7th Generation Family Overview

3 12 2009

Ivy Adult2Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Traits:Excitable, Neurotic, Workaholic, Natural Cook, Charismatic
Lifetime Wish: Five Star Chef

Ivy Toddler  Ivy Kid 
Ivy Teen  Ivy Yound Adult    



Ivy was born a twin, but automatically became heir to the Shenston Legacy when her twin sister died as a teenager.  She is excitable, neurotic, a workaholic and a natural cook. When she became an adult she realised her lifetime wish would be to become a celebrated 5 star chef.  She married Jackson who was one of her work colleagues at the Diner and they had quadruplets together. 

Jackson Elder2

Gender: Male
Age: Elder
Traits:Ambitious, Lucky, Computer Whiz, Genius, Great sense of humour
Lifetime Wish: Chess Legend 

Jackson Adult 





Jackson moved to Sunset Valley when he was already a full adult.  He was worked at the local diner in town to make ends meat while he tried to become a chess legend.  Being a perfectionist, he was very good at his job and this was where he met his future wife Ivy.  After a rocky start they eventually fell in love, got married and now have quatruplet daughters!

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Traits: Good, Loves the outdoors, Vegetarian, Green thumb, Technophobe
Lifetime Wish: Grow the perfect Garden

Anna Toddler Anna Kid


Anna was the first-born out of the quads.  She is good, a vegetarian, a technophobe, has a green thumb and a love for the outdoors.  She spends all her time on her own out in her garden determined to fulfill her lifetime wish of growing the perfect garden.

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Traits: Easily Impressed, Good sense of humor, ambitious, party animal, Adventurer
Lifetime Wish: Star News Anchor 

 Ava Toddler Ava Kid


Ava is easily impressed, ambitious has a great sense of humor and a party animal.  When she became a young adult she developed the adventurer trait and decdided that before she settled down into a big career she needed to spread her wings and travel the world.

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Traits: Evil, Lucky, Mooch, Flirty, snob
Lifetime Wish: Gold Digger

Emma Toddler Emma Kid


Emma was born evil and lucky and became a mooch and then a flirt when she grew up.  She loves to flirt so much that at school she was very unpopular as girls were threatened by her and boys found her a tease.  After growing up she struggled to know what she wanted to do with her life.  She knew working was beneath her and that she never wanted to fall in love, so decided to become a Gold Digger and find a rich older man to keep her in the lifestyle she thinks she deserves.

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Traits: Brave, Genius, workaholic, schmoozer, hopeless romantic
Lifetime Wish: Leader of the Free World   

Eva Toddler  Eva Kid


Eva was the last born of quadruplets and a complete surprise to her parents as they were expecting triplets!  She was born brave and a genius and became a workaholic and a schmoozer when she grew up.  She is determined to save the world and realised her lifelong wish to become Leader of the Free world when she first visited City Hall.  But will being a Hopeless Romantic get in the way of fulfilling her dream….?




5 responses

4 12 2009

I love the way that after each generation you do a family overview, Sarah! Also we’re annoucing the winner tomorrow (since people failed to show up).

4 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Thanks Kama. I like to show people the development over the generation. Puts it all in perspective x

4 01 2010

*sigh* Anna was my favorite…

29 01 2011

Do you know where Eva’s hair came from? I really, really like it.

5 02 2011

They are sooo gorgeous

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