Chapter 6.10 – Death

29 10 2009

PLEASE NOTE: this chapter contains explicit details on death so if you have recently lost someone, are under 12 or find this subject sensitive, do not read on!

Following Mandy’s arrival back in the Shenston’s life, Gabriel was determined he would fight her to the end.  He enlisted one of the top lawyers in Sunset Valley who worked at town hall and made a meeting with him the very next day.


The lawyer did not need to do much digging on Mandy to come up with some dirt.  It turns out that yes she had had been scouted for modelling – but it was glamour modelling which had now turned into adult movies.  The lawyer promised Gabriel this might be enough to have her application for sole custody turned down but told him to prepare that she will still get access rights to Rhona. Gabriel was so pleased, as long as they did not take his little girl from him he did not mind.  But now he just had to break the news to Rhona that Mandy was actually her mother and not Candy!


Jasmine meanwhile had taken her father seriously when he had grounded her.  She realised she was using her social and outgoing nature in a negative way and was determined to put things right with her parents.  She enlisted her sister Ivy to help tutor her and it was not long before she had upped her grades from F’s to B’s.


It was also not long before she had re-earned her right to use her phone – but in Rupert’s mind – she still had a long way to go.


Rupert and Roxy’s had their own things going on too.  Roxy had not been feeling well for a while and even though Rupert was now a Chief Surgeon he could not quite work out what was wrong with her.


Rupert wanted Roxy to meet one of his colleagues who was an expert at these sorts of things so they two headed down to the hospital for her appointment.  


Turns out Roxy had terminal cancer that was too far along to be treated.  Roxy and Rupert rode home in silence – their heads filled with fear, dread and apprehension.  Rupert did not know how he would cope without his love and Roxy worried how the family would cope without her.


When they arrived home, they decided not to tell the rest of the family. “We will beat this together,” Rupert told Roxy holding her tight.


Rupert started to read endless books on cancer to try to find a way to cure Roxy.  He also bought a contraption off the internet that promised to cure or zap people.


Rupert would try it Roxy every day but it normally just made her really tired and even sicker.


The rest of the family were completely oblivious to what was going on with Roxy.  Ivy was still getting straight A’s at school and testing out her cooking skills on the rest of the family.


Jasmine had also found a new hobby – fixing things.  She was determined to make her father proud and become handy like him.  Unfortunately she was not any good at it and broke the shower- amongst other things.  But she still loved to upgrade anything she could.  One day she was having a soak in the bath when she noticed that the TV in the bathroom was very old and did not show all the cable channels.  


A perfect project to impress dad, Jasmine thought and set about upgrading the small TV set.


But Jasmine, being absent minded, forgot that the shower next to the TV was still broken from her last upgrade attempt and that while she was tinkering with the TV, she was in fact standing in a large pool of water!  Soon enough, the electricity from the TV fused with the water and shot through Jasmine’s body like a thunder bolt!


The source of voltage was so high that the current pursed through into her muscles first sending a tingling sensation throughout her body.


Within seconds the current reached her brain and Jasmine fell unconscious.


Two seconds later it penetrated her heart and Jasmine died.  It was over to quickly for her to feel any pain.   The surge of electricity had also caused the lights in the Shenston house to flicker.  Going in search of the cause, it was Rupert who found his daughter.


By the time the rest of the family had rushed to the bathroom, the Grim Reaper had also arrived.


The family begged and pleaded with Death to send Jasmine back to them but Death was not in a generous mood and promptly took Jasmine back with him to the other side.


The family were devastated.  Roxy and Ivy spent hour after hour – day after day at Jasmine’s grave mourning her loss.


Rupert meanwhile took the loss the worst.  He blamed himself for pushing Jasmine so hard and making her feel that she was never good enough.  


The first thing he did was throw away the TV in the bathroom that had killed Jasmine, and then he set about finishing what she had started by fixing the shower.


Candy tried to stay out of the way.  Even though she had only been part of the family for a few years, she still loved her sister in law but knew she needed to be strong for everyone.  It was her who mopped up the water in the bathroom that had contributed towards Jasmine’s death.


Eventually the family had to face up to the fact that Jasmine was gone.  At least now Roxy did not have to choose between her daughters for heir and awarded the honour to Ivy.


Soon enough it was Ivy’s birthday.  It should have been Jasmine’s too but now she was gone no one wanted to celebrate and Ivy grew into her adult-hood alone.


In honour of her sister, Ivy chose to become the most charismatic person ever – as that was what Jasmine was.  She also gave herself a makeover and bought some new clothes.


Roxy meanwhile was going downhill fast.  She had given up on her fight to beat the cancer since Jasmine’s death and knew her end was also near.  She chose to spend most of her time with her grandchildren Romeo and Rhona who had been unfazed by Jasmine’s death and did not know of their grandmother’s condition.


When the time came, Rupert was beside himself – he could not face letting the love of his life go and he still had not recovered from loosing Jasmine.  So he made the decisions he would go with Roxy.  He took some pills and Roxy and Rupert crawled into bed together, holding each other and loving each other as much as they ever did.


Slowly, peacefully and willingly, they both slipped away in each others arms.  Their last thoughts were how lucky they had been to live their lives together and they looked forward to meeting up with their daughter once again on the other side.






18 responses

29 10 2009

Wow, so much death it’s depressing. Not just in your legacy, but in mine and in others’. 😦
Did they die on their own together or did you “help”?
I was playing a non-legacy family the other day and when the wife died, the husband mourned until the reaper left and then he decided to die too. That’s why I ask if it happened on it’s was so weird.

29 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

It was actually Rupert who went naturally and i helped Roxy go at the same time xxx

29 10 2009

Awh, poor Jasmine. She didn’t even get to make it to adulthood. And Ivy didn’t get to grow up with her twin.

And Jasmine and Gabriel have been left behind by their parents and their sister. I hope nothing happens to them either. That was a sad entry, but, as usual, very well written.

29 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Yes sorry about all the death in this chapter – it was a bit morbid. But i wanted to explore the execution death and it was Roxy and Ruperts time to move aside for the next generation too. x

29 10 2009
some guy

how did you help her die at the same time and also ive read since the first chapter amazing story 🙂

29 10 2009

Did you force their deaths or did they really die at the same time?

29 10 2009

i sad now and im going to a party in a hour thats not goog 😥

29 10 2009

It’s so sweet that Roxy (who is the cutest elder sim I’ve ever seen) and Rupert went together, but Jasmine!? I can’t believe she tried to fix a broken TV in the bathroom!

29 10 2009

WOOOOOWWW… I think that this is the first teenager to die in your legacy!!

**Oh and I know this is kinda random, but do you know where I can get lipgloss for teens?**

30 10 2009

Aw. 😦 I was hoping that Jasmine would be the heiress.

31 10 2009

Aww, this is quite a sad chapter! I hate it when my sims die! Poor Jasmine….. And it was so romantic for Roxy & Rupert to die together. I can’t wait to find out what Gabriel will tell Rhona.

1 11 2009

This is really capturing… but also kind of funny. I mean, trying to fix a TV in the bathroom. 🙂 Sorry, but that entertained me.

But I’m also curiuous – how did you make the two elders to pass on at the same time. One was natural, and Roxy helped, but how?

2 11 2009

Awesome chapter. I actually liked the dramatic end to Jasmine (though I had liked her best) and it was romantic that Rupert and Roxy died at the same time.

2 11 2009
Baucom Legacy

Yeah me too. I wanted her to be the heir also. Oh well. Good chapter, though.

2 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi guys

Thank you for all your comments and I know a few of you have asked how I “helped Roxy along” with dying and the truth is I kind of cheated.

I know that one of Pinnstar’s rules for the legacy is not to cheat, but the whole story of Rupert and Roxy was based on the film The Notebook and I wanted to end their story like the film ended Noah and Ali’s story. They had to die together and as Rupert’s time came first, Roxy had to go with him.

For me the premises of the story is more important than the rules and collecting points xxxx

22 11 2009

Suspiciously placed TV in the bathroom? It’s not even facing the tub! Killing a sim off is such a production. I saw those mats in front of the stove when you killed Viola.

7 01 2010

wow that was really sad

26 10 2010

I definitely saw the “Notebook” points in their relationship…Verynice….

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