Chapter 7.8 – Sisters

18 11 2009

Now the quads were in High School their social lives were starting to pick up.  Emma was still not very popular though. She could not understand it as she knew she looked good and spent every waking moment preening herself in the mirror.

Ava and Eva had lots of friends at school and Emma wondered what their secret was.  She complained to Eva all the time that no one liked her and even the boys just saw her as trash.

Eva felt sorry for her sister but did not have the heart to tell her it was because she was too in love with herself and flirted too much with the boys.  Eva was determined to save the world and knew that the best place to start was with her own sister.  “Why don’t you hang out with me and Ava after school tomorrow,” Eva suggested.  “I’m sure once people get to know you they will love you.”  Emma was delighted and knew Eva would help her to make friends.

The next day after school, Eva, Ava, Emma and their friends hung out at the school gates.  

Ava’s best friend was a boy called Laurie Bale.  They had been close since they were kids and got on so well as like Ava, Laurie was a party animal with a great sense of humour.  Laurie lived in a mansion across town with his grandfather as his parents had died when he was a boy.

Ava saw Laurie as the brother she never head, but secretly Laurie was harbouring very deep feelings for Ava.  In a nut shell he was in love with her but was far too much of a coward to say anything.

Emma was ecstatic that Laurie had turned up.  Even though she had known him, like Ava, all her life, Laurie had never shown any interest in getting to know Emma and just thought of her as a self-obsessed tease.  Emma meanwhile was madly in love with Laurie but she had always stood in the background while he had developed his feelings for her sister.  It was a real love triangle.  Laurie hated seeing Ava speaking to other guys and Emma hating seeing Laurie pinning after her sister who she knew would never be interested him in that way.

Emma was not a coward; she had no reservations about trying it on with Laurie.  But the problem was, Laurie was not interested in her and always pushed her away.

She would try to convince Laurie that he was wasting his time lusting after her sister Ava when he could have her, but Laurie would never admit his feelings for Ava leaving Emma so frustrated.

Whenever Laurie came over to the house, Emma would watch Laurie and Ava having fun together.  Being party animals they would always be dancing with Emma watching from afar wishing it was her dancing with Laurie.

Ava meanwhile had no idea of Laurie’s feeling for her.  She had also fallen in love, with her high-school English teacher, Mr. Lawrence.  He was everything she was looking for, tall, dark, handsome, mature and highly passionate – well about his job anyway.  At school she hung on his every word, and would always stay behind after class to talk to him.

Ava doted on Mr. Lawrence and put him high up on a peddle-stool.  When ever he spoke to her, her eyes always gazed over and she would imagine what it would be like to be married one day to such a man.  Of course Mr. Lawrence had no idea Ava had a teenage crush on him and just took her as a passionate pupil.  So the love triangle had turned into a love square!

Laurie knew about Ava’s crush on Mr. Lawrence and was so jealous, he hated seeing them together.

One evening he waited for Mr. Lawrence after school and warned him to stay away from Ava.  Mr. Lawrence never had any intentions towards Ava and tried to reassure his pupil this, but Laurie was so overcome with jealousy that he would not listen and threatened that he would tell the school that Mr. Lawrence and Ava were having an affair if he did not stay away from her.  What a mess!

Eva meanwhile was still set on saving the world.  One day she found herself at City Hall and went for a tour.  She was so inspired that she realised her lifelong wish would be to become the Leader of the Free World.

Eva practised her speech for world peace every night and protested for anything and everything down at the Town Hall whenever she could.

But part of being a politician was having a team of supporters behind her, and she knew just the recruit – her sister Anna.  Anna was the goody-two-shoes of the family.  She never put a foot wrong and was always helping her mum around the house with cleaning and making dinner for the family.

When she was not at school, she was outside tending to her garden that she had built herself from scratch.  It was still in its early stages of development but Anna was very proud of it.

Eva knew how to convince Anna to help her in her mission to save the world.  She gave Anna a speech on the cruelty inflicted on animals and if she did not stand up to what she believed in, then no one would.  

Anna fell for Eva’s speech hook, line and sinker.  She knew she could not stand by while people were cruel to animals and so agreed to protest with Eva until something was done about it.  Their idea was to march down to City Hall and play a song they had written about the corrupt government, until someone at City Hall took notice of them.

The girls were completely ignored and after a few hours Eva got bored and went home, leaving Anna to continue protesting on her own.  Unfortunately to Anna, Eva had forgotten to tell her that it was illegal to protest after dark in Sunset Valley and Anna was soon arrested.

Anna was devastated.  She had never been in trouble in her life and all she was doing was standing up for what she believed in.  Now she had a criminal record and she did not think she could ever forgive her sister for landing her is such trouble!




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18 11 2009

Cute chapter!!

18 11 2009

The quads are so cute, and Laurie’s devotion is just adorable. 😀

18 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Yes i love Laurie. I hope he finds happiness x

18 11 2009

Sarah, I know it’s hard but please try n fit 2 chapters in each update. I so love your legacy!! I mean just look at this chapter… reminds me of school days when everything was so easy n fun *sigh*
I absolutely love your legacy… You rock!

18 11 2009


You mean pedestal? Lol.

18 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Arr i would love to add two chapter per up-date, but it takes me so long to do just one, i would never have a life if i did two! But i am so pleased you enjoy the legacy ME. The chapter also reminds me of my school days when all you had to worry about was if the boy you fancied, fancied you back… lol xx

18 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

LOL Zenna96. I so had brain freeze when i wrote that. I knew Peddle stool was wrong but could not think of the right spelling. Thanks for clearing that up xxx

18 11 2009
Baucom Legacy

Poor Anna. I hope that it all works out though. And I hope that Laurie and Emma get together or Laurie and Ava. Eva is still awesome being all rounded. GAHHH now its even harder to choose who for heir! Lol.

20 11 2009

Ok, I know this is kinda random, but these two kind of look alike…

20 11 2009

20 11 2009

(Sorry, I was talking about Peaches and Candy Moore… There’s supposed to be a picture there comparing them…)

20 11 2009

Haha wowww! I love thiss. Poor Anna, and poor Laurie. I’d love to be like Eva. Not noticing the boys that liked you. It’d make life a lot simpler.

20 11 2009

Teenagers are just too much fun to write for! 😛 Anticipating what wild schemes the Shenston girls will come up with, great chapter.

20 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi Carla

Yes your right. Peaches has always been my favorite and when i created Candy, i modelled her on Peaches. Well spotted x

20 11 2009

good chapter! lol is it sad that I know one these people (I mean I know poeple exact;y like them in personality ) and the name is the same aswell!, they will rename anonymous but still the likeness is umcanny. wierd. Anyways chapter’s 2 + 3 pf battre legacy are up, enjoy!

20 11 2009

Awsome chapter! Love it:)

17 12 2010

hey sarah!! i have been reading your stories and i love them i think this is my favorite chapter out of all the rest it kind of reminds me of little women with the love triangle and the four sisters kind of act like them as well!!! i don’t know if you ever looked at like that very kool!!! Little Women is one of my favorites!!!

23 01 2011

awesome chapter!! the whole ava-laurie-teacher love triangle is very pretty little liars-esqe (dont know if you watch that show but its filled with tons of drama- quite like your legacy!) xoxo

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