Chapter 7.7 – Moving on

16 11 2009

Ivy visited her niece Rhona in hospital almost every day.  Diagnosis was that she was NOT insane – but was suffering from manic depression bought on by her mothers rejection.  Back home it was time for the quads birthday.  Ivy threw them a small but fun party in the back garden inviting friends and family.


Ivy’s nephew, Alfie came.  Do you remember him?  He was just a small boy when Gabriel and Candy had moved out. Well now he was a teenager and he had inherited his older brother Romeo’s bad dress sense!


First to blow her candles out was Anna, as she was the first-born out of the girls.


As she grew into a teenager she developed the green thumb trait.


As is the Shenston tradition, when a child becomes a teenager, they get a makeover for their birthday.  So Anna headed off into town and got her hair chopped.  She chose to go for comfort in her clothing as she planned to start a garden.  She also did not buy any makeup as she did not think there was any use for it.


Next up was Ava to blow out her candles.


She was having such a fun time at the party that when she grew up, she became a party animal. 


Then Ava was off into town for her makeover.  She went for a very different look to her sister, re-styling her long blond hair and adding a touch of makeup.


Next up was Emma. 


Emma was always so desperate for attention, that when she grew into a teenager her hormones took hold and she developed the flirty trait.


For her makeover, she went straight to the makeup counter and slapped on as much as she could.  It did not leave much money left for clothes, so she bought a cheap little mini dress and did her own hair.


Last but not least, it was Eva’s turn to blow out the candles. 


 It was almost dark by this time and most people had gone home. But Eva did not mind as she had spent all day making sure she chatted to every guest.  She loved getting to know everyone and being the hostess with the mostess.  Therefore as she grew she developed the schmoozer trait.


For her makeover she loved the outfit her sister Ava had bought, so went to the same store and bought it in another colour.  She spent the rest of her birthday money on a new hairstyle.


Now the quads were teenagers, their own different personalities were very prominent. Ava and Eva were the most similar.  They were the best of friends and would practise their conversational skills in the mirror together all the time.


Anna had no interest in conversation. She had discovered her love for all things green and eco-friendly and had already realised her life-long wish to have the perfect garden.  She would either be found with her head stuck in the latest gardening book or out in her new fenced garden area, planting seeds she had bought from the local market.



Emma was also quite different from her sisters.  She just had boys, boys, boys on her mind all the time.  She hung out after school chatting them up and was constantly trying to become the most popular at school. But in her mission to achieve this, she was becoming the least popular as none of the girls liked her.  Ava came up with an idea to help her sister with this – throw a party. Ava planned everything from the catering (pizza) to the guest list.


The party was a real success with Ava being the life and soul of the party, getting everyone playing party games and dancing.  Unfortunately, the party did not help Emma’s popularity as she spent the entire evening huddled in corners chatting and flirty with every boy at the party.


Not only did the girls feel threatened by her, but the she was also getting a reputation with the boys of being a tease!


Meanwhile Ivy was still concentrating on her career and her and Jackson were as in love as ever.  Just after the quad’s birthday, Jackson had grown into an elder.  But Ivy did not fancy him any less, and in some ways – found him even more attractive in his old age.


One morning a car pulled up to the Shenston household.  Ivy was washing up in the kitchen and could see a young blond girl step out of the car.  Ivy did not recognise her at first, but when she looked closer she knew exactly who it was – it was Rhona!


Her natural blond hair had grown back out, but you could still see the after effects of her breakdown with the tips still being black.  Rhona was stripped clean of all make-up and her hair was unkept.  Ivy went running out to greet her niece, she had had no idea Rhona was being released that day.


When she got to Rhona, Ivy stopped dead in front of her niece.  Rhona stood still gazing at Ivy with a far off distant look in her eyes.  Ivy’s heart sank – maybe she is not better after all, she thought.  Or maybe she hates me for putting her away!


The two women stood staring each other out for a while until Ivy spotted tears in Rhona’s eyes.  Then like a flood gate opening, tears were streaming down Rhona’s face and she was hugging her aunt as tight as she possibly could, repeating over and over again: “I’m so happy to be home.  I’m so happy to be home.”


Ivy walked Rhona into the house and took her up to her room which she had painted from black back to white while Rhona was in hospital.  They chatted for the rest of the day with Rhona tell her aunt about the last few months and how much the doctors had helped her get over her depression.  Now her grumpy and loner traits had been replaced with heavy sleeper and over-emotional.  Maybe not a complete cure, but at least she was not depressed anymore, nor was she talking to dead people.  Ivy stayed with Rhona until she fell fast asleep.


From then on, Rhona worked on putting her life back together..  She enrolled at the school to teach art to children and started painting more humorous and fun paintings rather than the somber ones she used to paint.


Rhona still slept a lot, it was a side effect of her medication.  She would take long naps in the afternoon after her morning painting classes.


It was during one of these afternoon naps that Rhona’s estranged mother, Mandy turned up at the Shenston house.


Mandy was now a middle-aged woman who was still wearing the same clothes she did as a young adult.  Her hair was bleached blond with her grey showing through.  Her face was so plastered with make-up that she was almost unrecognisable and it looked like she had slept in her the same make-up for the last few days.  Overall – she was a mess!


Ivy could not believe the sight of Mandy when she opened the door.  Mandy instantly demanded to see her daughter Rhona.  Ivy explained very calmly that Rhona was not well and it was not a good idea for Mandy to see her right now.


Mandy kept pushing and pushing with Ivy standing strong, not willing to back down.  Eventually Mandy got angry and after pacing around the porch launched at Ivy and demanded money.  “You’re rich, you can afford to load me a couple of thousand. Rhona would if you let me speak to her!”


“How dare you,” Ivy retaliated.  “Do you know why Rhona is ill?  It’s because of you.  Because of the way you have treated her in the past and abandoned her as a child.  If you want to see her, you will have to get through me first!”


“Look at you,” Ivy continued unable to hold back her hatred for Mandy any longer. “You’re a washed up old woman.  You’re  still walking around dressed like an 18-year-old, with your gut is hanging out and looking like you need a good clean.  You’re an embarrassment to yourself, and can’t you see you’re an embarrassment to Rhona.  LEAVE HER ALONE!”


“I’m not standing here listening to you,” Mandy spat barging past Ivy into the house and calling out at the top of her voice for Rhona.  Ivy stormed in after her desperate to shut her up.  She pulled Mandy round and slapped hard across the face hoping that would do the trick.


Ivy was right. It did shut Mandy up but not for long.  Mandy looked at Ivy in horror.


And then charged at her bringing Ivy hard onto the floor.


The two women fought each other, kicking, biting and pulling each’s other hair until Ivy could not take it anymore and crawled away from Mandy’s wrath.



Upstairs, Rhona had been awoken by all the screaming.  She ran down the stairs to find Ivy screaming at her mother Mandy.  She had not seen Mandy in years and could not believe the sight of her.  “STOP FIGHTING,” she screaming.  “Take it outside – both of you.”  Out of the corner of Rhona’s eye she could see a ghost – she knew this was not a good sign!


Outside on the porch both woman stood still waiting for Rhona like two naughty school girls.  Rhona came out and looked her mum up and down.  “What are you doing here,” she yelled at Mandy.  “You’re not welcome.”


“I’ve come to see you my daughter,” Mandy replied. “And i was hoping you could lend you old mum some money just to tie me over for the moment.”

“You’re not my mum,” Rhona exploded.  “You have never been my mother.  You are just a woman who happened to give birth to me.  Now i want you to leave and i never want to see you again.  Dont you know what you have done to me.”


“You could have just said no,” Mandy replied and ran off into the night.  Rhona just turned and looked at her aunt.  This was a new start for her and there was no way she would let her mother ruin things again.  Ivy threw her arms around her niece and the two woman stood there on the porch holding each other tight.  They both knew, that they would never see Mandy ever again.  “Forget about her, “Ivy whispered to Rhona.  “I will make sure of it that you never have to see her again!”





12 responses

16 11 2009

Aw poor Rhona, hopefully everything works out for her and she stops seeing ghosts soon. I liked the rational behind her trait change, as well as the explaination of the quads’ new traits, nicely done.

16 11 2009

Poor Rhona! I’m glad that she told Mandy to go away, because Mandy really does deserve it! She’s been so horrible to Rhona!

16 11 2009

Question – how do you pronounce “Rhona”?

Is it “Ron-uh”, or “Roan-uh”?

16 11 2009

i love anna she just like me

17 11 2009

Wow Rhona AND Mandy look so different now! My favorite quads are Ava and Eva!

17 11 2009

The quads are gorgeous. I wish I looked like one of them. And poor Rhona, Mandy didn’t need to come back. Go Ivy! 😀

17 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi Faktiririjekt

I think you pronounce it Roan-uh????!

17 11 2009

I love the way, how the generations have turened out compared to the founder…

17 11 2009

I just love Eva… She is beautiful!! If I had to pick somebody to be the heiress, my vote would go to Eva!

17 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Thank you Me. Readers will be able to pick who they think should be the heiress in a couple of chapters time so make sure you check back in a few days to place your vote x

17 11 2009
Baucom Legacy

Its going to be so hard to choose!

3 01 2010

I like Emma’s looks but Anna is cute. OMG it will be, so hard to choose heiress! They are all so cool!!!! And Mandy deerserved it. Rhona is such a good, kind girl and dumb old Mandy pops up and ruins Rhona. Go Ivy and Rhona! They are the best.

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