious baseball, I thank you from the depth of my heart.  It is lucky you see, I would never dare to go into a place like the ruins without it at my side.  This is why I had to pay you to do it for me.” With that Amiee handed Audrey some more ancient coins.  Added to what she had found in the ruins, Audrey had made a tidy profit out of her adventure.  She also knew she had many more to go…..




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24 12 2009

Yay First comment! Anyway. I really feel bad for Kai, i dont want him to be so depressed hell be the next Seth or Rhona…He’s really sweet though, and married to the mayor.
Moses is adorable.
The twins are awesome.
Oh, and can you email me the sites you get your leggings from nad hair, I LOVE them! My e-mail is
I LUV! your legacy!

24 12 2009

You took great pictures!

24 12 2009

Oh yeah Sarah, can you put young adult Eva on the exchange. I sooo love her

24 12 2009

I didn’t know the Shenstons were British. o . o

24 12 2009

When she says ‘English’ I think she just means ‘English-Speaking’
But anyways, a section where everybody gets happy… just makes me wonder what sort of not-so-good things lay in store for the next chapter or two

24 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

lol – so cynical bluzim. but your right, things dont always stay happy for long in the Shenston household…..

Fakririjekt, i am British but i am going with bluezim on this. The girls can be from anywhere English speaking xxx

24 12 2009

Sims3rocks you should just download her as a kid then grow her up in CAS… Unless you want her clothes or something..

25 12 2009

Great chapter! I love the bit where the girls go to France! And I hope that everything will work out for Anna and her husband and for Kai. Looking forward to the next update!

26 12 2009
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

I’m so happy for Kai, finding his man. And that Anna and Anton is a family. It is the Frio-brother house by the way, isn’t it?

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