Chapter 5.9 – Tricked

9 10 2009

Roxy was determined to advance in the music career as quickly as possible and practiced her guitar day and night. She played for tips in the park and stayed late after work whenever she was needed to increase her work performance.


One day after work Lon Hammond Jr. was waiting for Roxy outside the theatre.  He was the son of Lon Hammond Snr, mayor of Sunset Valley.  He had seen Roxy at a concert and was smitten with her from the first moment he had clapped eyes on her.


Lon chatted to Roxy for hours impressing her with his high flying career in the military as a Flight Pilot.  

Roxy was surprised how quickly she fell in love with Lon. He was handsome, smart, funny, sophisticate and charming. He also came from old Southern money, and was fabulously wealthy.



Roxy’s parents Viola and Jack also loved Lon and encouraged their relationship to blossom quickly.  Therefore it was no real surprise to any of them when Lon popped the big question. “Marry me?” He said getting down on one knee.  “Make me the happiest man in the world.”


“Yes.  Yes!” Roxy squealed, jumping up and down for joy. 


She agreed with all her heart, but couldn’t understand why at the very moment she said yes, Rupert’s face came to her mind.


Meanwhile Freya was making waves of her own.  After Roxy’s birthday party she had not been able to get her cousin Lisa’s finance out of her mind.  She hated Lisa having something she could not and set about determined to woo Jeff Biggs and steal him from Lisa.  Freya arranged to meet Jeff one night at Hogan’s deep fried Diner telling him she had something important to discuss with him.


The minute Freya got started, poor Jeff had no chance.  She told him she would treat him so much better than Lisa ever could and explained in graphic details how much fun they could have together.


Jeff was a weak man who was easily impressed and excitable.  He was totally taken in by Freya and soon agreed to break off the engagement with Lisa to be with Freya.


He whisked her up in his arms and took her home with him to seal the deal.


The next day Jeff woke up to find his bed was empty and there was no sign of Freya.  He tried to call her but her phone was switched off so he headed over to house to see where she had gone.  When he got there, Freya answered the door with a look of thunder on her face and asked: “What do you want!?”


“I was just wondering where you had gone,” Jeff stammered suddenly very afraid.  “I thought you wanted to be with me but you left without saying anything.”


“Yeh well I changed my mind,” Freya snapped back!  “I have decided that you are not really up to my standards after all.”


Jeff was stunned.  He could not believe that he had left Lisa for Freya and now she was just dumping him like this.  Being over emotional, Jeff fainted there and then in the hallway.  Freya just stood and looked at Jeff in disgust; she could not believe what a loser he was.


Jeff woke up a few hours later to find Freya gone and her sister practicing her guitar nearby.  He realised what a huge mistake he had made and rushed straight over to Lisa’s house hoping she did not know about his affair with her evil cousin. But unfortunately for poor Jeff, Freya had already rung Lisa and told her about the night she just spent with her fiancé.  Jeff was met with a slap around the face from Lisa.


“How could you,” she yelled.  “With my own cousin too!”


Jeff tried to apologise and tell Lisa that Freya had tricked him but Lisa knew better.  She knew it took two to tango.  “Why did you have to ruin everything Jeff?  I loved you!”  With that Lisa turned and ran into her house crying.  She knew her evil cousin was the main cause of her unhappiness and promised herself she would get her own back one day.


With all the drama going on in the Shenston household, Perry was often being over looked by his family.  He had become so lonely he had taken to hanging out with the ghosts of his ancestors, playing computer games with them every night.



No one even noticed when he had a birthday and grew into a teenager.  He developed the loner trait preferring to spend time in his bedroom rather than more social areas.


What will become of Freya and her evil ways?  Will Roxy go through with her wedding to Lon?  And who will be the heir to the Shenston Legacy.  Stay tuned to find out …..




15 responses

9 10 2009

Perry is hot, and I want to marry him. Just saying. o . o

9 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

lol. Ok Fakririjekt – i will see what i can do about setting you guys up 🙂

10 10 2009

wooh! you’re back. Perry is gorgeous, especially for a fifth generation sim!

10 10 2009

How did Perry end up prettier than his sisters?

10 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

I know i know – if only he was real eh?? lol 🙂

10 10 2009

I wish Perry could be heir… but hes male 😦 so he can’t…

11 10 2009

I finally caught up! Took me a few days. I love how you usually seem to find blonde mates for your sims. I wonder if that’s intentional…?

11 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Intentional hmmm… not exactly. But i guess the fact i always go for blond guys in real life probably draws me to them in the sims too 🙂

12 10 2009

Aww, I love Roxy. I didn’t realize what an evil B**** Freya was! lol.

The photos of Roxy flirting with her leg up and hugging Lon are perfect captures for the story!

24 03 2010

Notebook refrence loved it!

I’m so late on this but, I’ve been reading your legacy all day. I love your family!

30 03 2010

Thank you Jay. Had to put the notebook in there somewhere 😉

17 04 2010

OHHH MY GOD THE NOTEBOOK! Haha I saw the reference as soon as Roxy’s mom and Ruby separated the her and Rupert! 😀

9 08 2010

I second to loving the notebook reference!

4 11 2010
Shower Radio ·

The Notebook movie would always put a tear on my eyes, i love this movie very very much “

16 01 2011

Perry is a hottie. thats all im saying
NOOO I WANNA MARRY HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(

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