Chapter 8.5 – A Stranger Calls

10 12 2009

Since Chong had left and Jean-Claude had moved in, Eva had never been so happy.  It was true what they said about the French men – they were the most romantic.  Jean-Claude adored Eva and loved more than anything to make a fuss of her treated her to breakfast in bed all the time and leaving love notes for her around the house.

Jean-Claude was great with Kai too.  He was very sensitive to the fact that the boy had basically lost his father and stepped carefully to be begin with.  But Kai took really well to Jean-Claude and soon enough the two were the best of friends.

It did not take long for Eva to get pregnant either.  The pregnancy felt different to her previous pregnancy.  She was much sicker than before and was gaining more weight than ever.  Eva hoped this meant she was having a little girl, but Jean-Claude hoped for a son of his own.

Anna meanwhile was still, busy in her garden!  One day she was out tending to her garden when a red-headed bearded man walked up from the beach towards the house.  He stopped by Anna’s and watched her gardening for a while.  Anna saw him watching her but chose to ignore him.  She had never been very confident around men, and even though she found the stranger attractive, she had no desire to talk to him.

Eventually the man introduced himself.  His name was Anton Rye and he was travelling through the town.   He told Anna how much he admired her gardening skills.  Anna was so shy she kept her back to Anton the whole time until eventually he left.  But this did not deter him as he came back the next day.  But it did not matter how much Anton would talk to Anna, she never once raised her eyes to meet his.  So Anton just spoke to Anna, regaling her about his stories travelling around the world.  Anna found out Anton was an adventurer, loved the outdoors and, like Anna had a green thumb.

Finding this out was a turning point.  No one in Sunset Valley seemed to get Anna’s love for all things green and now here was this stranger who seemed to understand her more than anyone she had ever met before.  After a week of Anton visting Anna in her garden, Anna decided to introduce herself to him.

Anton and Anna spent the rest of the day chatting like old friends.  Anna was fascinated by Anton’s tales of the world and Anton was intrigued by this beautiful girl who was so like a delicate feather – so innocent and so fragile! 

Anton came round every day after that.  Anna and him would chat untill the sun set over Sunset Valley, but still Anna never once invited Anton inside.  They stayed in the garden and she always ensured her sister or Jean-Claude was at home.  Being alone with a man terrified her.  Though this, Anna could not believe how quickly she fell for Anton.  He was like no one she had ever known and found herself looking forward to his daily visits.

Anton too had developed deep feelings for Anna.  He had travelled the world twice over always on his own and had never met anyone like her.  But he also knew how delicate she was and knew he had to step carefully if he was going to win her round.  After a few months Anna eventually agreed to go to dinner with Anton.  He had decided to stick around in Sunset Valley for a while and had got a job at the Bistro as a chef, so he took Anna there to show off his place of work.  Little did he know that Anna’s mother had once been a five-star chef here.

It was the most magical evening Anna had ever had.  Anton was the perfect gentleman pulling the chair out for her and offering his coat when she got cold.  He also never made a move on her which Anna really respected as she knew Anton was a bit older and had probably had his fair share of women on his travels.  They discussed their lives and Anna found out that Anton had been married once when he was very young, but it did not work out.  This did not bother Anna, she was just grateful Anton had been honest with her.

When Anton dropped Anna off that evening he gave her a gentle peck on the cheek and turned to leave.  Anna could not take it anymore and grabbed him kissing him hard on the lips taking Anton completly  by surprise.  From here on the two were in separable.  Anna just wanted to be around Anton all the time and would go and meet him at his work while he was on his break – she could not keep her hands off him.  But second base was all she would let him go to, Anna was not ready to take things further yet!

Back at home 9 months had come and gone very quickly and suddenly it was time for Eva to give birth.  After she had gotton over the morning sickness, her pregnancy had gone smoothly and she and Jean-Claude were so excited for the baby to arrive.

I am proud to announce that Eva had twin girls – well multiple births did run in the Shenston family so Eva was not surprised.  Eva got to choose the name of the first-born girl and she named her Bridget.  Bridget looked just liker her mum with big brown eyes and dark hair, though her hair was a little lighter than Eva’s due to Jean-Claude’s jeans.

Jean-Claude got to name the second daughter and called her Audrey, after his mother.  Audrey was almost identical to Bridget but with lighter eyes and hair. 

The twins were adored by the whole family and were good as gold.  Eva knew now that her life was almost complete – there was just still that small matter of a lifetime wish to fulfill.




16 responses

10 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi guys

Another short installment but am off on a business trip again tomorrow and had to pack. Will update when i get back again on Tuesday. Enjoy the rest of your week xxx

10 12 2009
Lilly - Baucom Legacy

Yay twins! They are so pretty, and cute together!

10 12 2009

Aha instead of putting “Jean-Claude’s genes” you put “Jean-Claude’s jeans”!!!! ROFLOL

10 12 2009

The girls are adorable, and I’m glad Eva and Jean-Claude got to be together.

10 12 2009

Great chapter. I’m excited to see what happens with the twins 🙂

10 12 2009

Oh! The twins are so cute! Darn the Shenstons and their adorable babies 😛 I can’t wait to see who makes Gen 9 heiress.

10 12 2009

cute girls, have fun on your trip.

10 12 2009

Those twins are the cutest little things I have seen. 🙂

11 12 2009

The twins are cute, but you forgot to add their traits. What are they?

11 12 2009
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

The girls are so cute!

11 12 2009

Awww, I’m pleased that Anna has found love as she was always my favorite and needed something more than gardening to occupy her time 🙂

Bridget and Audrey are freaking adorable, but I’m not surprised at all. lol.

Have a good trip Sarah!

12 12 2009

The twins are so cute! Can’t say which one’s my fav yet but I’m sooo glad that Chong is gone! And have a safe trip Sarah!

12 12 2009

Ohh and Sarah, would you like to judge cycle 2 too? If yes than just post here and let me know:


12 12 2009

The twins have got to be the cutest I’ve ever seen! I hope things go smoothly for Anton and Anna. Have fun on your trip!

15 01 2010

I am French, and I can say with almost full certainty that French men are not any more romantic than other men haha.
In fact, most of them have overstuffed egos.

11 02 2011

I like Bridget best, but they are both adorable!!!! Congratulations Eva!!!

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