Chapter 7.10 – Quick Update

26 11 2009

DEAR ALL:  Sorry about this chapter being very short.  But my game is still not working properly and keeps crashing after about 20mins.  Also, i will be away for a week tomorrow so the next update will be next Friday.  All the best and have a great week x

Now Ivy was nearing her elder years she decided it was time to break the news to her daughter who would be the heir to the family legacy.  Just before she announced her decision it was the girls birthdays.  They decided not to celebrate or even have a party as none of them were really getting on with each other.  First to age up was Anna.

As she grew up she developed the technophobe  trait.  She had already realised her lifelong wish to have the perfect garden and so headed off into town for her makeover.  She bought a very suitable outfit for her gardening and decided against shoes as the store did not have any vegetarian ones.

Next up was Ava…..

As she grew she developed the adventurous trait and instantly realised her lifelong wish to become a Star News Anchor.  Even though she wanted a career she knew she wanted to also explore the world so set about finding out where she wanted to go.

Next was Emma’s turn to celebrate her birthday and age up. 

Emma developed the snob trait.  She knew she had to pick a lifelong wish but did not know what she wanted to do with her life.  One thing she knew was that she did not want a job.  And with her heart being broken by Laurie, she also knew she never wanted to fall in love again.  Then it came to her – she would be a gold digger.  Her goal would be to marry an old rich man and inherit his fortune!  Perfect, she thought.

Last but not least it was Eva’s turn.  She was protesting outside the town hall when her time came so she had to age up there and then….

As she grew she developed the hopeless romantic trait and realised her lifelong wish to become Leader of the Free World.

Eva marched straight into the town hall and managed to negotiate herself a job as a podium polisher.  It was not exactly what she wanted to do, but she knew if she was going to lead the free world, it was a good place to start.

Back at home Ivy had called all her daughters to gather around her to announce her decision for legacy heir.  Ivy was so nervous as she did not want to upset any of her daughters but she knew the rule – only one daughter could lead and she knew just the person for the job.

When Ivy announced the heir was to be Eva all the girls gasped.  Eva was thrilled to bits – she was desperate to be the head of the 8th generation.  She ran over and hugged her mother thanking her over and over again and promising not to let her down.

Ava and Anna were delighted for their sister.  Anna had never wanted the responsibility of the legacy as all she wanted to do was be in her garden.  And Ava too had hoped the burden would not fall on her.  She was an adventurer and wanted to spread her wings and go and explore the world.  Unfortunately for Emma, she had been desperate for the legacy.  She was convinced she would have been the best person for the job and had no idea why her mother had chosen “miss goody-two-shoes”, Eva and not her!  She charged over to her mother and told her exactly what she thought (sorry i can not repeat it here – it was far too rude).

Ivy pulled her daughter off to the side and told her to stop behaving like such a brat and that her decision was final.  “Well i can make my own legacy,” Emma screamed at her mother and sisters before storming off into the study.  She sat herself down at the computer and bought up a web page called and made a profile for herself.  I’ll show them, she thought.  I will get myself a husband before any of them and become richer than Eva ever could be!

Being freed from the burden of the legacy Ava decided that now was as good as time as any to spread those wings of hers. So she packed up her backpack and bid a farewell to her family promising she would send them a postcard from which ever far off land she found herself in.

Anna meanwhile retreated to her garden.  She did not know what she wanted to do with her life but she hoped she could live in the family house as long as Eva would let her as this was where her garden was and she did not want to leave it. 

Now the family legacy had been passed over, Ivy was free to age into an elder.  Her bones were hurting more and more but she still had her lifetime wish to achieve so could not retire yet.  She knew it would not be long before she would become a 5 Star Chef, so she and Jackson planned that the minute she could retire, they too would follow in Ava’s footsteps and also travel the world.

Stay tuned for the 8th Generation of the Shenston Legacy ……..




14 responses

26 11 2009

I can’t wait for the 8th generation!

And Ivy looks beautiful as an elder.

26 11 2009
Lilly - Baucom Legacy

I love Emma’s reaction with the thing, that was funny. I’m glad Eva won it was kind of obvious she would since she was the different one as a toddler.

26 11 2009

Great chapter, hard to believe it’s time for the 8th generation already! The rationalization for the girls was, as always, brilliant. I hope you work your game problems out… I’d hate to see the legacy become a chore to play as I really enjoy reading it. (Also, I simply adore your legacy house.. could you perhaps upload some pictures of it’s layout on the site?)

27 11 2009

The girls are all so prettyyyyy. And I think that’s the most attractive Elder I’ve seen.

I’m sorry your game isn’t working. I really hate when that happens.

27 11 2009

Hey! I just got caught up with your blog–I read 3 generations worth over two nights! 🙂 LOVED all of it!!! You have such great stories and drama!!! Looking forward to more!!!

27 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Arr thank you so much SuziCat. I try to make each chapter a little intresting. Hope you keep reading x

27 11 2009

Love this update! And I love the reactions of the other girls – especially Emma’s! Looking forward to 8th generation and by the way you should continue to at least generation 20! I just love your legacy, Sarah:)

27 11 2009

Don’t worry this was to short. It was a great update. It’s allways exciting to watch sims growing up. And I really like how everyone turned out, and that everyone have their own personalities and therefore reactions!

27 11 2009

Omigosh they are all sooooo pretty!!! I love how all your sims end up really good looking…

27 11 2009

Im so excited for the 8th generation! I love your stories!

29 11 2009

I know that youre going to use world adventure arent you!

3 12 2009

Very cute!
Hope you get all your game issues squared away soon!

3 12 2009

hope game siots itself out 🙂 Oh, I wondered if you could look at new chapters for Battre legacy and tell me what you think. go to and tell me what you think.

11 02 2011

I am glad that Eva became the heir… She was always the nicest of the girls though for some reason I liked Emma too… Oh well, good choice!! 🙂

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