Chapter 6.3 – Having Babies

18 10 2009

The loss of Viola hit Roxy and Perry hard.  Roxy had the hard job of calling her sister Freya with the bad news.  Even though Freya was obviously devastated, she decided that she did not want to attend her mother’s funeral considering all the bad feelings there had been between her and Viola.  Therefore the family decided they would not have a funeral at all and would mourn Viola privately.  Rupert was a great comfort to Roxy and he would spend hours cuddling Viola in bed while she cried for her mother.


Even though Perry was a loner and enjoyed his own solitude – the loneliness he felt without his mother was unbearable and so he sought solace in the arms of his girlfriend Holly.


Holly was a “big girl” and Perry had never really fancied her.  When they had first got together she had been the first girl to ever show interest in him.  But now, in his hour of need, Perry found Holly to be an angel sent from heaven and he knew he could not let her girl – fat or not. 


Perry decided that he would propose to Holly with his mum’s ring – he knew Viola would have liked that.  Holly could not believe her luck!  She never thought a handsome guy like Perry would go for a girl like her – but it seems that it does not matter what you look like when it comes to love.


Perry had lived his whole life without any fuss – he had never even had a birthday party – so the thought of celebrating his wedding in front of people scarred the life out of him.  He asked Holly if she did not mind not having a big wedding and Holly was so happy that Perry had even asked she insisted that they got married there and then. 


Holly settled into life at the Shenston household well.  She knew that Perry had not married her for her looks and even though Perry had told her he loved her the way  she was – she was still determined to please her husband. The doctor had also told her that she was unable to have babies the size she was so her first point of call was to get on the treadmill and burn some of those calories.  It was very hard for her at first but she was determined to do it for her and her new husband.


Roxy meanwhile was pregnant again.  She was not to sure about her choice of maternity wear but her hormones were going crazy so she decided to just go with it.


Roxy thought the timing of her pregnancy was perfect as she was due to go back to work after the birth of Gabriel and now she did not have to and could spend more time with her son.  The two spent hours together watching children’s programmes  and practising Gabriel’s speaking.


Soon enough it was time for Gabriel’s birthday and it happen to also co-inside with Rupert’s birthday too.  So Roxy decided to throw a big birthday party for her two boys.  She went all out hiring in caterers and baking them a cake each.


Gabriel celebrated his birthday first – even before some of the guests had arrived as it would soon be his bedtime.


Roxy had already bought Gabriel a new outfit for when he had aged up, so when he grew, he rushed straight upstairs to change out of his toddler clothes.  He developed the genius trait while he grew and looked more like his father than ever.


Roxy had even re-decorated his bedroom for him which Gabriel absolutely loved.


After Gabriel was tucked up in his new big boy bed for the night it was time for the adults to party and for Rupert to celebrate his birthday.


As Rupert aged into an adult he was left sporting a rather dodgy long hair style which he strangely liked! But Roxy disagreed and told him had to stop by the barbers first thing in the morning to have a good hair cut!


The birthday party had been epic, but Holly had unfortunately missed it.  She had been working so hard on herself she had completely forgotten all the celebrations that had been going on in the room next door. Her and Perry were desperate for a baby of their own and they knew that unless Holly lost the weight, she would not be able to conceive.


Well it looks like all of Hollys hard work really paid off.  After a few months she was looking slimmer than ever and had really transformed herself.





Holly loved the way she now looked.  She had always been overweight since she was a child and for the first time she could see how pretty she was.  She would spend hours in front of the mirror checking herself out and admiring her new figure.


Perry was so proud of his wife and even though he had loved her fat or thin – he too knew that she needed to shape up so they could have a baby.  Their sex life had never been so good!


It was not long before Holly had those pangs of pregnancy sickness and she knew that her dream of having a child would now be happening.


Roxy’s pregnancy was moving along quickly too but it had been hard work.  She was bigger this pregnancy than she had been with Gabriel and much more tired.  Rupert helped out his wife the best he could by giving her lots of massages.


He also loved to listen to Roxy’s tummy and hear his child moving around.  Roxy was hoping for a little girl where Rupert wanted another son.


Rupert was working hard in his career to become a world renowned surgeon.  But in his spare time he loved nothing more than to paint in the study.  (sorry i had to include this photo – you can only imagine why)


One day while Roxy was chatting to her friends on the computer, she went into labor.


Even though she had had a home birth with Gabriel, she decided that she wanted to go to the hospital this time as she was so big and in so much pain.


I am proud to announce that Roxy and Rupert had twin girls.


First to be born was Ivy.  She weighed in at 6lbs2oz and was born Excitable and Neurotic.

Ivy Toddler

60 minutes later, Ivy’s sister Jasmine was born.  She weighed a smaller 5lbs 4oz and was born excitable and friendly.

Jasmine Toddler

The two girls looked almost identical with their fathers big blue eyes and dark brown hair.  Even though they did not look like her now, Roxy hoped that one of her girls would grow up one day to resemble her.  But if not she loved them all the same wishing her mother would have been around to meet them.





14 responses

18 10 2009

I love the picture when Roxy goes into labour. The look on Rupert’s face is priceless!

18 10 2009

I think that Perry and Holly made a cute couple, even with her the way she was originally. Gabriel looks to be another Shenston male that people are going to wish could be the family heir. And I think I prefer Jasmine so far. She looks so nice (as in kind). :3

18 10 2009
Baucom Legacy

Aw! The twins are so cute!

18 10 2009

nice pic of Rupert when he’s paints and when Roxy goes into labour.

19 10 2009

wow, their hair is one of the most beautiful colours i’ve ever seen on a sim! holly is heaps pretty now she’s thin, love her eyes. not sure about the hair though.

19 10 2009

The twins are adorable, and I agree that Jasmine looks genuinely nice – she has friendly eyes. Holly looks totally different but I really liked her before and I loved that someone as good-looking as Perry chose her despite how she looked. 🙂

19 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

I love Holly. I was not playing with Perry for a while and when i started following him, he had found Holly in the town and was chatting her up all by himself. So i decided that if thats he who wants – then thats who he should have!


19 10 2009

Ha! I like Ivy more, but I am probably being influenced by hair style choices. And I love Gabriel too. He’s so cute and I love his name. (I have a cousin named Gabe, but I also love it because of Gabriel Grey. mmmmm Sylar. yum.)

20 10 2009

I guess it’s nice to have some more dark haired Shenstons! Holly is beautiful both larger and smaller.

25 10 2009

how did you get those clothes as thier maternty clothes?

p.s LOVE your legacy

24 12 2009

Big or small, Holly’s face is sooooo pretty!

6 01 2010

I lov the trait netrotic because its so esay to grant wishes

7 01 2010

LOL jasmines Micky mouse clubhouse shirt is sooooo cute and funny btw was that shirt a mod

17 01 2011

Rupert is so hot in those skimpy undies! xDD

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