Chapter 7.6 – The Dark Side

13 11 2009

Things in the Shenston household were finally running smoothly now the quads were old enough to take more care of themselves.  This meant that Ivy could finally go back to work which she had really missed.  On her first day back she got a promotion to Line Cook and a new fresh white uniform.  Now Ivy was responsible for every meal that was prepared at the Diner – the pressure was certainly on!


But this chapter is not about Ivy or the quads or even Jackson. This chapter is about Rhona.  Sweet pretty Rhona who has not had an easy life and now being a young adult – the damage from her childhood is starting to come to the surface.  After aging up, Rhona had become a loner. She enjoyed her own solitude and rarely left the house anymore.  She seemed very lost in the world and even her painting and writing was not satisfying her anymore.


One day she realised she was going a bit stir crazy and had to get out of the house.  She found herself wondering the streets of Sunset Valley not sure where she was going.  All she knew was she wanted to be alone without feeling lonely.  Soon she found herself at the town’s graveyard.


She did not know what is was but all of a sudden she felt at ease.  The graveyard was dark, eerie and made Rhona’s spine chill – but at the same time her body had started to relax for the first time in a long time.  She wondered along the grass verges of the graves stopping to look at the tombstones and reading the inscriptions.


Rhona was so overwhelmed by the tales that the gravestones told.  Loving mother of so and so, beloved son or so and so – all now dead and probably forgotten.  This was just how she felt – forgotten by her own mother.


Next Rhona went to explore the catacombs.  Looking up at the mausoleum she should have been terrified but instead was excited about what lay inside.


Inside she was tested, tortured and tried.  She almost died twice but when she came out life was clearer to her than it had ever been before.  


She went and sat on a bench in the graveyard and watched the sun rise for what she intended to be the last time in her life.


Back home Rhona went straight to the computer to research what she had experienced.  She found a whole community of people who found the dead more comforting than the living and day by day she became more enthralled in the life that these people were leading.


The first step to becoming part of this community was to change the way she looked.  Black was their signature colour and her blond hair and pink outfit would just not do anymore.  So she dyed her hair black and purchased a new outfit.  This made her more isolated from the rest of the family so at dinner times she tried to stay out of their way and hung out in the quads playground until she was able to sneak up to her room to be alone.


Rhona tried to sleep all day and at night she spent her time at the cemetery.  So clear was her connection to the dead that she had started to see them.  The lost souls just like her were everywhere and she relished the new fulfilment they gave her.



Rhona’s changing behaviour and appearance had not gone un-noticed in the Shenston household.  Everyone could tell something was not right and Rhona could often be heard talking to herself.  When Ava tried to confront her cousin one day, Rhona launched into a ghost story that terrified the life out of Ava.


Ava run to her mother in floods of tears claiming Rhona had just exploded with tales of the dead who walked the earth and watched little girls while they slept. 


Ivy was furious.  She could understand and support Rhona’s decision to be different but enough was enough when it came to scarring her daughters.  Ivy went to confront her niece and found her painting a very sombre image of a gravestone.


“What’s going on,” Ivy asked her.  “What are all these stories you are filling Ava’s head with about ghosts and dead people watching her in her sleep?” Rhona starred at her aunt for a good few minutes before replying.  “Its not stories, its true.  There are dead people walking all around us.”


“Its not true Rhona, there is no such thing as ghosts,” Ivy replied feeling very exasperated.  “I don’t know what is going on with you at the moment but I am very worried.  I do not think you should be spending any more time at the graveyard anymore.”  Just then Rhona starting screaming!  “Leave me alone, leave me alone,” she kept repeating before running out of the house


Ivy was shocked at Rhona’s outburst.  She stood still for a few moments not sure what had just happened, then realised she needed to get to the bottom of this.  She went up to Rhona’s room to see if she could find any evidence on what was going on.  Walking in she found Rhona’s pretty pink room painting black with magazine’s all over the floor with horrifying images on the front cover.  Ivy freaked out and ran out the house to track down Rhona.


Ivy could see Rhona far ahead in the distance.  Following far behind on foot she tailed Rhona to the graveyard.  By this time it was dark outside and Ivy hairs on the back of her neck were standing up straight.



Ivy watched as Rhona walked around the graveyard looking for something.  Rhona stopped every now and again to weep at random graves.


Then Rhona stopped and started talking to herself.  This is what Rhona could see…..


And this is what Ivy could see……


Ivy realised that Rhona had gone mad.  She was having full conversations with people who weren’t even there.  She walked over to her niece but Rhona was so enthralled in her conversation with no-one that she had no idea her aunt was standing behind her.


Ivy put a protective arm on Rhona’s shoulder and asked her what was going on.  Rhona jumped and spun around screaming, “what are you doing here?”  

“I’m here to help you,” Ivy replied.  “What is going on?  Why are you standing in a graveyard talking to yourself in the middle of the night?”


“I’m not talking to myself, can’t you see her,” Rhona replied pointed into thin air?

“There is no one there,” Ivy whispered.  With this Rhona looked at her feet and burst into tears.  “Then how come I can see here Aunt Ivy?  What’s wrong with me?”  Ivy cradled her niece in her arms and reassured her that everything would be ok, she would look after her and sort it out.  That night Ivy slept in Rhona’s bed with her.  She was there to comfort her, but also to make sure she did not head back to the graveyard again.


The next morning, Ivy admitted Rhona to the hospital.  She had heard about a great uncle, Seth, being admitted many years ago for mental health reasons and was worried it may run in their family.  She knew she had to do it as when she looked into Rhona’s eyes – there was nothing behind them, it was black!  Now she just had to go home and make a phone call to her brother Gabriel to tell him what had happened.  Ivy had never felt like such a failure in her life!





10 responses

13 11 2009

Oh, wow. Where do get all these ideas??? Everything I try to write just is so lame compared to this! I really love all these exciting family drama scenes!

13 11 2009

Love it! Poor Rhona, first she has a though childhood and now everyone thinks she’s gone mad!

13 11 2009

YEAH a new Seth person 😥 i miss seth

13 11 2009
Baucom Legacy

Rhona is awesome. I hope she’ll be out of the hospital soon!

14 11 2009

Heh, I didn’t notice that there was a new post until now. I recognized the name, and assumed it was yesterday’s. I was actually thinking about the one about Jago 😛

I knew something like this was going ot happen to Rhona!

14 11 2009

Poor Rhona, but it was bound to happen. She was showing signs of early craziness.
However, I do love her ugg boots from her pink outfit. Where did you get those?

15 11 2009

Loved this so far =] keep it up (Y)

15 11 2009

Ohh and where did you find the mod so teens can be pregnant? If your allowed to post it that is lol

15 11 2009
Baucom Legacy

Crytsal the mod for the teen pregnancy is here

15 11 2009

Thank you!! :]

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