Chapter 7.9 – Squabbling Daughters

23 11 2009

When Anna got home from the police station, her father was waiting for her.  But she pushed him out of the way and stormed inside straight to her sister, Eva.  “How could you not tell me protesting after dark was illegal,” she shrieked?  “You left me all on my own and I just got arrested.  I will have a criminal record for the rest of my life thanks to you!”

“I’m sorry,” Eva replied quite taken aback.  “I did not realise you would get arrested, I thought it was just some stupid law that was never adhered too.”

“Well apparently they take breaking the law seriously in Sunset Valley and you should have warned me. I will never trust you again,” Anna replied.  “Can’t everyone to leave me alone!?”  Anna ran outside with tears in her eyes.  She started ripping the weeds from her garden knowing that this was where she belonged.  

Meanwhile, the love square between Ava, Emma, Lorrie and Mr. Lawrence was still going on.  Ava was so infatuated with Mr. Lawrence she could not wait much longer to make her move.  So she decided to throw a party at the beach and invited him along.  And he actually turned up!

It was not long before he headed over to Ava and asked her to dance.  Ava had never been so happy, and even though the music was upbeat and they never actually touched each other.  Just being so close to Mr Lawrence made Ava’s knees week.  This was until Lorrie turned up!  One look at Ava dancing with Mr Lawrence was enough to make him freak out!

When Ava and Mr Lawrence spun round all they could see was Lorrie charging towards them.

“I told you stay away from her,” Lorrie screamed into Mr. Lawrence’s face.

“How dare you,” Mr Lawrence responded.  “Ava and I are doing nothing wrong, now step down Lorrie and calm down.  I will not be spoken to like this.”

Ava was furious.  How dare Laurie interrupt her and Mr Lawrence like this.  He knew how long she had been waiting to be this close to him.  “What the hell do you think you’re doing Laurie,” she exploded?  “You have no right to be upset.  What’s your problem?”

“He is my problem,” Laurie hissed pointing at Mr Lawrence.  “He is your teacher, he is much older than you and he is dancing around with you half naked.  It’s not right, he should be reported.”

“Don’t be a loser Laurie.  Me and Mr Lawrence are just dancing together.  What’s gotton into you?” 

“Nothing, what’s wrong with you?  Why would you want to be with such an old man like him?  I can’t stand by and just let this happen.”  With that Laurie ran off.  Ava was shocked, where had this outburst come from? “Ignore him,” she said to Mr Lawrence.  “He is so immature.”

But little did they know that Ava’s sister, Emma had witnessed the whole messy scene.  She had tried to run after Laurie but could not catch him up.  The next day Laurie left Sunset Valley to live with an aunt in SimCity, he did not even say goodbye.

A couple of days later Ava had a phone call from Mr Lawrence, he asked her to meet him at the diner ASAP.  When she got there Mr Lawrence was sitting outside with his head in his hands.  “I’m out,” he said.  “I have been sacked for conducting an indecent relationship with a pupil – you Ava!”

Ava was shocked.  “Laurie,” she said shaking her head.  “I’m going to kill him!”

“NO”, Mr Lawrence whispered.  “It was not Laurie; it was your sister that reported it – Emma!”  Ava felt like she was going to faint.  How could Emma do this to her?  “I’m so sorry,” she pleaded.  “I will speak to her and get her to take back her story.”

“It’s too late,” Mr Lawrence replied.  “My reputation has been tarnished forever.  I have taken a job private tutoring a family in Riverside and I am leaving today.  

Ava was livid. She marched off to the playground at the school and found Emma hanging out on the slide looking very pleased with herself.

“Get down here right now Emma Shenston,” she called out to her sister.  Emma looked at Ava knowing what was coming.  She slid down and looked her sister straight in the eye.  “How could you,” Ava screamed?  “How could you make up something like that you evil bitch?”

“You deserved it,” Emma replied. “You ran Laurie away.  I loved him!  I love him still and you took him from me.  He was in love with you did you know that?  But you drove him out of town and I wanted you to feel the pain of loosing who you love like I did.”

“You stupid girl, do you not know what you have done.  Mr Lawrence has lost his job and he will never be able to teach again!”

“Good,” Emma retaliated.  “He was a crap teacher anyway.” Ava felt her blood boiling and without being able to control herself she reached out and slapped her sister hard across the face!

Emma stood up straight, though a little dizzy, and jumped her sister.  The two girls rolled around for a while on the ground punching, kicking and biting each other until Ava could not take her sister’s strength and eventually gave up.

Rhona meanwhile was slowly getting her life back on track.  She had got herself a part time job at the book shop.

As well as a boyfriend.  He worked with her at the bookshop and his name was Karl Thompson.  Rhona was spending every day with Karl, after work and whatever free time they could get.

They took long walks on the beach together and Rhona told Karl all about her past.  After a month of dating Karl asked Rhona to move in with him.

Rhona jumped at the chance.  She was almost an adult and it was about time she moved out of Ivy’s home.  She packed up her things that day and Karl came to help her move.  It was an emotional farewell but Rhona loved her new cabin in the woods and knew that this was a fresh start for her.

Ivy was also doing well and had been promoted to Executive Chef at the Diner.

When she got promoted her boss gave her an assignment to review the Bistro across town and report back on why she thought they were doing so well.  Ivy did not think anyone would recognise her, but it seems some of the other customers found it funny that a chef from a rival restaurant was eating at the Bistro.

Ivy loved the food at the Bistro so much that instead of reporting back to her boss on what it was like, she went in and asked for a job.  She was hired on the spot!  Just in time too as she was almost an elder and needed to fulfil her lifetime wish of becoming a Five Star Chef quick!  She also needed to choose the heir to her legacy.  But which one out of her squabbling daughters should be the head of the 8th Generations.




10 responses

23 11 2009

Great update! I feel sorry for Anna but Eva is still my fav quad. I also loved the fight between them! Looking forward to the next update and I really hope that Eva will be the heiress/

24 11 2009
Lilly - Baucom Legacy

Love the update. But how did you get your game to work? I wouldn’t know all the bad things that happened as I have not installed the patch yet.

24 11 2009

I love Anna, for some odd reason, even though this is the only chapter even remotely related to her :B But I love Eva more.

24 11 2009

Love how Ivy just switched jobs like that! I wonder what ever happened to the quads playing so happily together as toddlers… Ivy has a big decision in front of her.

24 11 2009

Oh…Thrilling! I have to say I agree with Zenna. I care for Anna and want to see more of her! She a bit of a outsider in this family and that’s what makes her interesting.

24 11 2009

By the way, how did you solve your game problem issues at last? I’m curious since I’ve not been brave enough to update yet, but I’m thinking about it. The new patch has some new good features and eventually I’ll probably buy WA….

24 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Yes i love Anna too. I am closing voting for heir later today so make sure you get your votes in. At the moment Anna is well in the lead!

24 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

To be honest I have not really solved the problems. I have been working all weekend on it. I took out every mod and put them back in one by one, launching the game in between until it stopped again. Then I stopped putting the mods back in. Therefore I am running the game without most of my mods. It seems that furniture and skin tones do not work, but clothes and hair are fine.

The other problem I still have is that it will not save! I have tried what everyone has suggested e.g. to click SAVE AS, but it still crashes the game. Therefore I have lost all my recent gameplay. Its sooo frustrating and even though I can update my blog there is not much point as when I go to play I have to start all over again!

If I were any of you do not even think about updating any patches or adding WA until EA have sorted this problem out as it is a nightmare!

I will continue to persevere though and hopefully update again tomorrow with the heir announced and the quads grown into young adults

Thank you for all your support and lovely comments – I would have given up without them xxxx

24 11 2009

Great story line! I hope that Laurie comes back, or that Emma finds him (unless he really just disappeared from town? hate when that happens).

I voted for Anna, she’s so different from any heiress you’ve had so far. Quirky & cute is good.

So when Ivy switched places of employment, she started off at the same level? I didn’t know that was possible.

I sincerely hope you get your game all sorted out soon Sarah! 🙂

4 01 2010

I’ll miss Rhona:( She was so helpful regardless of her messed up past. I love Anna, but Eva is cool too. She looks a lot like Mia :)One photo, you see Mr. Lawrence and Eva dancing, look in the backround. poor laurie, he’s screaming his head off!! ()*_*() Bye!!!

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