And the winner is……

10 10 2009

Thank you to everyone who voted for the new Shenston heir.  There was an overwhelming response with over 460 of you voting,  but  Roxy won with 69% of the votes and will now be the head of the Shenston Legacy.


Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult

Weight: Skinny

Traits: Hopeless Romantic, Artistic, Good, Virtuous, Hot Headed

Lifetime Wish: Hit Movie Composer



Roxy was born good, artistic, virtuous but is also quite hot-headed! She is also a hopeless romantic and has never quite got over her first love Rupert, who she was banned from seeing as he is her half cousin. Her lifetime wish is to become a hit movie composer and she is determined to fall in love again – but with who?

Stay tuned to see what Roxy will get up to in the 6th generation of the Shenston legacy ….!




6 responses

11 10 2009

i love your legacy and am so glad roxy won

whooooooooo xxxx

lol thks for being so fantabulous

Lizzi x x x x x

11 10 2009

Yay I love Roxy!

11 10 2009

I’m happy that Roxy won. Freya’s just a bit too evil for me, and what she did to Lily was mean. And I love Roxy’s hair, by the way. Where can I get it?

11 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Roxy’s hair is a PeggyZone donation:

12 10 2009

Cool, thanks. I’ll download it later. It’s so pretty. 😀
By the way, have you checked out my story? I’ve been working on it recently, as I had a bit of a break.

16 01 2011

wtf!? she looks JUST LIKE ME
brown eyes
fluffy blonde hair
dont mean to sound stuckup or anything but GOD! Are you stalking me?

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