Chapter 6.4 – Sisters

19 10 2009

With Roxy having twins, the Shenston household was full to the brim.  Holly was now heavily pregnant and there was no room left for another body so Perry made the decision that he and Holly should move out.  Roxy insisted they did not have to, but Perry insisted it was time for him to start living his own life now with his own growing family.


So Perry and Holly loaded up the old ‘beaten up old car’ each Sim HAS to move house in – and headed to their new dwellings across town.


The twins settled nicely into the family home.  Roxy re-decorated their bedroom and her and Rupert took charge of a girl each to teach them how to walk talk and go potty.  Rupert had the responsibility of Jasmine.


And Roxy’s job was to teach Ivy everything she needed to know to grow into a well rounded kid.


Gabriel meanwhile had started school and was already on the honour roll.  It broke Roxy’s heart the first day she had to send him to school all on his own.


When Gabriel was not at school, Roxy made sure that he did not feel neglected. She knew it must have been hard for him having to share his parents with his sisters, so she made sure she always paid him more attention than ever by helping him with his homework everyday and playing his favorite game of catch with him.


Even though having twins was hard work – they were great girls and amused themselves most of the time, leaving Roxy time to spend with Gabriel.


Soon enough it was Roxy’s birthday and time for her to age.  She was up to eyes in milk and baby sick that she did not feel like a party so just allowed her birthday to go by and age up without much notice.  She did get some new clothes and a new hairstyle though to show her more mature look.


Even with all this going on, Roxy and Rupert were more in love than ever.  When the kids had gone to bed each night they always made time for each other – loving nothing more than snuggling on the sofa in front of the TV.


Going out on dates was a sacrifice Roxy had had to give up when she had the twins. This was until one day when Rupert came home from work and told Roxy to get her best outfit on, he was taking her out for a slap up dinner at the bistro.  Roxy had not dressed up in ages and could not believe after all these years, Rupert was still so romantic. 


Turns out Rupert had an announcement to make.  He had been promoted at work to Resident doctor.


Roxy was so proud of her clever husband and even more turned on by him than ever.  She could not wait to get him home and ravish him!


Unfortunately their evening had to be cut short as Rupert’s new beeper went off and he was needed at the hospital at once!  Apparently someone needed a pancreas and Rupert had to donate his own (!!!???!!)  Seems being a resident had its draw backs!


The next day Roxy decided she would go over and visit her sister-in-law Holly who had now given birth. Turns out Holly had had twin girls too!  Perry had bought them a gorgeous house across town and Roxy could not wait to go and meet her new nieces. 


Seems the girls were just as anxious to meet their aunt as when Holly answered the door, they were already crawling out to see her.  Holly looked great.  She had not lost her baby fat but she was still much slimmer than she had been when her and Perry had first got married. She told Roxy that she did not care too much about loosing weight anymore as she had her babies.


Roxy spent the afternoon with her nieces.  The girls were gorgeous.  Sheri looked just like her mother with her big green eyes and red hair.


And little Augusta was a good mixture between her mum and dad.  She had Perry’s blond hair and Hollys green eyes.


Seeing Perry’s family doing so well, Roxy could not help but think of her own sister Freya who she had not seen in years.  She had heard stories through friends and neighbours about Freya and her evil mission to take-over the world, but she had refused to believe it all.  She rung up Freya when she got home and invited her to come over later that day.  In the meantime Roxy got cracking on a work out – seeing Holly had made her realise she too had some extra baby pounds to lose!


Freya turned up later that evening.  She still looked like the same old Freya but a little older. 


Having just worked out, Roxy was really sweaty so told Freya to go upstairs and meet her nieces while she showered.  Freya adored her new little nieces but could not help and resort back to her old ways and instantly stole candy from Ivy.


Hearing a shriek coming from the nursery, Roxy ran to the girl’s room where she found Ivy screaming her head off and Freya standing over her.  “What happened,” Roxy asked her sister, having a sudden sence of de-ja-voo from when Perry was a baby?


“Nothing she just started crying,” Freya responded shrugging her shoulders and heading downstairs.  Roxy knew her sister well enough to know when she was lying.  So she scooped Ivy up and asked her herself seeing as Ivy had just learnt to talk.  All Ivy had to say was “candy gone,” for Roxy to know that Freya was up to her old tricks.  Stealing candy from a baby was the lowest form of evil. 


Roxy stormed downstairs and found her sister eyeing up an antique vase in the sitting room. “Your still as evil as ever Freya.  I have refused to believe it all these years – but now i can finally see for what you are.”


“Not only do you look like mum,” Roxy continued, “but you are also evil like her.  I dont want you around my children and infect them the way mum obviously infected you.  Now get out.”


Freya knew her sister was right.  She should not be around children.  Being evil was hard work and she would not wish this trait on anyone.  Freya left that day and knew she would never see her sister again. 


That night, Ivy and Jasmine grew into kids.  Jasmine developed the inappropriate trait and Ivy developed the workaholic trait. With Jasmine’s hair and skin now much lighter than her sister’s, the two girls were not as identical as they were before, but they were still as close as ever. (Ivy on left, Jasmine on right)





10 responses

19 10 2009

Aw, all of the kids are super cute! It’s a bummer that you had to move Perry and Holly out..I wonder what would have happened if you had left them in the house with no room for a baby? Anywho, adorable kids all around and I’m sad to see that Freya blew her chance of getting to know her nephew and nieces.

19 10 2009

Love the latest installment as usual. I have to laugh at moments like Rupert donating his pancreas *lol* as it’s so very sims-like!

19 10 2009

oh no, poor rupert and his pancreas. Must be a mix up with the paper work from the time he was an organ donor. still gunning for ivy!!

20 10 2009
Baucom Legacy

Their both really pretty. Maybe you’ll work out the problem of so many blonde heirs now.

20 10 2009

Four beautiful children! Hooray!

20 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Yes that was one of the main reasons for choosing Rupert as the father – i knew he would mostly likey produce dark haired children and i desperatly wanted the heir to be dark this time as too many blondes. One rule i have is to never change the natural hair colour of the children when they are born x

20 10 2009

Oh Wow! Pity Augusta can’t be heir because she’s precious! Like a porcelain doll! Cx

26 10 2009
Baucom Legacy

Where did you get Jasmine’s hair, the child one?

7 01 2010

Augusta’s hair is soooo cute

2 03 2011

Wait, then wouldn’t he have to get another pancreas??? That makes NO sense…

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