Chapter 5.8 – Growing up

8 10 2009

Roxy was devastated loosing Rupert and blamed her mother for keeping them apart.  She cried herself to sleep for months.  Viola tried to comfort her daughter best she could, and even though she felt guilty for what she had done, she still knew it was for the best.


Viola hated her daughter moping around the house all day so threw herself into her fitness to block it all out.


Roxy wrote letters to Rupert at college every day, spilling her heart out to him and begging him to come back to her.  But she never got a reply.


Little did she know her mother was stealing Roxy’s letters from Rupert and throwing them away!


Whenever Roxy asked Viola if she had seen any letters, Viola always denied seeing anything.  This is where Viola’s evil side really comes out!


Soon enough it was Freya’s birthday and she aged into a young adult.  She developed the mean spirited trait and looked more like her mother than ever – though much more evil!



Freya loved nothing more than practising her evil ways.  She was always creeping around the house.


Sneaking up people and trying to scare them out of their minds.  It did not seem to work on Viola though as she knew all the tricks already!


As her life long wish was to become the Emperor of Evil, Freya decided she needed to start working in the criminal career as soon as possible.  She knew her mother worked as a bank robber so went to her to ask her to get her a job at the Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp.  Freya loved that her daughter wanted to follow in her footsteps – she just did not know it was to become the emperor of evil and not a master thief.  So Viola happily got Freya a job as a decoy and mother and daughter went to work together every day.


Not only did Freya look like her mother, work in the same place as her mother – she also shared Viola’s love of exercise and the two girls would spend all their free time working out together in their den.


Roxy was jealous of how close her mother and her sister were – but she also knew she was nothing like them and instead threw herself into her music, writing painful love songs that she hoped she would one day play to Rupert.


Soon enough it was time for Roxy’s birthday too.  It had been a while since Rupert left and Roxy was slowly coming out of her slump.  She had stopped writing him letters and had resigned to the fact she may never see him again.  To celebrate this, Viola decided to throw her a big birthday party inviting all friends from school and family.


Little Perry did not come to his sisters birthday party as he was too busy fishing across the road at the pond.  Fishing was his new hobby since he became a kid and he would often stay out past his curfew trying to hook the biggest fish.


Starlet (Viola’s sister) came and bought her daughter Lisa who was now a young adult too.


Lisa also bought her finance with her, Jeff Biggs. Freya was quick to steel a quick dance with him when Lisa’s back was turned.


Roxy had the best birthday ever and loved being the centre of attention.  She blew out the candles on her birthday cake and made a wish to fall in love again.


Roxy grew into a young adult and developed the hot-headed trait.  Unlike her sister, she looked more like her father even though no one still knew where she got her big brown eyes from.


Straight after her party Roxy headed down to the Wilsonoff Community Theatre to join the music career.  Due to her advanced music skills she went straight in as a Stagehand.


The wage was terrible so to make ends meat, Roxy spent her spare time busking in the park.


It would soon be Viola’s birthday and she would become an elder.  She needed to decide quickly who would be the heir to the Shenston Legacy out of her two daughters Freya and Roxy – but who should it be??


Who should be the heir to Shenston Legacy and lead the sixth generations?  Voting now closed.  Read on to find out who won!




6 responses

8 10 2009

I voted and I must say that I adore your family’s fashion sense.
The workout outfits are awesome and so is Roxy’s dress in that last picture. I must find them for my sims! =D

8 10 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Thank you Nessva. I spend a lot of time trawling the net looking for cool new fashions and hair styles. Once i find something i like i often change the colour to make it my own. xxx

9 10 2009

Can I ask where you found Roxy’s black dress with the shiny brooch? I found the sweatpants after searching for awhile 😀

9 10 2009
10 10 2009

I do love those sweat pants you know. And I finally updated! lol

20 12 2010

Wilsonoff is a relative of a man with extreme autism and he died very unexpectedly in Texas.

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