Chapter 7.5 – The Quads

11 11 2009

Dealing with four babies at once was an almost impossible task.  Having Rhona around was a tremendous help and Ivy, Jackson and Rhona took responsibility of one baby each with the last baby tended to by all of them when she needed them.


The whole thing was such a major operation that Ivy was glad that Jackson was unemployed and could be around full-time to help.  He was not as natural with the girls as Ivy and Rhona were and often had to chase the toddlers around the house to catch them.  But he was a great father and adored his girls.


Rhona had never been very good at school so decided to leave early as she was almost a young adult anyway.  She stayed at home and practised her painting and writing and looked after the quads when Ivy and Jackson were resting.


The quads were gorgeous but were all so different and had their own little personalities. 


Anna (in blue) was the quiet one.  She never made a fuss and Ivy often found her with a soaking wet nappy as she had not told anyone about it.  In contrast, Ava (in pink) was the loud one, in a good way.  She was always chatting to her sisters and Ivy could hear her gorgeous giggle a mile away. Emma (in grey) was also loud but was  the most demanding of the girls.  She was always crying and making her parents and Rhona run around after her, ripping off her nappy and refusing to wear any clothes!  Lastly, Eva (yellow) was somewhere in the middle.  She was quiet when she had to be but would also be found giggling away with Ava quite often.  She was the one that had walked, talked and potty trained herself first.



Even though they were all so different, the girls got on so well with each and were best friends.  Ivy could leave them for a few hours at a time just playing together quietly.  That was until Emma would steel one of her sisters toys or hit them over the head with one. 


Soon it was time for Rhona’s birthday.  Due to the chaos in the house she did not want to celebrate and aged up while in the middle of painting a portrait of Ivy.


She grew into a beautiful young adult.  But due to her difficulties in childhood she developed the loner trait.


Rhona became even more isolated from the outside world.  She refused to get a job and made her money from the royalties of the books she wrote and the painting she sold.


Jackson was also getting old.  He was almost an elder and knew he did not have long left to fulfill his lifetime wish to become a chess legend.  When he was not tending to the quads, he was  practising chess at the park, challenging the towns folk to matches.  He normally always won.


Tensions were running high in the Shenston household.  Ivy felt she was up to her eyes in baby food, nappies and washing and resented Jackson for spending time in the park away from the house.  She often shouted at him when he came home telling him he did not understand what it was like for her day in and day out being stuck inside with the babies.


But when Jackson offered to pay for Ivy to spend time at the spa or see her friends from work, she refused and said she could never leave her babies at this young age.  Sometimes Jackson felt he could not win with Ivy.


Soon enough it was time for the quad’s birthday and for them to become kids.  Ivy did not know where the time had gone and could not believe her little babies we growing up so fast.  Just before their party, Ivy aged into an adult.



Ivy decided she wanted to throw the biggest party ever for her girls.  She invited all her friends and family, but was so busy getting the girls ready for the party she forget to prepare for the party before the guests started arriving – so she had to have the party upstairs on the landing!  Candy saved the day by playing the guitar for everyone.


The quads took it in turns blowing out the candles with Anna going first, then Ava, then Emma and finally Eva – the order in which they were born in.


Therefore Anna aged up first and developed the vegetarian trait.


Next was Ava who developed the ambitious trait.


Then it was Emma’s turn who developed the mooch trait.


Lastly, Eva aged into a kid also developing the ambitious trait like her sister, Ava.


For their birthday, Ivy redecorated two of the upstairs bedrooms for them.  Ava and Emma shared a room and Anna and Eva shared the other.  See if you can guess who is who’s from the photo below.  HINT: check out the colours.


All four sisters still got on very well.  They loved nothing more than playing in the playground outside and beating each other at video games.  I can safely say that life in the Shenston household was starting to return to normal.  But as you know – nothing stays normal for long…….!





21 responses

11 11 2009
Baucom Legacy

Aw! They were all so cute as toddlers and still as kids. I cant wait to see your dramatic plot for them!

11 11 2009

Wow. Eva is very pretty!!! Could you upload her to the exchange?

11 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Thank you Carla. No problem i will upload all quads and the house tonight x

11 11 2009

Great! I’ve always wanted to download the houses… there all so perfect! Your a natural… How do you make them so good?

11 11 2009

i love the quads.

11 11 2009

can you please give us a link?

11 11 2009

They’re all so gorgeous! I just got a chance to get back online and check everything. I also updated so 😀

I love their names.

11 11 2009


11 11 2009

Anna developed the vegetarian trait awesome!!! im a veggie too! like i said awesome!

12 11 2009

I love the shot of them at the blocks table! So adorable.

12 11 2009

Seeing the four of them play together is so adorable! Things are going to be interesting when this lot grow older- goodluck!

12 11 2009

I’m still aspiring to get quads in my game at one point. I just haven’t played my game for awhile. 😀
And this will be so good when they get to teenagers. I can’t wait!

12 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi guys

I have some good news and bad news. I tried to upload the quads and the house last night to the exchange and it did not go to plan. I have managed to upload Emma and Eva – but Anna and Ava would not upload including the house!!!

If anyone knows why they would not upload and knows how i can fix this problem – i would love to know!

To download Emma and Eva visit my page here:


13 11 2009

Wow love this update. Rhona is a very beautifull young adult, I’m glad that you have kept her in the legacy house and did you uploaded her to the exchange? I’d love to have her in my game! My fav quad is Eva, she’s a very cute toddler and child! The others too, but Eva is definitly my fav!

14 11 2009

WOW! Quads!!! Awesome!! =D

Btw Eva is, IMO, the prettiest of the girls. 🙂

14 11 2009

I agree! I hope that she will be the heiress! Who’s your fav Sarah?

15 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hmm…. its so difficult. I definitly think Eva is the prettiest so far. But i also like Ava as she has these gorgeous blue eyes. I cant wait to see what they look like as teens. In my play session they are probably due to grow today. Cant wait xxx

22 11 2009

So far liking the surprise quad Eva the best!

24 11 2009

Hey, How did ou manage to have quads? I’m guessing you had her have triplets then have her get pregnant again and you sped it up. If that’s not it, can you please tell me what you did. You can email me Thanks. And I love Eva and Ava if they could be mixed together, hey would be amazing!!!!!!

30 11 2009

Do you know here you got Eva’s dress from in this? It’s lovely 🙂

11 02 2011

OMG!!! This household must be the hardest household… EVER!!!!!! How do you manage? Anyways, my favorite is Anna… My friend is a vegetarian too!!!

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