Chapter 5.10 – Reunited

12 10 2009

Lisa had been so devastated by Freya stealing Jeff from her that she went crying to her mother Scarlet.  Furious, Scarlet stormed over to Viola’s house to tell her what evil antics her daughter had been getting up to.


Viola was shocked and horrified at her eldest daughter’s behaviour.  She could not believe she had stolen her own cousin’s fiancé and was apparently not showing any remorse for it.


Viola reassured her sister that she would deal with Freya.  Just after Scarlet left, Viola was pondering what to do about Freya and did not notice Freya creeping up behind her.


Viola was so lost in her own worried world that she jumped right out of skin when Freya snuck up behind her to scare her as she so often tried to do.


This was the last straw for Viola.  She had had enough and Freya and her evil ways – it had to stop now! She exploded with rage at her daughter telling her how evil she is and how ashamed she was to have a daughter like her.


Freya was slightly taken aback by her mother’s outburst – she thought her and her mum were the same but obviously not.  She tried to reason with her mother but it was no good.


I’m not standing for this, Freya thought retaliating at her mother screaming: “Well at least I am not an old dried up petty thief like you.  You’re a joke mum and everyone knows it.  I’m embarrassed to be your daughter!”


“GET OUT,” Viola screamed back.  “Get out of this house NOW!  We don’t want you here.  Pack up your stuff and go now.”


Freya was not going to stand about a minute longer listening to her mother’s ranting.  She did not even pack a bag.  She just ran out of the door determined to start a new life on her own where she could succeed in being the master of all evil.


Viola was sad that she had had to kick her daughter out but she knew it was for the best of the family.  At least now she would not have to decide on who would be the heir to the Shenston Legacy.  Roxy was the only daughter left so it would automatically be passed to her. She was doing well in her music career and was also engaged to a fantastic man.  The engagement announcement had even been put in the local newspaper.  Viola was so proud of her.


Someone else had also seen the engagement announcement in the local newspaper – it was Rupert – Roxy’s half cousin and first love.  He had just graduated from medical school and had returned to Sunset Valley to claim his love.  But was it too late?  He rushed over to find out!


Pulling up to the Shenston house, Rupert was filled with hope and dread.  As he rung the door bell he prayed that Roxy would still have feelings for him even though she was engaged to another man.


When Roxy opened the door she looked at Rupert stunned.  It was almost like a ghost was standing there.  He looked older and more rugged but she could still see the old Rupert in there.  She did not know how to react so she shook his hand and politely invited him inside.


For Rupert, all his old feelings came flooding back.  He could not believe he was here in front of Roxy, and when she turned to go inside he felt a pang of pain in his heart fearing that he may never have her again.


It was very awkward at first.  The duo chatted about old times and caught up with what they are now up to.  Neither of them mentioned Roxy’s fiancé, Lon, but they could tell the name was hanging in the air.


Eventually Rupert could not hold it in any longer.  “Why did you not wait for me,” he screamed?  “Why did you not write to me?  I waited for you for seven years and now it’s too late!”


Roxy was stunned.  “I wrote to you everyday for a year!  It was not over!  It’s still not over!” And with that she pulled Rupert by the shirt overcome with lust and love for him.  She pressed her lips hard against his and promised herself she would never let him go again.


Rupert scooped Roxy up in his arms, kissing her the whole time while finding his way into the bedroom.  


Roxy could not believe she was back in Rupert’s arms.  Any thoughts of her fiancé Lon was now lost to her and she knew that she was where she was meant to be.  Without even thinking, she got down on one knee and proposed to Rupert.


Of course he accepted. This was what he had wanted for over years!


Now Roxy just had to break the news to her mother who she knew would not be happy about it.  Just after Freya had moved out, Viola and Jack had aged into elders. Roxy knew she would have to break the news carefully as Viola was old now and she did not want to give her a heart attack!  She started off telling her mother how Rupert was back in town.


Viola listened on wondering where Roxy was going with this.  She had thought Roxy had gotton over Rupert years ago but now here she was talking about him again.  Then Roxy broke the news Viola had prayed she would never hear: “Me and Rupert are getting married!”


“You cant,” Viola exploded.  “He is your half cousin.  It’s not right Roxy.”


“I love him mum.  I always have done.  We are going to be together and there is nothing you can do to stop us this time.  Why don’t you tell me about the letters?  How come he never received mine and I never received his?”


“It was for the best,” Viola said realising she had been caught out.  “It was easier this way.  I did it for you Roxy, so you would get over Rupert easier.” 


Roxy broke down in tears.  She could not believe she had wasted all of these years without Rupert and it was all her mums fault.  “You’re just as evil as Freya,” she whimpered.


Viola was suddenly overwhelmed with sadness and guilt.  Maybe she was just as evil as Freya and this thought scared her. She did not want to lose another daughter and knew she had to make this right!  “I’m sorry,” she whispered.  “Please forgive me.  I only had your best interests in mind the whole time and maybe I did not deal with it right, but I only did it to make you happy.”


Roxy loved her mum and even though she would never be able to forget what her mum had done, she did want to forgive her. “Ok,” she said.  “I will forgive you if – but you have to accept Rupert.”  Viola had no choice but to agree. 


Mother and daughter hugged each other and started to make plans for the wedding.  Even though Roxy was not marrying Lon anymore, she was still her daughter and heir to the legacy so Viola had to start accepting Roxy and Rupert’s relationship.  At the end of the day she just wanted her little girl to be happy!


The wedding was beautiful.  Roxy wore a Vera Wang dress with Jimmy Choo shoes


Roxy and Rupert exchanged rings in the gardens of the house with all their friends and family cheering them on.


Roxy played her guitar for the guests and even serenaded Rupert.


Even Rupert’s mum, Ruby, turned up despite the animosity between her and Viola.  She and Jack seemed to be enjoying themselves together… maybe a little too much!


Stay tuned to find out how Roxy’s and Rupert’s marriage goes. And what will Viola think about her husband dancing with Ruby, his ex-lover!!! Stay tuned to find out!




13 responses

12 10 2009

awww the notebooook 🙂

12 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

yay – well done carbear728 – you are correct. most of my storyline are from films but i know the script to the Notebook off by heart as it is my fav film ever!!! x

12 10 2009

Awh, even though they’re half cousins, I still think that Roxy and Rupert are adorable together. I hope their marriage lasts.
And Freya was acting evil. Let her go and be evil in her own home, where she has no one to scare. 😀

12 10 2009


12 10 2009

I only started reading this today, and I have read every chapter so far.

Its awesome! Everytime it came to a vote I would be all like please let so and so win, and everytime they won! Woot!

I love Roxy’s face, she is pretty. I love her hair too.

12 10 2009

Yay for Roxy and Rupert!! Love em =)

12 10 2009

I LOVE Roxy’s wedding dress and shoes. Where did you get them?

12 10 2009

Is it just me, or does Roxy’s hair seem a little…much? It looks pretty, though. 😛

12 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

LOL. Yes Roxy’s hair is rather large!!! But i like it on her. In real life it would be a bit OTT x

13 10 2009

Loving the legacy! I can’t believe you’re almost on gen 6!! As for the Notebook – it was inspired – very well done! Best film ever!!! Keep writing, this just keeps getting better and better. =D

30 12 2009

Oh i am soooo happy that Rupert came back for her

4 01 2010

Darn it I LOVED lon!

27 03 2010

I love your legacy!
Roxy looks just like the singer Amanda Jensen

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