Chapter 6.5 – Ladies Man

20 10 2009

Just after the twins had aged up, it was also time for Gabriel to enter into teenage-hood.  As he grew he developed the flirty trait.


For his birthday his parents re-decorated his bedroom and bought him the James Bond DVD  box set.  Gabriel watched every DVD twice  and decided that his life-long wish would be to be just like James Bond – great with the ladies and an International Super Spy.


He knew he needed to get in shape if he was going to become a spy and attract the attention of girls, so he set to work training hard and exercising profusely each day.


He also practised football with his dad every evening in preparation for trying out for the school team.


It did not take long for all his hard work to pay off.  After a few months Gabriel won himself a place on the football team at school.  He was no captain or anything, but he knew he would one day work himself up to be.  Being on the football team was also a magnet for the girls.  Gabriel had never had so much female attention, and he loved it!  There was one specific girl who caught his eye.  Her name was Candy Moore – she was one half of the Moore twins and the most popular girls in school.  When she started chatting to him one day after practice, Gabriel could not believe his luck.


And when she started flirting with him, Gabriel knew he was in with a chance and asked Candy if she wanted to go to the juice bar with him.  After this Candy and Gabriel were inseparable during and after school.  Gabriel loved to have someone so pretty on his arm and Candy loved being driven around in Gabriel’s black sports car (which was actually his dads).


Candy also started hanging out at Gabriel’s house a lot. Roxy and Rupert really liked her and thought it was great for Gabriel to have some company while he babysat his sisters every evening while they had to work. 


Things were really hotting up between the two, and having the house to themselves each night was a recipe for mischief.


Candy and Gabriel decided they could not wait any longer and wanted to go all the way with each other.  Candy’s twin sister, Mandy had already done it, and most of her friends, so she knew she wanted Gabriel to be her first. 


Afterwards, they lay in each others arms.  Candy slightly frightened by what she had just done and Gabriel triumphant that he had done it.  Candy hoped nothing would change between them and Gabriel hoped things would never be the same again.


The twins meanwhile were growing up fast.  They were very close but also very different.  Jasmine was a very friendly, social girl.  She only averaged a C+ at school as she put most of her time and energy into hanging out with her friends.  She already had loads of friends and was always bringing one of them back to play after school.


Ivy was also very sociable but was much more into her studies than Jasmine and was a straight A student.  Roxy had bought Ivy a children’s toy oven for her birthday and as a hobby she loved nothing more than to bake muffins for the family. 


It was normally Rupert who was roped into trying out Ivy’s new recipes.  She would wait until he got home from work every evening and present her creations to him to try. She would sit and watch him eat every mouthful trying to see if he was enjoying it or not.


For Rupert, Ivy’s cake were not always to his taste – especially her fish flavoured ones.  But he loved his daughter and complimented her on her creations every time.


Gabriel meanwhile was  finding himself quite the stud since his bedroom activities with Candy.  She was still his girlfriend and he loved her, but word had spread through school that he had done it and he was in more demand than ever with the girls.  One evening while he was babysitting his sisters and Candy was at stage school practise, a very unlikely girl turned up at his door – Candy’s sister Mandy.  Mandy was the captain of the cheerleading squad and had a bit of a reputation at school – her nick name was “Randy Mandy.” 


She said she had come by for some tutoring from Gabriel.  Knowing what Mandy was like Gabriel was dubious about her intentions – but decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and agreed to help her just this once.


When they had finished doing Mandy’s homework together, Mandy swung her arms around Gabriel thanking him for his help.  “I would not have been able to get through that homework without you,” she whispered squeezing him tight and kissing him on the cheek.


Gabriel’s teenage hormones went into overdrive and as Mandy was pulling away from him – he pulled her closer and kissed her as hard and passionately as he could.


Two minutes later they were jumping into bed together.


Afterwards Mandy and Gabriel lay side by side on the bed in silence.  Gabriel could not believe what he had just done.  He had cheated on Candy with her own sister.  “Lets keep this to ourselves,” he asked without even looking at Mandy.

“Of course,” Mandy replied swinging herself off the bed, “I never kiss and tell.”  Somehow Gabriel did not believe her and he was filled with shame, regret and dread!  What had he done…..!!?





14 responses

20 10 2009

oooo dramaaaa

20 10 2009

Oh, Gabriel, why, why? Don’t destroy what you have with Candy!

And Ivy and Jasmine are gorgeous, by the way.

20 10 2009

Oooh another juicy installment, I like it! 🙂

20 10 2009

Oh, Gabriel..things were going so well with Candy!
Fish muffins…lol. 🙂

20 10 2009

Wooowww… Gabriel must have not been thinking… I love the girls’ hair!!

21 10 2009

“Randy Mandy”…I think I snorted the pistachios I was snacking on!

21 10 2009

Haha! Gabriel the ladies man, huh? Well we will just have to see about that. *evil grin*

21 10 2009

Is it just me or does Gabriel look like Perry?

25 10 2009

I love how in the photo of Gabriel on his bed watching James Bond, there’s something pink and suspiciously satin-like hanging out of his laundry basket..

25 10 2009

looks like a hand towel 2 me.

26 10 2009
Baucom Legacy

yeah. I cant make any other shape than that out of it.

26 10 2009

Emma – I went back and looked and had a giggle to myself. It could totally be a pink satin something lol.

26 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

lol. It does look like a tea towel – though i like to think maybe Gabriel has a little secret love for all things pink and silky! I might have to try to get to the bottom of this…..

21 12 2009

Mandy Moore??? Hahaha, interesting. 😀 I see she is the evil one here. And the other is Candy… I believe that Mandy Moore’s first song was called Candy. Right? 🙂

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