Chapter 8.6 – Examining Life

17 12 2009

Eva and Jean-Claude set to work straight away teaching the twins how to walk and talk.  Even though both girls looked almost identical, they each had their own personalities.  Bridget (the brunette) was born a genius and artistic whereas Audrey (the blonde) was born athletic and brave.

The twins got along famously and lucky for Eva and Jean-Claude they could amuse themselves for hours playing with their blocks and chatting to each other in their own twin language.

Kai too was growing up well.  He had found a best friend in a girl from his school called Chelsea Granger.  Like Kai, Chelsea also had a great sense of humor and the two kids would spend hours joking about, playing dress-up and making up plays to perform to the grown-ups.

Eva had bought Bridget and Audrey a dolls house when they were born but they did not seem very interested in it and preferred to play with their blocks.  But the doll’s house did not go to waste as Kai and Chelsea would play with it every day after school.  Eva was a bit concerned that her son was only interested in playing with dolls, but she was just happy that he had such a good friend in Chelsea as for some reason, he did not seem to fit in with the other boys at school.

A few months after the twins were born, Eva’s maternity time off was coming to an end and she was due back at work – but not before her birthday.  She decided not to celebrate aging into an adult and did so quietly without a fuss.

As her lifetime wish was to become the leader of the free world, Eva knew she had no time to lose and had to concentrate all her efforts into fulfilling her dream.  So as she aged she cut off all her hair and adopted a more sophisticated look.

As Anna was one of Eva’s quadruplet sisters, she too aged up at the same time as Eva.  Though for Anna nothing much changed except she decided to tie her hair up as it always got in the way of her gardening.

Things between Anna and Anton were going from strength to strength.  Anton had recently moved into the Shenston household and even though he had kept his job as a chef in the bistro, he made sure he spent the rest of his time helping Anna in her garden. He was here one day, out of the blue, that he popped the question.  “Marry me Anna,” he said getting down on one knee.  “I have been waiting my whole life for you and now i cant let you go.”

Anna had never been so happy and said yes straight away. She had never thought she would ever get married, but now she was engaged, she could not wait any longer.  So her and Anton tied the knot there and then in the garden with their own private ceremony with only her plants for witnesses.

Afterwards Anton had to rush off to work, so Anna called her sister outside to share the good news.

Eva was overjoyed for her sister.  She had always been concerned that Anna would never settle down.  Even though she loved having Anna around the house, she also knew that Anna needed to find her own path in life.  It seemed that she finally had. 

Anna’s marriage made Eva examine her own life and family closer.  Jean-Claude had asked her to marry him many times since the twins were born but Eva did not want to get married again.  After the disaster of Chong, Eva decided that her and Jean-Claude should just live together as a couple as marriage seemed to complicate things for her.  Jean-Claude had accepted Eva’s decision long ago and was now busy trying to master the painting skill.  Though his first attempt at a portrait of Eva was not so flattering!

Growing older also made Eva think of her other two sisters, Ava and Emma.  She had not spoken to Ava in years and had last heard that she was travelling through the amazon jungle.  But Emma still lived in Sunset Valley and Eva realised it was about time she paid her a visit.  Emma still lived in the home she moved into when she married Harold.  But after Emma had bore Harold a son, he had passed away at the age of 93 leaving all his wealth to Emma.  Her son, Barnaby was now a kid like Kai, and was spoilt rotten by his mother.

When Eva arrived at Emma’s house she could not help noticing a very buff, half-dressed man hanging around the house while she was catching up with her sister.

Emma explained that after Harold died she was so lonely and had found comfort in the pool boy.  He had moved in with her a week after the funeral and was not only great company for Emma, but great with Barnaby as he loved to watch cartoons just as much as he did.

When the pool boy’s back was turned Emma whispered to her sister: “He is dumb as hell but he is great in the sack.  I can’t keep my hands off him.” Eva looked at Emma and the pool boy as she left later that night.  Even though the pool boy was half Emma’s age Eva was not worried.  It seemed they were made for each other.

Back at home it was time for Kai and the twins birthdays.  Eva decided to test out her party planning skills and invited half the neighbourhood to the birthday party.  When it came to Kai blowing out his candles, they could hardly fit all the people they had invited around the table.

As Kai grew up he developed the snob trait.

He went straight to the mirror and started to preen himself, making sure that he was the most groomed teenager in Sunset Valley.  Growing up also gave Kai another revelation – he was gay!  He had always known he was different to the other boys in school but since his hormones had kicked in, he knew for sure that he had no interest in girls but could only think about other boys.  Now all Kai had to do was figure out how to tell his mum!  He knew his father would be cursing in his prison if he ever found out!

With all the partying going on, Eva had completely forgotten about the twin’s birthday.  By the time she realised all the guests had gone home and the twins had aged up on their own.

As they grew, both girls started to look less identical.  They did not want their mother to dress them in the same clothes anymore and so Eva took them both shopping the next day to pick out their own styles and have their hair done.  Bridget developed the grumpy trait.

And Audrey developed the clumsy trait.  Both new traits were maybe not so great for the girls, but as you will see – these traits will play a big hand in who the girls will grow up to be ……




15 responses

17 12 2009

The girls are both so pretty! I can’t wait to see what they’re like as teens. Congrats for Anna, hopefully Eva settles down for good with Jean-Claude and marries too.

17 12 2009

Good for Anna, and I can’t wait to see the girls as teens!

17 12 2009

oie vey, Kai is so not with the having of good genes – its good he’s gay (no reproduction)

The girls are cute.

17 12 2009

Oh, that’s fantastic for Anna, and I hope that the twins grow up to be as pretty as the quadruplets were. And I think Kai has a unique look, but I had a feeling that he’d turn out gay. And Emma hasn’t changed, no surprise there.

17 12 2009
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

Hurray for Anna. And wow, Antons hair is… well… red! 🙂 But the look wonderful together!

17 12 2009

i dunno, i always though Kai was cute. (well, i’m half-asian myself, so)
i personally like the looks of bridget a bit more, but audrey is super-cute too . . .

17 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

I think Kai has really grown into his looks though he inherited his dads cheek bones and his mums eyes – i wish it had been the other way round!! x

17 12 2009
Lilly - Baucom Legacy

Oooh… I bet Chong will come back eventually and when he finds out everything that happens… That would be bad, lol. Bridget use to be my favorite but now I dont know…

17 12 2009

Wow, Emma is sooooo crazy. I think both twins are cute, and im not surprised Kai is gay, though i wish they had another baby, a girl, just to see if she would be cute.

17 12 2009

I thought Kai would’ve turned out better looking, but whatever… The girls are SOO pretty!!! You should consider uploading them… 😉

18 12 2009

Kai might improve as an adult. The teen years are awkward. The two little girls are as beautiful as all of the Shenston women

18 12 2009

The twins are so beautifull, Sarah! Not sure which one is my fav yet though…… Another great update and I’m off to read the next chater!

8 01 2010

the girls are really pretty

1 09 2010
Kandi :3

OMG!!! Kai (no offence) is one of the ugliest sims I’ve ever seen. But then his dad gave him the bad looks! Shame on you Chong! 😛

11 02 2011

I had a feeling Kai would be gay!!! Oh well… I still like Bridget best!!!

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