Chapter 7.3 – The dark horse

5 11 2009

Things were looking up for Ivy now she had a boyfriend and had been promoted to Ingredient Taster at work. The business at the Diner was doing so well that they had had to employ another Ingredient Taster to keep up with the demand.  His name was Jackson Bradshaw and right from the offset Ivy did not like him.


She found him obnoxious, egotistical and arrogant.  She could not understand why everyone else seemed to love him and found him hilarious, she hated that he was suddenly more popular than her.  They always had their de-brief after work where Ivy felt Jackson was always trying to tell her how to do her job.


This infuriated Ivy as she did not need this rookie chef telling her how to cook – whether he was more qualified than or not!


Things with James her boyfriend, were not moving as fast as she had hoped.  She really loved his company but now they had been seeing each other a while she had found out his bad points too: he was inappropriate at times and was also a bit of a loser!   He had his highs with his good sense of humour but he also had big lows where nothing was ever good enough for him.  Ivy tried her best to make him happy always cooking him his favourite meal of hamburgers.  


But he never once said thank you for her efforts and insisted they always ate in silence.


In the bedroom, things were not much better.  Ivy was desperate for a baby but the process was always a chore and James had no enthusiasm for making love.  He just wanted to woohooo and then go straight to sleep!


Sometimes he would just get straight up and walk around half-naked in front of Rhona, who was only a teenager.  Completely inappropriate!


Speaking of Rhona, she was flunking out of school and had convinced herself that only her real mum would ever understand her.  She had not spoken to her since before her birthday so was delighted when Mandy agreed to take Rhona out for ice-cream after school one day.  But just as Rhona was about to head over to meet Mandy, she got a text from her saying she was in bed with the flue and could not make it.  As disappointed as Rhona was she knew that Mandy could not help being ill and decided to go to the movies on her own instead.


But when she arrived at the movie theatre she saw Mandy standing outside with a man!  Rhona could not believe Mandy had stood her up for a date!  She was so angry she knew she needed to confront her mother there and then.  She ran up to her but Mandy did not even notice her as she was so distracted by her date.


Rhona stood behind her for a while but still Mandy did not notice her.  Without any hesitation Rhona shouted “BOO” and Mandy jumped out of her skin.


Mandy whipped round and was just as surprised to see Rhona.  “What are you doing here,” she sneered?

“I could ask you the same thing,” Rhona responded.  “You are meant to be in bed with the flu.”


Realising she had been caught Mandy tried to justify how she had made a miraculous recovering.  “Don’t give me that crap,” Rhona spat.  “I know you totally stood me up for a man.  I’m ashamed you’re even my mother!”


“Yeah well I never wanted you in the first place,” Mandy retaliated.  “You were a total accident and I should have got rid of you the moment I found out I was pregnant.”


Mandy was disgusted that this woman standing in front of her was her birth mother.  “Look at you,” she said.  “You’re trash.  You still dress like a nineteen year old but really you are just a sad lonely woman who has nothing in her life apart from a few men who turn up at your door in the middle of the night.  I feel sorry for you really.”


Rhona was so close to tears but she did not want to give Mandy the satisfaction of seeing her cry so she ran off before the tears started to stream.


Rhona walked the streets for a while sobbing.  She did not want to go home as the family would see she had been crying and say I told you so.  Soon she found herself at the playground next to her school.  She climbed the Jungle Jim and hid herself in the shadows remembering back to when she was a little girl and was oblivious to the fact that Candy was not her real mother.  She wished time had stood still then and she could go back and not know about Mandy.


She was so exhausted she ended up falling asleep and was only awoken when the flashing lights of a police car awoke her with a voice shouting, “you are out past your curfew, come with me.”


Rhona rode home in the police car in silence; she knew Candy would go mad when she got home.


Rhona was right.  Candy was waiting for her when she got home as Gabriel (who was now a lieutenant in the force) had called ahead and told her.  “What do you think you were doing staying out to this time of night,” she shouted? “I was worried sick about you and now you come home a police car!”


Rhona burst into tears and shouted, “no one understands me,” and ran into the house with Candy hot on her tail.  Back in the light of the house, Candy could see that Rhona’s tear streaked face was not fresh and that she had been probably crying for a while.  “I’m sorry I yelled at you,” Candy started.  “But I am so worried about you.  You are flunking out of school and are now being bought home by the police.  Talk to me Rhona.”


Rhona broke down even more and told Candy all about what had happened with Mandy.  Candy was so appalled with her sister she could not believe they were twins let alone related.  “Don’t you worry anymore,” Candy said cradling Rhona, “you are my daughter and always have been.  Just because I did not give birth to you does not mean a thing. You will always have a mother in me.”  Rhona sobbed into Candy’s shoulder and knew that she had had a mother in Candy all along.


Meanwhile, things seemed to be going from bad to worse with James and Ivy.  He had practically moved himself into her house and was such slob, that Ivy found herself picking up after him the whole time.  He still insisted on parading around in his underwear and no matter how much Ivy told him how inappropriate he was, he did not seem to understand there was a problem.


One evening she had had to send James home as he was starting to get on her nerves and she was upset that no matter how many times they had woohoo’d, she still was not pregnant.


Suddenly her door bell went and there was Jackson from work standing outside.  Just what I need, Ivy thought and wished that she had curtains on her windows so Jackson could not see if she was home or not.


Ivy answered the door and let him in.  Even though it was their day off, Jackson was still in his work clothes as he had been working anyway. He had come over to tell her all about a new recipe he had learned for Key Lime Pie and how much their boss had loved it and had asked him to come over and teach it to Ivy.


Ivy lost it.  “I don’t need you coming round here to teach me recipes,” she exploded! “I know every recipe like the back of my hand and I don’t need you condescending me like this all the time.”


“I’m sorry,” Jackson said sheepishly. “I did not know I was. I have tried to be nice to you and work with as you a team for a weeks now and each time you throw it back in my face.  What can i do to please you and make you value me as a work colleague?”


“You can stop talking for one.  All I get from you is I did this and I did that, chat chat chat.  Can’t we do less talk and showing off and more work – I’m sick of cowboys like you thinking they can come in and take over!”


“Well I won’t bother in future ‘Miss I’m too good for anyone else’.  You’re not as great as you think you are you know.  Everyone needs to better themselves at some point and you are no different.  I just want to be the best chef there is and have the best team working alongside me.”


Ivy had never been spoken to like this before.  She was filled with anger for Jackson but also a huge wave of lust poured through her.  She stood starring into Jackson’s eyes for a few seconds seeing something she had never seen before – maybe it was not arrogance she saw in him, but just a huge passion for his work.  She grabbed him by the collar and pulled him close to her pushing her mouth against his.


Jackson kissed Ivy back while they both started ripping each others clothes off.  Even though no one was home, Ivy jumped into Jackson’s arms and ordered him into the bedroom.  


Afterwards instead of falling asleep, they lay facing each other holding hands starring into each others eyes.  Who would have thought, Ivy said to herself.





18 responses

5 11 2009

Whoa, I kind of saw that one coming when I read about James not being so great. The picture you got of Jackson and Ivy embracing and looking mutually shocked is SO great! Nicely done Sarah 🙂

Poor Rhona, I’m glad that she finally realized that Mandy is no good though.

5 11 2009

i like it

5 11 2009

That final shot is lovely. I hope a baby’s on the way… ohh, gen 8! How exciting!

5 11 2009

Great update! I feel really sorry for Rhona though…. She has been through so many things already! I’m hoping that she will stay with Candy and Gabriel. She’ll be so muh better off with them. Love it though and I hope that there’s a baby on the way too.

5 11 2009


Two Bradshaws in the family tree now. lol.

5 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Well spotted Fakririjekt. Jackson is an anchestor of the original one x

5 11 2009

Ivy’s facial expression when she realized Jackson was at the door is priceless! Gen 8 FTW.

6 11 2009
Baucom Legacy

It was kind of obvious that it was coming when jackson came to the door and they started fighting, lol. I hope shes pregnant!

6 11 2009

All I can say is WOW!

6 11 2009

This is better than most soap operas ever produced. Entertainging, juicy… Great writing!

6 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Thank you Polly75

I know my writing is no very sophicticated, but i do like to tell a good story and somehow i think that is more important x

6 11 2009

Awh, I’m glad Ivy found someone who she might actually like. And Rhona doesn’t deserve Mandy as a mother. Candy is much more reliable, and likable. Kick Mandy to the curb, is what I say!

6 11 2009

Not heard from Romeo in a while. I’m sure you have plans for Romeo though Sarah. 🙂

6 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

I know. Romeo has been pretty unevenfull on the play sessions. Maybe i need to weave him into a web of scandle. x

6 11 2009

nice. The legacy is awesome and I luv the plot structure/storyline.
i just have a question where do you get your custom content from. They are so beautiful i luvvv it! If you can give me the websites that would be nice. thx

7 11 2009

I love your legacy


How does everyo ne think Sarah would feel about her great great great great grand daughter Ivy and the rest of her decendents ? xxx

ur fab sarahstar x x

7 11 2009

Sarah, can u judge the pics for this round in your spare time? Thanx and can’t wait for the next chapter:)

23 01 2010

made me think about the movie No Reservations .. 🙂

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