Chapter 6.8 – Embarrassing dads

26 10 2009

Life in the Shenston household seemed to full into a routine of babies and high school.  Soon enough Gabriel and Candy graduated and grew up into young adults.  The family threw a private party in their garden for the couple to celebrate.  They did not invite any friends as Gabriel and Candy had lost most of theirs when they got married and had kids – seemed the other kids at school could not relate to them anymore.



Candy grew up first as she was a little older than Gabriel.  She developed the family orientated trait and realised her life long wish would be to have a golden tongue and golden fingers.


Gabriel also grew up to look more like his father than ever but with lighter hair.  He developed the athletic trait and straight away joined the police force as a Snitch, determined to become an International Super Spy as fast as possible.


As you can see from the photo – above in the background is Roxy in her work uniform.  She is now a Conductor and one step away from realising her lifelong wish to become a hit movie composer.  Because part of Candy’s lifetime wish was to master her guitar skill, she went to Roxy for help to tutor her in music.  Roxy loved the idea and had always been a little sad that none of her own children had ever shown any interest in music.


After going over the basic’s with Candy, it was not long before Roxy was teaching Candy some chords.  The two girls would practice the cords together all the time with Gabriel hanging out sometimes to support his wife and her new passion.


Even though Candy had enough on her plate with the two kids and her ambition to max out her charisma and guitar skills – she still thought she needed to get herself a job to contribute towards the household.  Gabriel was working hard but his wage was only $240 which was not enough for them to live off – even though Roxy always tried to give them money – but they refused to take charity.  Therefore Candy headed to the local spa and got herself a part-time job as a Clothes Folder. 


Her wage was an appalling £33, but anything helped.  To make more money she would head down to the park with Roxy and earn some extra dollars by busking to the local towns folk. One afternoon she took home £1,265 – but she did think it was only because Roxy was with her, who was now a famous composer.


Meanwhile, the Shenston twins, Jasmine and Ivy were growing up fast.  Jasmine was flunking out of school as she was always skipping school to hang out with her friends.  One Saturday while the rest of the family were at work, Jasmine and Ivy had been asked to look after Romeo and Rhona.  But they both quickly got board so they decided to invite some friends over for a pool party.


All the teens from their class came including their cousins Sheri and Augusta – Perry’s kids.  (Sheri on left, Augusta on right)


Jasmine was in her element as a social butterfly.  She chatted up all the boys and became especially fond of one guy called Jerry Smith who was the new guy in town.


Ivy was not really interested in talking to much to the boys but loved to dance and made sure every boy at the party danced at some point with her.


After a couple of hours of the guests arriving, Rupert came home.  Since we saw him last, he had aged into an elder and fulfilled his lifetime wish of becoming a World Renowned Surgeon.  Arriving home and finding the house full of teenagers made Rupert angry.  But when he went outside and saw one daughter flirting with a boy and another dancing with a boy – he totally freaked out!  After Gabriel got two girls pregnant when he was a teen – he was terrified of the same thing happening to his daughters!!!


Rupert immediately cut off the music and sent everyone home.  Jasmine and Ivy were so embarrassed! Being the stronger willed of the sisters, Jasmine confronted her father and let out a huge yawn when Rupert told her she was being inappropriate and should not be flirting with boys at her age – let alone throwing a party in their house without his permission.


Rupert snapped and lost his temper with his daughter: “Dont you understand you silly girl.  Boys only want one thing from you and i will be dammed if i stand by and let another child of mine get pregnant so young.”


Jasmine hated her father for making her suffer for what her brother had done.  So the next evening that Jasmine and Ivy were left alone to babysit, she decided to invite over Jerry Smith who she had met at her party.   She even got Ivy to russell up some grilled salmon steaks in order to seduce Jerry. 


When Jerry turned up he could not help but show off his scrawny muscles to Jasmine.  Seems he was trying to impress Jasmine just as much as she was trying to impress him!


They decided to watch a scary movie together, but the film was soon forgotten when Jasmine wasted no time making a move on Jerry.  Jerry though all his Christmas’s had come at once – he knew it was his muscles that had turned her on!!! 😉


Of course Jasmine got so caught up in making out with Jerry she completely forgot the time and did not notice when her dad once again arrived home from work.  She was shaken out her clench with Jerry by the sound of her father freaking out.


Rupert had made the teenagers jump out of their skin with his scream. They immediately jumped up and was faced with a red-faced Rupert.  “I think you should leave,” he said turning to Jerry.  Jasmine was mortified – how could her dad embarrass her like this again!


“Im out of here,” Jerry said turning on his feet for the door.  This time Rupert did not scream or shout at his daughter, he just told her she was grounded for two weeks and it was not up for discussion.


Jasmine was livid with her father.  She followed Jerry outside and told him to meet her at the beach in an hour – there was no way her dad was going to tell her what to do.  65mins later, Jasmine was on the beach with Jerry – picking up where they left off from.


Jasmine was a smart girl – but her father Rupert was even smarter.  When he went to her room to say good night and apologies for embarrassing her, he knew instantly that the plumped up duvet cover was not his daughter, but a line of pillows hidden to look like her.  Rupert did not hesitate calling the police and reporting his daughter missing.  He knew she was not exactly missing – but he also knew he had to teach her a lesson.  Therefore when Jasmine heard someone shout:  “You are out past your curfew, come with me,” she knew that the police lady waiting for her, was the result of her father.  He had done it again – embarrassed her in front of Jerry .  She did not know if she could ever forgive her father for this!





10 responses

26 10 2009

lol, I love it. Rupert is awesome, those are such normal dad things to do.

Oh and I’m glad that you decided to move Candy, Rhona and Romeo into the Shenston house instead of moving Gabriel out. =)

26 10 2009

I just read through your whole Legacy for the first time. I never got up once, I’ve been sitting here for hours lol 🙂 Great job on the Legacy. I’m always surprised by the latest scandal in the Shenston house, though I should probably expect them by now, but I liked how you incorporated real-life happenings with getting the Scarlett, Candy and Mandy pregnant. I can’t wait for an update 🙂

26 10 2009

also… I commend you on sticking with your Legacy for so long, now many people can stick it out. Again, great job 🙂

26 10 2009

Sorry I keep commenting lol, but I was wondering if you could post some pictures of the house since it’s been changed so much throughout the generations.

27 10 2009

The teen rebellion party was well done, I love the trouble miss Jasmine gets herself into. By her father’s actions, I can see where she gets her deviousness from! Keep up the good work 🙂

27 10 2009

What a drama! This is so captivating! 😀

27 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Thank you so much Erica and so pleased you read the whole thing and enjoyed it 🙂

I have only created two “big” houses in this legacy ever since i could start to afford it. You can see them here:
HOUSE one:
HOUSE two:

I always prefered the outside design of house one but prefer the inside of house two. House one was designed from a picture and house two is the house i grew up in as a child – but on a grander scale 🙂

I will be knocking the current one down for the next generation and building a new one – it is long over due (in a couple of chapters time from now – probably this weekend) so will post pictures then.

Thanks for your support and keep reading xxx

27 10 2009

Love it! It is soo cool In my legay I’m on my 6th generation but I have not taken any pictures!

29 10 2009

Awsome update! I also love the twists and the trouble Jasmine gets herself into! Great update:)

10 02 2011

Wow… Not right for Jasmine but not right for Rupert…

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