Chapter 8.3 – Trapped

6 12 2009

Now Eva had produced a son for Chong, Chong wasted no time in proposing to Eva.  “I wanted to see if you would bore me a son before i did this,” he said taking out an old Chinese diamond ring.  “But now you have given me what a man should have i can given you what a woman wants.”  It was not the proposal Eva was exactly after, but she loved Chong and was desperate to get married.

In honour of Chong’s Chinese heritage they planned a Chinese inspired wedding.  Eva was a little a disappointed as she had always dreamt of getting married in a big white dress, but the white gown Chong had bought with him (it was apparently his mothers) was still beautiful and Eva promised to wear it with pride.

Friends and family came to the wedding, but all were Eva’s as Chong had no family as his parents had died when he was just a boy.  He made one rule when it came to the invitations, Eva was not allowed to invite any male friends.  He said it was the custom in China but Eva knew it was because Chong was really jealous. 

After they had exchanged rings Eva was so proud she was finally a married lady and could not help starring at her ring.  Whereas Chong’s only thoughts were when the party would be over so he could get back to his training!

After the ceremony things went back to normal.  Eva took on all the childcare duties for Kai.  Chong was insistent that the home and the family was the woman’s job and his, as a man, was to provide for the family.  Eva was not to sure about this though as Chong did not have a job and spent all his time in his academy practising martial arts.  He told her one day he would go back to China and win a tournament but Eva could not help but think it was just a pipe dream for Chong.

Therefore it was left to Eva to teach Kai to walk, talk and go to the potty.  Ivy helped out too but she was very busy working, still trying to reach her lifelong goal of becoming a five-star chef.

Eva and Chong had a very volatile relationship.  One minute they were fighting like cats and dogs and the next minute they were all over each other, Eva could never resist Chong’s strong commanding ways.  Eva’s main complaint with Chong was that he never spent much time with Kai.  Fed up with  Eva’s nagging Chong decided to show his son what it was like to perform martial arts.  Eva was just pleased that Chong was finally showing some interest in his son.

But while cleaning up in the kitchen Eva could suddenly hear Kai screaming from the back garden.  She raced outside to find Chong fully engrossed in his practise and Kai neglected on the floor crying his eyes out!

Eva scooped up her son and yelled at Chong: “Whats wrong with you, couldn’t you hear him screaming?”

“Dont raise your voice to me woman,” Chong retaliated.  “You pander to the boy far too much and  you are making him soft.  When i was a child my father left me in a bucket of cold water for a week and i never made a fuss.  Kai needs to learn how to be a man the hard way.”

“He’s only a toddler Chong.  He does not need to know how to be a man yet.”  Eva stormed off into the house with Chong in toe.  She put Kai in his crib and carried on ranting at Chong.  “And another thing, ever since we got married all you care about is training, me and Kai come second.  You and i have not even been on a honeymoon!”

“Fine,” Chong replied. “If it means that much to you, let’s go away on holiday.  You have three days of my time and we will go anywhere you want.  Just book it.”  Eva knew exactly where she wanted to go.  She remembered Jean-Claude, who she had met in China, taking about a gorgeous little town in France called Champs Les Sims, on the outskirts of Paris.  Eva booked tickets the next day.

When they arrived in Champs Les Sims, it was as beautiful, quaint and romantic as she remembered hearing.  In the distance Eva could even see the Eiffel Tower.

 For the first day Chong was like his old self.  Eva and him walked through the village square hand in hand.  They visited the Nector Farm and the Art Gallery, though Chong insisted on only looking at the Chinese sculptures.


But when they went and visited the  French Simhenge, a celtic setting with a tomb, Chong suddenly reverted back to his serious face and told Eva he had to meditate.   Eva slopped off on her own and went to explored the rest of the town by herself.  She should have known it wouldn’t have lasted. 

She trundled around the rest of the town but the romanticism had seemed to of worn off and she found herself feeling very lonely.  Even eating the best Crepes she had ever tasted did not seem to fill her loneliness.

Eva decided to go back to base camp and pack as their holiday was nearly over and they were leaving the next day.  On her way home she spotted familiar golden hair walking across in the square, it was Jean-Claude.  Without even realising it she found her self calling out his name.

Jean-Claude was just as surprise to see Eva.  “What you are doing here,” he asked in his sexy thick French accent.  Eva told him everything.  How she had met and married Chong in China after getting pregnant by him and how they had come to Champs Les Sims to save their marriage but he had almost completely ignored her most of the time.  Telling Jean-Claude felt like a weight off her shoulders.  He was so easy to talk it, it was like they had known each other forever.

Jean-Claude listened to everything Eva had to say.  “I think you deserve better,” he told Eva once she had finished.  “You are beautiful and you deserve to be treated like a princess.”  Eva burst into tears, she had not had a man be so nice to her in so long.  Jean-Claude held her and told her everything would be ok.

Overcome with emotion and lust Eva leant forward and kissed Jean-Claude. 

“Im sorry,” Eva whispered embarrassed by her forwardness.  “Dont be sorry,” Jean-Claude replied staring and Eva and giving her a cheeky smile.  Little did they know that Chong was standing right behind them and had seen the whole thing!

Chong stormed over and split Eva and Jean-Claude apart shouting, “Get your hands off her.”

Eva had never seen such rage in Chong’s eyes and before she knew it the two men were fighting on the ground.  She ran off screaming for help but there was no one around in this sleepy town.

The fight seemed to go on forever, with Eva screaming for them to stop.  But Chong was too highly trained and too powerful for Jean-Claude and soon Jean-Claude was unconscious on the floor.  Eva tried to run over to help him but Chong blocked her path and demanded to know what was going on.

“Im sorry,” Eva cried feeling like she had been saying that word too often recently.  “But you weren’t here and Jean-Claude was.  If things were better between us i would never have kissed him, but you are never around.  You never show me any attention.  I was lonely.”

“So its my fault my wife’s a slut,” Chong spat back.  “Dont blame this on me Eva.  When we get home things are going to be different.  No more doing what you want as it seems you can’t be trusted.”  With that Chong pulled out his phone and called for cab to take them to the airport.  As he did Eva starred at Jean-Claude lying on the ground pleading with him in her mind for him to stand up and save her.  But he didnt and Eva had no choice but to return home with her husband.

When they arrived home, Ivy was at work and Anna was at a local farmers market.  Chong instantly dismissed the babysitter and turned to Eva.  “Dont you ever humiliate me like that again,” he shouted in her face.  “You ever disobey me and you will never see Kai again.”

“You can never take Kai from me,” Eva shouted back.  She saw Chong’s face go red and his lips curl up and all of a sudden Chong reached out and slapped Eva hard across the face.

Eva could not believe Chong had just slapped her.  Full of rage she jumped on Chong and started hitting, biting and kicking him.  But Eva knew she would never win a physical fight against her husband, he was too strong and soon she was left lying on the floor bruised and bleeding.  Chong walked across her saying: “I hope that was worth it as you will now have nothing more to do with your son.  He will only answer to me from now on.”

So this was how it was now.  Chong made sure Kai was with him all the time and all Eva could do was look on from afar and try to work out how she was going to get out of this trap and get this horrible man out of their lives!




20 responses

6 12 2009

I knew Chong was going to be trouble. Poor Eva and poor little Kai!

6 12 2009
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

Oh, no. Well, I had my suspiscions too, but I could never think of all that. Poor Eva and Kai. But Eva is a strong woman. She will find I a way out.

6 12 2009

There’s no way a Shenston heiress will stand for this.

6 12 2009

Omigosh. Chong is horrible, and Jean Claude is HOT! She should totally leave Chong for Jean Claude…

6 12 2009

I agree with you Carla. Eva should divorce Chong right away!

6 12 2009

wow, i hope she either divorces him or he dies horribly in a fire.

I am hoping for the fire part.

6 12 2009
Lilly - Baucom Legacy

Oh my gosh, that is horrible. I REALLY hope that he doesn’t take Kai away from her! Chong is so mean he might end up abusing his own child later, probably!

6 12 2009

I love all the drama in your legacy.
This legacy is like an addictive tv series. Every week I look forward to a new episode of house, desperate housewives and the shenston legacy xD

6 12 2009

It’s probably horrible for me to love the drama in Eva’s life. Who knew that a trip to China would result in spousal abuse. Poor Eva. I have a feeling this won’t end well.

6 12 2009

Oh no!! Poor Eva and little Kai- I hope they get out of this mess!

7 12 2009

Haha I agree with Kori… That’s funny!

7 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

lol, you guys!! Dont worry, as Fakririjekt said, there is no way a Shenston heiress will stand for this! x

7 12 2009

He doesn’t seem the type to agree to a divorce..maybe she should poison him since he makes her cook all of the food? No one deserves to be treated and abused like that 😦

8 12 2009

Yeah, i was looking forward to an update, too–I check every day! 🙂 I was afraid something like that would happen. Jean Claude FTW!!!

8 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Im so glad you check in everyday. The updates are only going to be 2-3 times a week at the moment as i am travelling lots in my job and we also have Xmas coming up. My i have added a subcription button on my page so just add yourself and you will be emailed when i update. Thanks for your support x

8 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Dont worry Nessva. Chong will get his comeuppance x

8 12 2009

I knew he was trouble, from the moment he apeared in the story. I really hope that Jean-Claudde will be the one Eva will end up with. Chong’s being really horrible. Poor Eva and poor Kai.

19 04 2010

Chong is mean! But Eva shouldn’t have cheated in the first place and blamed him for her cheating on him.. mixed feelings here lol

11 02 2011

OMG!!!! Change is SOOOOO mean!!!!

11 02 2011

Sorry… Chong. *sheepish smile*

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