Chapter 7.1 – A fresh start

2 11 2009

Following the death of Roxy and Rupert, the family were devastated.  Ivy cried herself to sleep every day – sleeping in her parents bed to feel closer to them.


She wanted to commemorate her parents lives so organised a small but expensive funeral inviting family and close friends of Roxy and Rupert. The family decided to send Rhona and Rupert to school that day as they did not want them to be effected by all the upset. (im not sure who that is fighting in the background, but it seems completely inappropriate considering it is a funeral)


Roxy’s sister, Freya even came.  She had been banished from the family years ago for her evil ways and was now an old woman.  Ivy had never met her and was thrilled to finally meet the famous Freya Shenston who had now retired from being the Emporer of Evil.


After everyone had left, Ivy, Gabriel and Candy mourned alone. Only Roxy allowed to be buried in the family graveyard as it was a legacy rule that only the family heir could be buried there.  But to combat this, Ivy had Rupert buried in the same coffin as Roxy so they would be together forever, just like they wanted.


Gabriel also had another issue to contend with then the loss of his parents – Rhona.  He had won the court case against Mandy, but she had still won visitation rights to Rhona and Gabriel knew he had to tell his daughter that Mandy was her mother.  Therefore, one evening he pulled Rhona to one side in the office. He started from the beginning – about how him and Candy were high school sweethearts but that he was weak one day and became close to Candy’s twin, Mandy.  And that closeness had resulted in the birth of Rhona.  “The truth is”, Gabriel finally explained, “Mandy is your real mother.”


Rhona just starred at her father.  “You mean mum is not my mum but my aunt is actually my mum,” she asked taking in the information?  “What about Romeo, is he still my twin brother?”

“No,” Gabriel replied.  “Romeo is your half-brother.  Im sorry we lied to you all these years but we did not know where Mandy was and it was better for you to think Candy was your mother as she loves you just like her own.”  Gabriel looked down at his daughter and his heart went out to her.  Her eyes were welling up and tears had started streaming down her cheeks.


“I cant believe you lied to me,” Rhona sobbed.  “I will never forgive you and mum – i mean Candy for this. ” With this she burst out of the room running to her bedroom.


Rhona cried herself to sleep that night and would not let anyone in her room.  Although she was upset and mad at her father and mum (aunt) she knew was also secretly excited about getting to know Mandy as she had heard that she was a top model in SimCity.


Ivy meanwhile threw herself into her career. She had joined the culinary track and had had to start at the bottom working at Hogan’s Deep-Fried Diner as a kitchen scullion – the pay was bad but she had to start somewhere.  Ivy knew she was over qualified for the job, but without a college degree, she had no proof of her abilities.  Her boss did like her though and could recognise that Ivy had ambition and so after her first day of work she was promoted to Spice Runner.


Coming home after a long day at work always depressed Ivy.  She felt very lonely and the old house felt full of ghosts of the past.  She decided it was time to knock the old house down and build a new one by wiping out the old cobwebs and ghosts.  The family moved into the hotel in town while builders went to work on the new home.  And what a new home it was.  It was almost twice as big as the old one!



On the ground floor was a large entrance hall leading to the formal sitting room at the back. Next to the stairs was the study with a  master bathroom and bedroom behind this.  Off to the left was the kitchen, TV room and breakfast area.


On the second floor were four further bedrooms and three bathrooms were Gabriel, Candy, Romeo and Rhona would sleep.


The grandest part of the house was the kitchen.  Because Ivy was determined to be a 5Star Chef – she knew she had to practice practice practice so made sure the kitchen was as high-tech and modern as possible.  She even consulted a feung shui master to help design the kitchen so she would be at her best at all times.  As she was so neurotic – this was essential for her.


Ivy loved her new kitchen and would practise her new recipes every day. 


Even though she spent many hours at work she would still come home and cook everyone’s favorite dinner for them when she got home.


Shortly after they had moved into the new house it was time for Rhona and Romeo’s birthday.  Even though Gabriel and Candy were against it, Rhona insisted that they invite Mandy to the birthday.  It would be a great way to get to know her, she thought.


They held the party on the new terrace and invited all Romeo and Rhonas friends – including Mandy.  The party had been going a couple of hours when Romeo got impatient and wanted to blow out his candles.  But Mandy was not here yet and Rhona refused to blow them out without her.  So Romeo went ahead and blew his out on his own. 


As Romeo grew this is what he aged into!


Candy was horrified at her son’s bad dress sense and very questionable hair style.  She instantly ordered him into his room to cut his hair and change into the new clothes she had bought him for his birthday.


Thats better, thought Candy. Soon enough the party was almost over and still no sign of Mandy.  The guest were starting to leave and Rhona was devastated that she had wasted her entire birthday party waiting for Mandy. So she went ahead and blew out her candles just before the last of the guests departed.


As Rhona grew, she developed the grumpy trait.  She looked a lot better than Romeo when he aged up – but upon seeing her Candy told her she looked just liked Mandy when she was a teenager.  Even her hair was the same! 


Rhona was so angry with Mandy and decided that she did want anything more to do with her so she went to her room, restyled her hair and changed her clothes, determained to look as little like her real mum as possible.


Candy was so angry with her sister for not turning up. This was Mandy’s chance to prove herself to her daughter and she  obvously did not care enough to come.  She rung up her sister as soon as Rhona had left the room.  “Where were you,” Candy demanded?  “Rhona waited for you for hours and she is now in her room sulking.  How could you do that to her.”

“Sorry Candy,” Mandy replied in a sarcastic tone, “but something came up last-minute and i could not turn it down.”

“More adult filming,” Candy questioned?  The phone fell silent.  “Well if you put money and your job ahead of your own daughter than you dont deserve to have her.  Now me and Gabriel have to pick up the pieces again.  I know the court has granted you the right to see her – but if you do this again, i will fight you in court so you never see her again.”

“Whatever Candy.  Tell Rhona sorry from her mummy and that i will see her soon.  Im sure she will understand.” And with that Mandy hung up. 


After the birthday party life returned to normal.  Rhona was still a keen painter and realised her lifelong wish would be to become an Illustrious Author and master the painting and writing skills.


Romeo meanwhile had developed the genius trait as he became a teenager and would spend hours challenging his father to a game of chess every evening after school.


Candy also had some news of her own – she was pregnant again!  She had not been pregnant for 15 years and it felt like the first time.  At least now she had the support of Gabriel and was more mature to cope with everything.  She hoped for a little girl and Gabriel hoped for a boy.





13 responses

2 11 2009

Poor Rhona, I feel so bad for her! The grumpy trait is very fitting though considering the circumstances. lol @ Romeo’s auto-teen moment, much love for the makeover. 😀

Very pretty new house Ms. Sarah! Ivy designed it well, hehe.

2 11 2009


so who is actually going to be th heir

this is such a good legacy x x xthks

2 11 2009

i loved this ch.

3 11 2009
Baucom Legacy

I love the house. It looks like one of the premade ones but better.

3 11 2009

The house is absolutely gorgeous (and huge), you must have put so much time into it. I really like the dynamics growing between Rhona and Mandy and her grumpy trait is so fitting for the situation. Looking forwards to seeing if Mandy manages to be a proper mum for Rhona or not! (Oh, where did you get Ivy’s outfit for the funeral from? So pretty!)

3 11 2009

Lizzi, Ivy is the heir. There’s no other option.

3 11 2009

I felt so bad for Rhona, because Mandy is such a bad mum, and shouldn’t get visitation rights. And the new house is gorgeous. Honestly, you should put it up for download. 😀

3 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi Lizzi

Fakririjekt is unfortunatly right – Ivy is the hier so it is only her children who can be the heir – wish i could make Rhona the heir. So Ivy really needs to get cracking on having kids – well she needs to find a man first. Hmmm…. maybe in the next chapter xxx

3 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Thank you for all your comments about the house. This was the biggest one i had ever made and it took me a total of five hours to build over the weekend!!! I actually modelled it on a house plan i found online:

Its obviously not identical as you cant replicate everything and the furnishings will always be different – but i tried to make it look like the plan as much as i can. Let me know what you think xxxx

3 11 2009
3 11 2009

Poor Rhona! Even though Gabriel and Candy lied to her for many years, I’m glad she doesn’t want to have anything to do with Mandy anymore. She’ll be much happier off with Gabriel and Candy. But knowing you Sarah, some twists and turns will come up soon am I right? This was quite a sad chapter…. I love the new house, it must have taken you forever to build! It’s very beutifull!

4 11 2009

Oh thanks so much!

7 01 2010

bfgnjmk,l. I Iove this story

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