Chapter 8.2 – China

5 12 2009

It took Ivy and Eva over 24 hours to travel to Shang Simla, but the journey had been worth it.  Shang Simla was a mixture of unspoilt wilderness and cultural wonderness with a peaceful community, isolated in the mountains of China.

Near to Base Camp they found a notice board filled with information and adventures in Shang Simla.  Ivy discovered that Shang Simla was founded by a group of monks long ago, with its residents proud of their discipline and mental clarity. They encourage tourists to spend time here peacefully and respectfully. Ivy and Eva  both knew this was just the place they needed to get over Jackson.

To start with the two ladies decided to head straight to the Scholar’s Garden, which they had heard grants all sims an enhanced mood thanks to its meditative silence.  Here they roasted marshmallows at a fire pit and reminisced about Jackson.

They also played lots of games of chess as they knew how much chess had meant to him.

Once their moodlets had increased they decided on a spot of sight seeing.  They headed to the Temple of Heaven and climbed the 625 steps to the top.  From here they could see the whole of Shang Simla and it was breathtaking.  They both felt closer to Jackson here and knew he was somewhere up in Heaven looking down on them.

Ivy loved taking in the markets.  She shopped broken relics and bought herself two new cookbooks for Eggrolls and StirFry.

She also loved to sample the local cuisine and tried every dish on the menu.

Eva meanwhile liked to explore the town on her own.  It seemed in China they preferred to ride their bicycles everywhere and Eva relished in this.

One evening when Ivy had gone to bed early, Eva decided to check the towns markets out on her own.  Everything was closed for the night but Eva did not mind as she just loved hanging out soaking up the colour and meeting all the people.  It was getting late and just as she was about to head home she noticed someone walking towards her.  He had golden hair which was very out-of-place in China.  As he walked past her, Eva found herself shouting: “Hey you there,” before he stopped and turned around.

His name was Jean-Claude and he was a French photographer visiting China for a new project.  The two chatted for hours until Jean-Claude had to leave as he had a flight to catch home.  Eva was sad that he had to leave so soon but something inside told her they would meet again one day.

The next day Eva left her mother at Resolute Fist Retreat for some much-needed pampering and decided to check out the Phoenix Martial Arts Academy.  She had got the number for a local martial arts practitioner from the notice board and had called him up earlier that day to book a lesson. 

Her teachers name was Chong Lun.  He told Eva that Chong meant “all-powerful” in Chinese.  Eva could certainly see that in Chong.  He was very commanding and seemed to take his martial arts with such discipline and passion, something Eva had never seen in a man before. 

After their lesson, Eva stayed behind and chatted to Chong.  She found out all about his background and growing up in Shang Simla.  How he had taught himself the art of combat and that he was disciplined, athletic but unfortunately did not have much of a sense of humor.

When he looked at Eva he seemed to be looking straight into her soul, Eva had never been so overcome with passion before.  And it seemed Chong felt the same way as he grabbed hold of Eva and kissed her hard telling her over and over again how much he wanted her.

Without even knowing what was happening, Eva found herself back at Chong’s and in his bed. To say there were fireworks was an understatement.  Like at the Academy, Chong took charge in the bedroom and Eva had never felt so amazing in all her life.

The next day it was time for Ivy and Eva to go home. Eva did not know if she would ever see Chong again, but she did not mind.  She liked to think of Chong as the best holiday romance ever.  Back at home things soon got back to normal.  Eva went back to work and was promoted to Yes-Woman.

Eva loved her job and wished for her next promotion.  But unfortunately in Sim world things do not always go to plan. Two months after they had got back from Shang Simla, Eva fell ill.  She first put it down to something she had eaten but when the sickness had not gone away after two weeks her doctor confirmed that she was in fact pregnant!  Breaking the news to her mother was the hardest thing Eva ever had to do.  Ivy was shocked but happy shocked.

She told Ivy that this was just what the family needed after losing Jackson and promised her daughter she would be there for her every step of the way.

Then Ivy asked the question Eva had been dreading – who’s the father.  Eva told her mother all about Chong and even though Ivy was disappointed that Eva had jumped into bed with someone she had hardly known, she did insist that Eva phone Chong and tell him about the baby as he had a right to know.  Eva knew her mother was right and made the hard phone call to Chong to break the news.  Chong took it quite well considering and told Eva that he would come at once.  Due to not having much money he would have to take a boat over so may not reach her for a couple of months, but Eva did not mind.  She was just pleased she would not be doing this on her own.

The next couple of months flew by and Eva got bigger and bigger every day.  One day there was a knock on the door, Chong had finally arrived and Eva had never been so pleased to see anyone in all her life.  They fell into each others arms and Chong promised Eva he would take care of her and the baby no matter what.

Chong soon made himself at home in the Shenston household.  He built himself a small martial arts area in the garden and spent his days practising his skills on test dummy’s and break boards.

He also spent hours meditating.  He told Eva that through spiritual meditation you find your inner balance and reach such a state of tranquility that you can dispel your worries.  Eva was not to sure about all of this but was happy that Chong could practise his passions here with her just as much as if he were in Shang Simla.

Eva meanwhile spend most of her time practising her speech for world peace.  She hated not being able to work and knew if her skills were strong enough, she would not have missed much when she got back to work.

Eva went into labor on a Tuesday afternoon at 3pm.  Chong had wanted her to have a home birth as that is how it is done in China, but being her first baby, Eva insisted on going to the hospital.

I am proud to announce that Eva had a healthy baby boy weighing in at 6lbs9oz.  Chong named the baby Kai which in Chinese means “victorious”. Kai looked a real mixture of both his parents.  He had his mum’s big beautiful eyes and his dads dark hair and high cheeks bones.  In Eva’s head he was perfect.  In Chong’s head, he was a warrior!




20 responses

5 12 2009

wow his cheeks are thin….

5 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

i know really thin and really high cheek bones just like his dad. Not sure if old Kai is going to be as pretty as his anchestors….

5 12 2009

Yeah, probably not. ;~; *fears for the girls*

5 12 2009

Hooray for the first Chinese legacy mate I’ve seen! I’m sure the girls will be lovely.

5 12 2009
Lilly - Baucom Legacy

I love the name Kai! I use to know someone with that name. And yeah, his cheeks are really thin, but lets hope he will be handsome later on! =)

5 12 2009

Good updates! I wonder if the Friench photographer will return at some point . . .

5 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

yes i wonder too hmmmm……

5 12 2009

wow, i’m seeing the bad genitics creeping into the family gene pool

5 12 2009

Ignore the ugly comments about Kai, he’s a cutie. I love how you’ve brought in some mixed-culture drama. The expansion pack looks really good! 🙂

5 12 2009

i bet kai’ll grow into those cheekbones….. no need to worry. i love how ur adding in some mixing into the family….perhaps eva will have one child of each culture (lol)

6 12 2009

What’s wrong with high cheekbones? I think they make him look dignified 🙂
And for some reason, I’m not liking the way you put ‘warrior’ about Kai in Chong’s mind. Do I smell a mean daddy that’ll make his kid train 24/7?

6 12 2009

I like the holiday romance, very nice touch. I can’t wait to see how Kai turns out 😀

6 12 2009

zenna, high cheekbones do tend to look dignified. A thin face, however, looks like a skeleton. XD

6 12 2009

True, Fakririjekt, he does look like he’s making the fishy face (where you suck in your cheeks and make your lips fish-like. You get the point).

6 12 2009

He actually looks really cute. I have high cheekbones, so I love babies that have high cheekbones. I’ll have to try breeding with all people from the new locations. 🙂

6 12 2009
polly75 - The Sander Legacy Blog

Great to see these pics from China. And it was so sweet that mother and daughter went together.
About Kai, hopefully he’ll grow into those cheekbones. Sorry to say, but he looks kind of freakish, but I think it’s mostly because toddlers usually have round faces. It just doesn’t look right… but it might be fine when he gets older.

6 12 2009

More, please! My laptop won’t play the Sims 3, and it HURTS.

Also, I’m really enjoying the way you’re telling this story. And quads? Seriously? WANT.

7 12 2009

I LOVE the holiday romance. I fear that Chong isn’t the right man for her and might take training Kai a little too seriously. French photographer, where are you sir?

I think Kai is a lil cutie 🙂

8 12 2009

Love their trip to China, Sarah! I also like the French photographer, it would be cool if Eva met him again. As for Kai, he’s cute in his own way! Just like Chong:) Off to read the next chapters, I missed quite a lot:)

11 02 2011

OMG!!! Kai is so adorable!!! Chong was so nice to Eva when he came to her house and left his Chinese home. Though I’m not very fond of his hair…

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