Chapter 6.7 – A new family

23 10 2009

Gabriel knew what he had to do – he had to take responsibility for his actions and that meant moving in with Candy and Mandy and looking after their children. Even if it meant he would lose Candy and have to drop out of high school. He was just about to head over to the Moores house to announce his decision when his phone rang – it was Mandy. Gabriel listened while she explained how she had been offered the chance of a Cheerleading scholarship at SimCity Academy and that she could not bring Rhona with her.  She wanted him to look after Rhona until she got back.


Gabriel could not believe what he was hearing, he was being let off the hook.  This way Candy, Romeo and Rhona could move in with him and he would not have to drop out of high-school.  He told Mandy that he would happily take Rhona and he was heading over to see them.  When he arrived Candy answered the door holding Romeo.  This was the first time Gabriel had seen his son and he instantly fell in love with him.


He asked Candy where her brother was and Candy called Jeff over – storming off as she was put out that Gabriel was not here to see her or Romeo.  If looks could kill, Jeff would have killed Gabriel instantly.  But Gabriel sucked up his fear for Jeff and asked him for Candy’s hand in marriage.


“Why should I grant you Candy’s hand in marriage,” Jeff replied wanting to make Gabriel feel as uncomfortable as he could.


“Because I love her,” Gabriel begged.  “Because I love Romeo and Rhona too and I want to make them happy and I believe I can if I marry them and build a life with them.  With Mandy going away, and Rhona moving in with me, it makes sense for Candy and Romeo too – this way you will finally get your life back too.”


Jeff was not a clever man but he did love his sisters and wanted the best for them.  Equally he wanted his life back too and even though he did not like this punk kid who got his sisters pregnant – he knew that Gabriel was taking responsibility and would be able to provide for them as his parents were rich.  “OK,” he replied.  “You have my permission.  But don’t let me know down or you won’t know what’s hit you.”  With that he shook Gabriel’s hand.


Candy came back into the room after putting Romeo to bed. She saw Gabriel shaking her brother’s hand with Mandy and Jeff’s girlfriend watching.  “What’s going on,” she asked?  Gabriel came over to Mandy and took her hand in his.  He got down on one knee pulled out a ring and asked Candy to marry him.  “I love you Candy, I always have done.  Make me the happiest man and marry me.”


Candy was gob smacked.  She was convinced Gabriel would never marry her but here he was – asking her to be his forever.  Candy screamed yes and insisted they married there and then – she did not want Gabriel to change his mind.


So Candy and Gabriel exchanged rings there and then in the hallway.  There was no fanfare or party – but they did not need it – they had each other.  Afterwards, Candy packed her and Romeo’s bags set to move in with Gabriel.  Mandy already had Rhona’s bag packed.  She handed her daughter to her sister making her promise to love her like her own until she could come back for her one day. 


Gabriel and Candy took a taxi back to the Shenston house.  They were filled with fear and excitement about their life together.


Roxy was there waiting for them when they arrived.  She had known about Gabriel’s purpose before he went over to see Candy and was not surprised when he came back with both his kids in tow and a bride.  She did not know Candy very well and promised she would get to know her and welcome her into the family as best she could.


While Gabriel had been over at the Moore house getting married, the Shenston twins, Jasmine and Ivy had had a birthday and grown into teens.  They looked much more different to each other now that they were older.  Jasmine was much fairer and had developed the charismatic trait.


Ivy took after her father with his dark skin and hair and blue eyes.  She developed the natural cook trait.


Jasmine was still as sociable as ever.  She had also started to practice speaking in front of the mirror in order to gain more friends.


Ivy has also become more and more obsessed with cooking up treats for the family.  Now she was a teen, Roxy was allowed her to use the stove. She loved to experiment with different ingredients and cook her favourite meal which was pancakes.




But Ivy was also very neurotic and if her pancakes were not cooked to perfection, she would completely freak out – screaming and yelling and throwing an almighty tantrum.


When Candy, Romeo and Rhona first moved in, Candy took a couple of days off school for them to settle in.  Roxy would not allow Gabriel to miss any school as she was determined he would still graduate a straight A student.


While Candy settled in, Roxy had a few days off work and helped her to unpack.  They also started teaching the kids how to walk and talk with Roxy taking charge of Rhona and Roxy of Romeo.


After school, Gabriel headed to the local grocery store to get a part time job.  Even though it would mean he would be away from his family more, he still could not keep relying on his parents for money all the time and had to start making his own living for his family.


Gabriel adored his kids. Even though he still wanted to be an International Super Spy – he now knew that he would never be James Bond.  But he was ok with that as he adored his kids and played and cuddled them whenever he was at home.



When Saturdays came round, Gabriel was so tired from going to school and working all week, he normally took naps throughout the day the same time as the kids did just so he could catch up on his sleep.  Him and Candy had moved into the spare room and Roxy had bought Romeo and Rhona a new crib each.  Looks like things were working out after all.





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23 10 2009

I’m glad there was a happy ending. But I know you Sarah. There’s going to be some kind of twist. Or at least something interesting will happen to someone in the Shenston House.

23 10 2009

of course

23 10 2009
Baucom Legacy

I agree with Beckey. Also where did you get Rhona’s Hairstyle?

23 10 2009

Where did you get Rhona’s and Romeo’s cribs?

24 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi guys.

Rhonas hairstyle is from here:

And the cribs are the new ones you can buy on the official sims3 website:


24 10 2009
Baucom Legacy

Wow, thanks so much. =)

24 10 2009

Yay, it all worked out… for now… Something dramatic has to happen lol. Beautiful cribs!

24 10 2009

I love this legacy. I can’t get enough of it. Keep up the great work!!

25 10 2009

Sarah are you only doing updates every other day or something now?

25 10 2009

Awh, I’m happy that Gabriel gets to keep both of his children, and Candy. I never liked Mandy much anyway. 🙂

26 10 2009

Romeo and Rhona are such cuties! I love how everything has worked out for Gabriel so far.

27 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi Becky. I try to do five days a week but if i am busy in the evening i dont have time to play so will have to miss the next day’s update. Sorry if i miss somedays but hopefully the updates will be worth it. xxxx

29 10 2009

Wow, you actualy went with my little idea! I love this chapter, his kids are soo cute! Also thanx ofr the link to Rhona’s hairstyle, it’s very cute! Off to read the next update:)

29 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

I did indeed go with your idea Kama – it was the perfect solution. Thank you so much x

10 02 2011

Wow… I love how this chapter turned out. I think Rhona is the cutest baby girl I’ve ever seen in the Sims 3!!!! I feel bad for Gabriel though…

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