Chapter 6.9 – She’s Back!

27 10 2009

When Jasmine arrived home in the police car her father was waiting for her.  She braced herself for the wrath of Rupert.


“I am so disappointed in you,” Rupert exploded.  “Why do you have to go against everything I say – do you want to end up like your brother?  Two kids before your 18?  You are grounded until further notice and I am taking away your phone and TV until your grades improve at school and you prove you can be trusted.”


Jasmine ran into the house crying her eyes out.  How could her father take everything away from her – even her phone!!  There was no time for tears as the next day was Romeo and Rhona’s birthdays’.  The family threw them a little birthday party.  Candy tried to call her sister to invite her along, but she could not track her down as apparently she had dropped out of cheerleading college and no one knew where she was! Secretly Candy was relieved.  Rhona called her mum and to her Rhona was hers.  She did not want Mandy coming back into their lives now. 



As they grew up, Romeo developed the angler trait.


And Rhona developed no sense of humour.


Romeo and his dad had a very special bond. By the time Romeo had grown into a kid they were already best friends and would spend hours at the pond across the road bonding over their fishing rods.


While he was not fishing with his father, Romeo spent hours on the computer playing computer games.


Rhona meanwhile had found a passion for art and was throwing herself into become a top artist.  Candy was really supportive of Rhona’s new found passion and would encourage her as much as possible.


Even though Rhona was not her own, Candy thought of her as her daughter.  She had almost raised her since birth and Rhona even called her mum.  After not being able to track down Mandy, Candy and Gabriel had decided that they would let Rhona continue to believe Candy was her real mum and Romeo was her twin brother.  They did not want her to feel left out.


One day a taxi pulled up to the Shenston house and a young girl got out who looked very familiar.



Romeo answered the door to the stranger and was told by her that she was here to see Rhona.  Romeo invited her inside and directed her to the study where Rhona painting.  When Rhona clapped her eyes on the strange lady she instantly recognised her.  “Do you know who I am,” the lady asked?

“Yes,” Rhona replied.  “You are my mother’s twin sister, Mandy.  I have heard her talk about you and you look just like mum, but I don’t think we have ever met.  Please to meet you Mandy, I am Rhona.”


Mandy shook her daughters hand devastated that she did not know that she was infact her mother.  Mandy starred at Rhona in silence as her daughter started chatting away about school and her brother Romeo.  Inside Mandy was screaming, he’s not your brother, he’s your cousin!


Meanwhile, Romeo had been listening in on this strange ladies conversation with his sister. He had heard his parents talk about Mandy and how she was bad news and was worried about why she was here.  So he called his mum who was working at the spa and told her to come home as aunt Mandy was here.  Candy had never driven so fast in her life.  She burst into the study to find the babysitter working out and Rhona talking to her long-lost sister, Mandy!


“What are you doing here,” Candy demanded?  Mandy starred her twin sister in the face and hardly recognised her.  “Go and play in your room,” Mandy said turning to Rhona.  Rhona hurried out of the room and when she was out of ear shot, Candy turned to Mandy and repeated herself.  “I said, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!”


“Just hear me out,” Mandy began.  Then she went on to explain how she had had to drop out of cheerleading college as she was scouted by a modelling agency and was now a top model in SimCity.  She had finally gotton her life together and she had come back for her daughter.


“She is not your daughter anymore,” Candy yelled.  “You gave up that right when you dumped her and disappeared.  You never even sent her a birthday card.  Don’t rip her away from everything she knows and loves.”


“I know I deserted her, but im here now and I love her and want her.”


Just then the two girls heard the front door slam shut and Gabriel came running in. It seems Romeo called him too. “What’s going on,” he asked looking at Mandy? “What are you doing here?”


Candy burst into tears turned to her husband.  “Mandy wants to take Rhona away from us.”


“Don’t worry about a thing,” Gabriel replied to his wife.  “She will have to get through me first.”


Mandy refused to stand there any longer being spoken about like she was not there.  “She is my daughter,” she shrieked, “she has every right to know me.  I have a big house in SimCity, I have made a real name for myself and I can give her everything.”


“Your right,” Gabriel spat.  “Rhona does have every right to know you are her mother, but over my dead body will she come and live with you.  She does not even know you.”


“Well then, I will see you in court Gabriel.  My lawyers will be in touch soon.”  And with that Mandy turned her head away, flicked her hair and left the house with her nose held up in the air.


When she had left Candy, who was still crying, cradled her husband in her arms and told him to promise her everything will be ok.  “I promise,” Gabriel whispered more scared than he had ever been in his life.


Gabriel and Candy decided to carry on as normal until they heard from Mandy again.  They hoped she would not follow through on her threat but with Mandy you never knew.  One thing they knew was that they had to tell Rhona that Mandy was actually her mother.  Again, they decided to put this off until they knew more.


In other news, Roxy had been promoted again and had now reached her lifetime wish of becoming a Hit Movie Composer.


Just in time too as she aged into an elder the next day and decided to retire.





18 responses

27 10 2009

I really hope Rhonda doesn’t find out! Great update.

27 10 2009

Rhona is a super cutey! I hope everything turns out for her!!

27 10 2009

I think Rhona is the cutest kid in your legacy so far! 😀 We need to read more about Jasmine and Ivy – I wonder who will be heir…

27 10 2009

where did you get those custom maternity clothes?

p.s LOVE your legacy

28 10 2009

That was such a good dramatic update! Ah, I want Rhona to stay with Candy and Gabriel, because Mandy doesn’t really care about her all that much.
Can’t wait for the next update!

28 10 2009

OMG super great chapter I want Rhona to stay with Candy and Gabriel b/c she has pretty much been adopted by them

28 10 2009

That picture of Romeo on the computer is so cute! Roxy is also a beautiful elder.

28 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi Lizzie

I got the materinity clothes from x

28 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Thank you for all the comments – Rhona is gorgeous! x

28 10 2009

Roxy looks super cute as an elder! ❤
Rhona and Romeo are both so freaking adorable, I hope Mandy doesn't get custody..

29 10 2009

I love this update! Can’t wait to find out what Mandy will do next or what Rhona will do if she finds out! Also the kids are super-adorable!

29 10 2009

I want her to stay with Candy and Gabriel too! They are such a nice family! And Rhona is a very beautifull child!

29 10 2009

By the way, Sarah can you start judging the photo’s from assigment 4? I want to put the results up as soon as possible but feel free to judge them in your free time!

29 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Of course – i totally forgot. I will do it today x

29 10 2009
Liddylulu 11

btw where did you find the maternity wear for your sims as I have been looking for ages 🙂

29 10 2009

Hi kama674 – please can you share your website address? I’d love to swing by your blog and take a look. I loved your suggestion for StarSarah! Thanks, Carol

29 10 2009
2 03 2011

Even as an elder, Roxy is still so pretty!

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