Chapter 7.2 – Dating

4 11 2009

With life going so well for Gabriel and his family, Ivy felt very left out and lonely and the burden of producing an heir to the Shenston legacy was weighing down heavily on her.  She knew she had to find a man to fulfill these needs, but where was she to meet such a man – it was so hard for career girls like her especially as she worked such unsociable hours.  One afternoon an old friend of her father’s, Jill Austin, invited Ivy out for a picnic in the park. 


Ivy ended up spilling the beans on her need for a man and Jill told her she had just the man for her.  He was tall and handsome with lots of money and too was looking for a woman.  Ivy had never been on a blind date before but she thought what has she got to lose.  Jill told her she would set up dinner for Ivy and Martin(?) that night at the bistro.


Ivy was not sure what to wear – she had not been on  a date in ages and she had no idea what this Martin guy was like.  She decided not to look too desperate and stick to her day clothes.   When she arrived at the bistro it was empty apart from an old man sitting in the corner.  She checked her watch and make sure she was not too early but she was in fact 10minutes late so he should have been here by now.  “Are you Ivy,” she suddenly heard coming from the old man?


“Yes,” Ivy replied.  The old man stood up and extended his hand. “Hi i am Martin, it is so nice to meet you.  Jill had said you were beautiful but i had no idea you were this beautiful.  Please sit down.”  Ivy could not believe this old man was her date.  She felt it too rude to leave straight away so she sad down to join Martin for dinner.  Martin was a true gentleman and very sweet, but he could only eat soup as he false teeth kept slipping from his mouth.  Ivy ate her meal as quick as she could and made a quick exit as soon as it was polite to do so – Martin was just too old for her.  Thats the last time i let Jill set me up, she thought.


Next, Ivy decided to try internet dating.  She made a profile for herself on http://www.Find me a man so i can produce an and within days she had three messages. 


One was from a 54 year old man looking for a girl who looked good in leather and did not mind being the boss.  The second was from a 39 year old man who still lived with his mum, was unemployed and loved to collect Star Wars figurines.  Lastly there was a 32 year old who was Rookie sportsman, modeled in his spare time and loved long walks on windy beaches.  Looking at his profile picture, Ivy thought she had found something special and quickly sent him a message inviting him to meet up.


Humphrey messaged Ivy back within the hour and they planned to have a date at the local swimming pool.  Ivy was so excited she went out and bought herself a brand new bikini.  When she turned up at 1pm prompt she spotted Humphrey straight away.  He was tall, dark and handsome – just like his photo.  But she could not help but notice that he was dressed in a tuxedo not swimwear.  Humphrey spotted her too and headed over and introduced himself.  He did not seem to notice that he was completely overdressed and launched into talking about himself.


Ivy could not get a word in.  Humphrey gushed about his rise to fame in the sports career and how in demand he was as a model.  He never once asked Ivy about herself.  She soon found out he was excitable, inappropriate, a snob and childish! When he asked Ivy to buy the drinks, she also realised he was a mooch.


When Ivy could take no more of Humphrey’s boring droll she decided to go for a swim.  When she jumped in, Humphrey just stood by looking at her.  “You coming in,” she called? 

“OH NO,” Humphrey shrieked.  “I dont go in the water, it will ruin my hair.”


After this she decided internet dating was not for her as it was full of freaks and idiots.  She would just have to find another way to meet a man!  Meanwhile at home, things were ticking along well.  So much for Ivy cleaning out the old ghosts when she renovated the house – it seemed they were visiting more than ever and making themselves at home.  They obviously liked the new house!



Candy’s pregnancy was going well and she was growing bigger and bigger by the day.


She seemed to be eating her way through her pregnancy and with Ivy always in the kitchen cooking up all delights, Candy could not help but but everything that was cooked.


Ivy was so jealous that her sister-in-law was pregnant again and would get so broody whenever she was around her.


Ivy was good friends with Candy and often shared her woes of finding a man with her.  “Why dont i just set you up with someone,” Candy said more as a statement than a question.

“Im not sure if i want to be set up again after the last disaster,” Candy replied.

“Dont be silly.  I have just the guys for you.  He is really nice, your age and has no weird obsessions.  He is the delivery guy for the spa and i know he is single.  What do you say?”

“OK let’s do it.” Ivy replied reluctantly. “But if it goes wrong then i will blame you.”


James Johnson was thrilled at the idea of being set up and planned to take Ivy to a small romantic park he knew of.  Ivy decided to dress up this time as she had felt really undressed that last two dates.  When she arrived, she realised that maybe she should not have bothered as James was dressed in just jeans and a t-shirt.  He was not her usual type, skinhead and not very good-looking.  But Ivy thought he had a kind face and thought she should give him  a chance.


Mandy was so glad she did.  They got on like a house on fire.  James was charismatic, flirty and had such a great sense of humor Ivy’s sides were hurting from laughing so much.


It was not long before the pair were kissing and agreeing to go steady.  Ivy knew she had Candy to thank.


Back at home Candy had more important things to think about.  She had gone into labor!


Gabriel was with her every step of the way and i am proud to announce that Candy gave birth to a little boy.  He was born 8lbs 2oz, athletic and easily impressed and looked a real combination of both his parents with his light brown hair and dark green eyes.  They called him Alfie. 

Alfie Toddler




8 responses

4 11 2009

I’m glad Ivy finally met a decent man. But there’s going to be a twist knowing you Sarah! Can’t wait till Friday!

4 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Well – i might be updating tomorrow too as might have some time tonight. We shall see xxx

4 11 2009

thks Sarahstar and fakririjekt for clearing up the heir thing for me


ur legacy rocks xxxx


4 11 2009

haha, liked the whole concept of this chapter. I’m glad Ivy found someone who is compatible with her in the end – I think he’s pretty good looking Sarah =D

4 11 2009

Yaay, another update! Glad that Ivy found a man and I can’t wait for her to have kids, I’m sure they are going to be beutifull!

4 11 2009

Hahaha, another blonde! I hope she gets lucky soon though.

5 11 2009

I loved the internet dating and blind date setups; such an amazing idea! It’ll be interesting to see how Ivy’s relationship progresses.

5 11 2009

Poor Ivy, she’s had a rough start so far. And the internet dating and blind date set-ups were such a good idea.

And Alfie is adorable. I just want to pinch his little cheeks!

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