Chapter 8.8 – Life after death

22 12 2009

Ever since the death of Jean-Claude, Kai knew he had to take on the duties of man of the house.  He still felt responsible for Jean-Claude’s death and was so ridden with guilt, he dropped out of school and set about helping his mum raise his two sisters as best as he could. He knew this is what Jean-Claude what have wanted.

As Audrey loved sport and working out, he made himself interested in it too and tried to support her by working out with her every day.

And as Bridget loved nothing more than studying, Kai made sure to tutor her every step of the way ensuring she became a grade A student within weeks.

Eva was also coping as best she could.  She felt safe in the knowledge that Chong had received the death sentence after what he had done – but what people had forgotten was that she had received a life sentence without Jean-Claude.  She sought solace in her sister who was a great comfort to her.

Anna told Eva everything happened for a reason and she was certain that Jean-Claude would be watching his family for heaven.  Anna had become quite religious over the years since marrying Anton.

Eva decided to throw herself into her work and soon was promoted to Local Representative which meant she now had to start asking people for campaign donations.  Eva had never been comfortable with asking people for money, but she knew this was part of her job and realised that she would have to go door to door.

Even though the twins took the death of their father badly, they were young enough to get over it a lot easier than their older brother and mother.  Bridget had found a passion for writing, and by the time she was 12 years old, she had already written four books.  It was at this age that she realised her lifelong wish would be to become a Professional Author.

As well as her excersing, Audrey had discovered the stars.  She loved nothing more than looking through the family telescope at the universe.  It was not so much the logic of it, it was more for the adventure of discovering new stars.

Soon enough the years flew by and the Shenston family fell into a happy routine with Kai dedicating himself to his family and Eva her job.  When it came to the twins birthday, Kai decided to throw them a large pool party. He invited all their friends from school and some family members.

Bridget was first to blow out her candles.

As she grew she developed the bookworm trait which was not surprising considering her passion for writing.  As is the Shenston tradition when you become a teenager, she headed straight into town for her makeover and new wardrobe.

Next up was Audrey.

As she grew she developed the adventurer trait.  She still did not know what her lifetime wish would be but she did know it had to include discovery and adventure!




12 responses

22 12 2009

the girls are gorgeous but poor Kai and Eva 😦

22 12 2009

The girls are beautiful 🙂 Can’t wait to see what trouble they get into as teens.

22 12 2009
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

Tamta…tam. I agree with zenna, teen years here we go. And I’m looking forward to Kai’s adventures and a little insight to Annas and Antons life.

22 12 2009

Can you put the twins on the exchange??? I LOVE how pretty they are!

23 12 2009

Has anyone else noticed that Audrey looks like Brigitte Bardot and that Bridget looks a lot like Audrey Hepburn. I found it sort of ironic.

Regardless, both are lovely. Kai was a good brother to them and they turned out well.

23 12 2009

More beautiful Shenston girls to wreck havoc on the neighbourhood boys 😉 I can’t believe the tenth generation will be born once Audrey and Bridget are older!

23 12 2009

Aaah! That’s right! The next heiress is going to produce the last heiress of the legacy. Oh no, I don’t want the Shenston’s to end!

23 12 2009

wow! I love their hair!

23 12 2009

Kai is just so sweet! It must be really hard on him and Eva but his helping out his mum really well. Both of the twins are gorgeaus and I hope that nothing will happen to them like Ivy’s twin jasmine. Great chapter and I love their new wardrobe and hair!

23 12 2009

You should continue with the legacy even after the ‘official’ challenge is over!
The twins looked identical besides their haircuts before the makeovers, my multiples never seem to do that! 🙂

23 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Yes i am thinking about carrying on Bluezim. But maybe its time to do something different too.. hmmmm. We shall see xx

24 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

hi Carla. I have uploaded the twins – you can download them here:


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