Chapter 8.4 – Framed

8 12 2009

Things were very different now in the Shenston house since Eva and Chong had come back from France.  Chong practically ignored Eva despite her pleas for him to forgive her.

Chong did relax however when it came Kai’s birthday.  He let Eva throw a small party and blow out the candles with Kai.  He took every opportunity to throw this back in Eva’s face though telling her how kind he was to let her be there when initially he refused for her to even see Kai.

Kai grew into a kid and developed the good sense of humor trait. He still had his mums lovely eyes and his dad’s thin face with the high cheekbones, but he seemed to be growing into them more now he was older.

Chong had big plans for his son.  He was getting old and knew that he had missed his chance to become a Martial Arts Master, but he knew he had a second chance with Kai.  Kai was still too young to learn the art of martial arts, but that did not stop Chong making Kai stand out with him in his academy night and day watching him practise.

But unbeknown to Chong, Kai had as much interest in martial arts as a lion to vegetables.  He was a sensitive boy and loved nothing more than baking muffins in his toy oven his grandmother had given him for his birthday.

He also loved joking around and was often found in front of the mirror practising his comic act or just checking himself out.

Eva’s life meanwhile was in tatters.  She was stuck with a man who not only did she not love, but controlled her every move.  She had tried to leave him or kick him out, but each time he threaten her with taking Kai back to China where she would never see him again.  Or if he was feeling particularly nasty, Chong would become violent towards Eva.  Eva did not want to bother her mother with her problems as Ivy was now a very old lady who, since she had become a five-star chef, had retired and spent most of her time in the family graveyard.  Ivy felt at home here as she knew she would be meeting all her ancestors shortly, it was almost like they were calling her name.

So Eva turned to her sister Anna who even though still lived in the house was hardly ever seen or heard from as she was almost always outside in her garden.  Eva was continuously crying on her sisters shoulder but Anna had no answers to the problem, but she would continue to always support Eva no matter what.  Thats all she could do!

So Eva decided to turn to the only other person who she knew could possibly help, Jean-Claude. She had found his number on the internet and called him up one day.  They talked for hours and Eva found out that Jean-Claude had been searching for her ever since that day in the town square in France.  They spoke every night for a week until one day Jean-Claude said he had come up with a plan.


He had found a man who lived in SimCity who, paid enough money, could make people disappear.  Eva was excited by the idea of Chong disappearing but she did not want any physical harm to come to him as he was still the father of her child.  Jean-Claude passed on Tony Romaro’s number to Eva and she arranged to meet him at the old abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town later that night.  She told Chong she was going food shopping.

Eva liked Tony instantly.  He seemed to Eva to be a big friendly giant but could imagine that under the right circumstances he could be very dangerous.  She told Tony all about Chong and how she wanted him gone but did not want any harm to come to him.  So they decided that they would frame Chong for a crime and he would be arrested and go to jail for a long time.  Eva paid Tony $20,000 and said she would wait to hear from him.

When Eva arrived home later that evening she had no idea that Ivy had passed away in her sleep.  She was 112 years old, the longest living Shenston so far.  She met her end with dignity and clarity and welcomed her transition to the afterlife.

The family were left devastated by Ivy’s death but they also knew they had to move on as Ivy had been ready to go for a long time.  Chong as usual showed no sorrow and gave no comfort to his wife for her loss.  Whenever she cried, Chong would look at her in disgust and tell her how pathetic she was.

Chong disappearing could not come quick enough for Eva.  When Eva had spoken to Jean-Claude and told him the plan and about her mother passing, he jumped on the first flight to Sunset Valley.  Even though he could not come and see Eva out of fear of Chong, Eva and Jean-Claude tried to meet up as often as possible at the beach below her house away from prying eyes.  They longed for the day they could finally be together.

Then it finally happened.  One day Eva and Anna were sitting watching the news together when they heard that the bank in Sunset Valley had been robbed and police believed a Chinese man was responsible as they had found incriminating evidence.  Eva knew that this had been Tony’s attempt to frame Chong, and not knowing what would happen next terrified her.

It took less than 12 hours for the police to come knocking on the door.  Kai was thankfully at school and Anna was out fishing.  Eva saw the police car pull up and decided to stay inside terrified that the police knew what she had done and were coming for her.

But the police man did not come to the front door.  He went round to the back of the house where Chong was practising and said to him: “Chong Shenston, you are under arrest for the robbery of Sunset Valley bank.”

Chong swung around in shock.  But before he could protest his innocence and police officer continued.  “There is no point saying anything but what you do say will be taken down and used against you in the court of law.  We have finger prints that place you at the scene of the crime with a rip of fabric caught on the door that matches your DNA.  It’s no good, Mr Shenston, i have to take you down town.”

All Eva could do was watch as Chong was led away in the police car and for the first time in years, she felt free.  Chong was found guilty and immediately deported back to China to serve out his sentence of 15years in a Chinese prison.  Kai never once asked after his father, he appeared just as relieved as his mother.  Eva never knew how Tony had framed Chong so well and in a way she did not want to know, Chong was gone now and that was all that mattered.

That night Jean-Claude moved in and he and Eva lay in each other’s arms looking at each other all night long not believing that they had finally done it.  They could now be together!




19 responses

8 12 2009

Wow, I’m glad Chong is gone. I didn’t like him at all.
And how did you get the police to come and get Chong?
I want to try it out. 🙂

8 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

a ha Courtney. I just invited the police over and the rest unfolded on its own.

SPOILER: he did not actually leave with the cop, it just looked like that in the image, i just moved him out 😛 xx

8 12 2009

he is gone!!!
did you divorce before though?

8 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

I sure did x

8 12 2009

I’m so glad that Chong is gone! And I hope that he will never come back again.

8 12 2009

good cos If you forgot *shudders* it would be bad…

8 12 2009

Hooray for Eva!! That’s not what I had in mind for Chong, lol, but it’ll work just as well 🙂

8 12 2009
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

Finally gone, Chong. I have to say it was in very creative way by Eva. If it had been in the real world her action might had been a little unethical, but hey, it makes a great story. 🙂

8 12 2009

That was great! I’m so glad Jean-Claude is back in the story…

9 12 2009

Love your story! I’m interested to see what the little french baby will look like….

p.s. i know that Chong cried secretly over Ivy’s death!

9 12 2009
Lilly - Baucom Legacy

I thought she would end up marrying him first! And then there was Chong… eeehhhh….

9 12 2009

15 years? I wonder if he’ll find his way back after that… good chapter, I hope Kai doesn’t have to live under his father’s shadow now.

9 12 2009

Ok, so I didn’t care for Chong…but I’m not too sure that Jean-Claude is any better. Doesn’t it seem odd that this man would be so willing to frame another just to get the girl. Jean-Claude is a little too plastic. Eva doesn’t seem to have good luck with the men.

And the legacy is in trouble if she doesn’t have a girl, right?

9 12 2009

wow i love this chapter and will every chapter lol

9 12 2009
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

By the way, I like the pic of Kai, playing around infront of the mirror. In that pose he’s really cute!

9 12 2009

*sighs* I was hoping for flames but I agree with hrootbeer about Jean-Claude he dosen’t seem right. Is he a criminal?

9 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Whats all this not trusting poor Jean-Claude??! The reason he did not mind framing Chong was not only cause he wanted the girl, but that also he hated him for being violent towards Eva – he wanted to save her. He’s a good guy…x

10 12 2009

I suppose I have a cynical outlook or I’m just looking to create drama where there isn’t any. Someone had to save poor Eva from Chong. No one likes an abuser.

11 02 2011

Way to go Tony!!!!! Eva is FREE!!!! Good for Jean-Claude too!!!! Kai is FREE too!!!!! Yay!!!!!

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