Chapter 6.6 – Knocked Up

21 10 2009

Following Gabriel’s little liaison with Mandy, he thought himself quite the stud.  Mandy had not told Candy about it (not yet anyway) so Gabriel thought he was home free.


This was until Candy did not come to school for a whole week and soon Mandy stopped coming to school too.  Gabriel tried to call Candy, but her phone was constantly switched off and when he spoke to any of their friends, no one had seen either sister for ages.  Concerned, Gabriel decided to go over to their house to see what was going on.  Candy and Mandy lived across town with their older brother as their parents had died a few years before. 


Mandy was the one to open the door and greet Gabriel.  She was not in her usual cheerleading outfit and greeted Gabriel with a hand shake. Very strange, Gabriel thought.


“What’s going on Mandy,” Gabriel asked?  “You and Candy have not been at school for weeks and everyone is wondering where you are.”


“Well I can only speak for myself,” Mandy replied.  “But I have not been at school because I am knocked up – with your baby!”


Gabriel was shocked.  He could not believe he had got Mandy pregnant. “Now go in and speak to Candy,” Mandy continued. “I had to tell her all about us obviously as I am having your baby, and as you can imagine she is not best pleased.  I’m sure she has something to say to you.” Gabriel entered the house in a whirlwind of emotions.  He could see Candy watching him coming in.


But it was not until he got closer to her, he could see that she was in fact heavily pregnant too!  It cant be, Gabriel thought to himself.  She can’t be pregnant with my baby too!!!


As Gabriel approached Candy he could see the tears in her eyes.  “It’s true,” she whispered.  “It’s yours too.”


Gabriel felt sick.  He hung his head and walked away finding himself in the kitchen, with Candy following on close behind.  “How could you,” she started?  “How could you sleep with my sister and get her pregnant? Did nothing we have mean anything to you?”


Gabriel did not know what to say.  He loved Candy and never wanted to hurt her, but right now all he could think about was that he was 16 and was going to be a father to two babies.  “I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I don’t know what to say.”


Candy snapped!  “You don’t know what to say!!!  Well you better think of something as you are going to be a dad soon and you have to take responsibility for what you have done.”


Candy burst into tears and buried her head in her hands.  “I don’t know what to do either Gabriel.  Do you think I wanted to be pregnant at 16, by the same man fathering my sister’s baby?  But both babies are coming whether we like it or not so we have to figure out what to do for the best.  Do you still love me?”


“Of course I love you,” Gabriel replied.  “And I want you and this baby.  But what am I going to do about your sister.  I have to be responsible for her too now.  This is all a mess.”


“Well if you want to be with me Gabriel you have to be with me and only me.  I understand that you will need to see her baby, but I don’t want you to have anything more to do with her or even see her – not if you want anything to do with me!”


“I want you,” Gabriel replied. “I want us to be a family.  Can I feel your tummy?” Candy nodded.  Gabriel could feel movement coming from inside Candy’s belly and he suddenly knew everything would be ok.


He kissed Candy goodbye and told her he would sort everything out and would be back shortly.  On his way out he caught sight of Mandy cradling her pregnant belly.  He tried to talk to her but she just gave him the cold shoulder.  Even her brother refused to speak to him! What a mess!


Gabriel drove home numb.  He knew his mum would know what to do – but the hard part was telling her.  Roxy was playing with the twins when Gabriel got home.  He pulled his mum to one side asking if he could speak to her in private.


He knew there was no easy way to say it, so Gabriel just came out with it and told Roxy everything – how both Candy and Mandy were pregnant with his babies.


As you can imagine Roxy was astonished.  “What were you thinking,” she yelled?  “You were obviously not thinking with your head.  I can’t believe you have done this.”


Gabriel burst into tears – he just could not take it anymore.  Roxy’s anger suddenly gave way to sadness and she instantly regretted her outburst.  All she could see when she looked at Gabriel was a scared little boy and she knew she had to help him.


Roxy held her son’s shoulders and told him not to worry.  She was not upset just disappointed and she would help sort things out. She would go over to the girls’ house and speak to their older brother  and come to a decision about what would be done about the babies.


Over at the Moore house, Candy and Mandy’s brother, Jeff, had welcomed Roxy in and given her a cup of tea right away.  “Bit of a mess isn’t it,” he said?  Roxy nodded her head, ashamed that it was her son who had gotton these young girls into trouble.  “I’m sorry about this,” she said to Jeff.  “But I want you to know that my family are here to help with whatever the girls need.”


“Let me tell you my position,” Jeff replied.  “I never wanted the responsibility for my two sisters in the first place, but when our folks died I had no choice.  Now they are both up the duff, I can’t take on more responsibility for their kids too.  I am happy to help with one sister’s baby but I can’t do both. Therefore either one of the girls plus baby moves in with you – or Gabriel moves in here to take care of both the babies.”


Roxy could understand where Jeff was coming from, but she knew that the decision that was being proposed to her son was a hard one. She shook Jeff’s hand and told him she would discuss it with Gabriel and her husband and let him know what they would do.


When Roxy got home she told Gabriel about the choice he had to make.  Roxy knew that Gabriel should really move in with the Moore’s and take care of both his responsibilities – but he was still her little boy and she did not think she could part with him yet.  What should he do?


While Gabriel was busy making his decision, both Candy and Mandy went into labour – Candy was late and Mandy was early. 

New Picture (5)

Candy had a little boy who she named Romeo.  He was born athletic and easily impressed.


Mandy had a little girl she named Rhona (the computer picked the names – but I was surprised to see find how similar they were).  She was born artistic and absent minded.


So what should Gabriel do? 

Should he take on his full responsibilities and move into the Moore house to help take care of both his babies?  The downside to this is that he would probably lose Candy as his girlfriend as she does not want him anywhere near her sister and he would lose his freedom and have to drop out of school. 

Or should he ask Candy to move into his house with Romeo and be supported by his parents but risk loosing out on Rhona growing up? 

VOTING NOW CLOSED.  The results were so close – it was 51% – 49%.  Therefore i have decided to combine both options.  Read on to find out what happens




25 responses

21 10 2009

hmmm thats a hard one…. I would like to think take the risk. But he can’t be heir, so is it worth having him move in with them?

21 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

I know – this is the dilema i am facing hence why i am asking you guys to decide 🙂 Im sure you will all make the right choice x

21 10 2009

I think Gabriel should be responsible and move in with the sisters. 🙂

21 10 2009

We all know he will eventually move in with them so….. but hes just a teenager! yikes this is so hard..

21 10 2009

I think Gabriel should stay with Candy. Losing Rhona won’t matter too much.

21 10 2009

Gabriel should move in. He is an extra, right? Nice story BTW xoxo

21 10 2009

Which is more important… The wife another woman’s child?

21 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

This is really a moral dilema. If it were real life i would have him move in with the girls – but its not real and im not sure i want to part with Gabriel yet!!! Hmmmm…..

21 10 2009

In this situation I think the children come first. Rhona didn’t ask to be brought into this world and it’s not fair for Candy to make Gabriel choose between his girlfriend and his daughter. I think he should move in with them and stop a relationship with both until they decide who wants to be with him and the kids are older… Good luck! So much drama, I love it!! Cx

21 10 2009

Wow Sarah, I really don’t know what to tell you. It seems like Gabriel is one of your favorites, so for you I would say to move in Candy and Romeo. But it would be much more responsible for Gabriel to move in with the Moores…-shrug- His offspring are adorable though, no surprise there! 🙂

21 10 2009

can you really make them have kids when they are teenagers? how do you do it please say i have no idea. and i think candy should move in

21 10 2009

I think Candy and Romeo should move in. I don’t want to part with Gabriel, either. xD

22 10 2009

That’s quite a hard one. Since he loves Candy, I would move Candy into the household with Romeo and Rhona! Then Mandy would stay at her own house and had a normal life. I know it’s kinda wierd but then he could marry Candy and take care of both of his kids and since they are so young, he could just tell them that they are twins and are both Candy’s. Then Rhona could find out that Mandy is her mom! That would make a really interesting story:)

22 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Kama674 – I love it!!!

22 10 2009

Kama674 – I love it too!!! Sarah, this could be a complicated storyline to work in but good luck! I can’t wait to see how this all pans out.

OMG I totally need to update my legacy – I’m way behind but it’s soooo boring compared to this lol.

22 10 2009

Ohh thanx! I just thought it would be a more complicated storyline and I think it would be interesting to see what Rhona would do! By the way, a great chapter StarSarah!

22 10 2009

I love kama674’s idea, as it would involve more drama, which I just love.
I honestly couldn’t decide between those two choices, because they both have advantages and disadvantages that are very similar.
But whatever you decide to do will be very interesting, I’m sure. 😀

22 10 2009

Move in! It’s about the children, not what any of the parents involved want. Let them both have a father figure in their lives!

22 10 2009

I love kama674’s idea too, do it do it! plz plz plz

22 10 2009
Baucom Legacy

Yeah. Really he should be in both of his childrens life. Who cares if Candy breaks up with him?

23 10 2009

Its weird. The kids aren’t only half siblings, their also cousins!

27 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

lol yeah that is werid x

29 10 2009
Liddylulu 11

Where did you get the maternity wear I have been looking for ages.

29 10 2009
29 10 2009

thanks ^.^

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