Chapter 5.7 – Star Crossed Lovers

28 09 2009

After having three children, including two teenage girls and a toddler – Viola was exhausted.  But she cherished her family and sorely regretted falling out with her half sister, Ruby.  She knew her and Ruby’s relationship was beyond repair – but that did not mean she could not keep in touch with her half nephew – Rupert.  Ruby and Rupert had just moved back into town after living in Riverside for a few years, so Viola took it upon herself to invite him over.


Even though it had been a few years since Viola had seen him, Rupert was still a teenager, but was almost 18 so would be aging up soon.  Viola loved catching up on Rupert’s life and they both chatted about their families and lived.  Rupert really wanted to meet his half-cousins so Viola invited him to stay over for the night to get to know her family again.


He met up with Freya first as they had been quite close growing up.  But she had no interest in talking to him as she was busy scanning the universe for evil doings.


Then he met little Perry who he thought was adorable.  All that was left to meet was Roxy.  She was just a child when he had last seen her and expected this little girl with pig-tails to run up to him.  But when he turned around a beautiful young girl was standing there.  Roxy was just as gobsmacked – she had forgotten how handsome Rupert was.


The teenagers spent the rest of the evening chatting, playing table football and getting know each other.  They both knew it was wrong to feel this way about their cousin, but they were only half cousins and had not grown up together, so they hoped it would be ok.  They still tried to hide their feelings for each other though.


Rupert came round the next night and the night after that.  Viola was so busy with work and Perry that she had failed to notice how much time Roxy was spending with Rupert and was just glad Rupert was a member of her family again. Soon enough Roxy and Rupert’s feelings got the better of them and the inevitable happened….


They confessed their feelings for each other and decided that it did not matter that they were distant family – they were in love and had to be with each other exclusively. They decided they would keep their relationship secret until they figured out how to tell their mothers. They knew that their mothers hated each other and would not be happy about their union!


Meanwhile, Freya was continuing her evil escapades.  Since Perry was born she loved nothing more than to taunt her baby brother by steeling candy from him whenever she could.



She got great pleasure in making Perry cry and then would just walk off leaving him screaming his head off.  Through this, Freya realised her lifelong wish would be to become the Emperor of Evil.


It was then up to Roxy to run to her baby brother’s rescue and sooth him till he calmed down and tickled him until he was laughing again.



Freya also loved to taunt her sister too.  Whenever Roxy was trying to study, she would creep up on her and scare her out of her mind.


Viola was a great mum, but was working so hard to achieve her lifetime wish that Freya’s bad behavior often went un-noticed and being the good person Roxy was – she never told on her sister.  Viola’s hard work was paying off and she had been promoted to a Safecracker.


Viola was in a great place in her life now.  Her deceased mother Mia had even started to visit her at night time and the two women would dance the night away while Roxy played her guitar.  Meanwhile Jack had completed his lifetime wish to have the Perfect Mind and the Perfect Body, had quit his job in the Criminal career and had joined the military. 



One evening Jack was working late and Viola was busy cracking open a safe, so Roxy invited Rupert around to spend the evening at hers.


Things got hot and steamy quickly between the two and before they knew it, they were cuddling in bed together.


They fell asleep like this and were woken up hours later by the lights being switched on and a ringing like a telephone.  Turns out it was Viola who had come home from work and had caught the twosome together.  The ringing was Viola’s screaming voice.


Rupert grabbed his stuff and ran for it leaving Viola to deal with Roxy.  Viola could not believe she had found her teenage daughter in bed with a boy and that boy was Rupert – her half cousin!  “What are you doing,” she yelled at Roxy?!  “He is your cousin and you are too young to be in bed with a boy – you’ll end up just like your aunt Scarlet if your not careful!”


“He’s only my half cousin mum,” Roxy shrieked.  “And he is only three years older than me.  I love him!”


“Well i dont want you to see him again Roxy.  It’s just not right.  You will thank for me this one day, ” Viola screamed back.  “I HATE YOU,” Roxy yelled bursting into tears and locking herself in the bathroom.


Viola could not believe her youngest daughter had fallen in love with her half cousin.  What was she going to do?  She could not let this continue!  Then she realised that there was only one person who could help her.  So she took a deep breath and picked up the phone.


Her and her sister Ruby planned to meet that evening at the bistro.  Ruby was going to refuse to meet her sister, but could hear the desperation in her voice so agreed in the end.  When Viola arrived, Ruby was already there waiting looking very cold and stiff.


The sisters had some dinner first and made small talk chatting about how each others lives were and the family.  There were a lot of long silences  – you could have cut the tension with a knife!


Eventually Ruby stood up and said: “What is this all about Viola?  Why did you desperately need to speak to me tonight?”  So Viola started to tell her sister everything that had been going on. How Roxy and Rupert had fallen in love with each other and how they had to stop their relationship at once.  Ruby did not look shocked – it was like she had known all along.  “Whats so wrong about it,” she asked Viola?  “Is it the fact that they are half-cousins or that Rupert is my son and you hate me?”


“Its nothing to do with you Ruby, it’s just wrong the two of them being together and i would appreciate it if you would stop your son seeing my daughter.  I know we will never be friends again, but we are still half sisters and for old times sake please do this for me.”


“Ok Viola.  I will break my son’s heart and tell him to push your daughter away for YOU.  But please do not contact me again or my son.”  With that Ruby turned on her heels and marched off.  Even though Viola had gotten what she wanted, she was filled with a huge sense of guilt and sadness.


Back at home, Roxy was sulking in her bedroom.  She knew her mother had banned her from seeing Rupert, but she wished she could see him one last time to say goodbye.  Just then she heard a rap at her window – it was Rupert standing below her bedroom by the pool throwing stones at her window.  She climbed out and made her way down to him.  “Im sorry to drag you out,” Rupert whispered, “but i just needed to see you once last time. My mum has banned me from seeing you and i had to say goodbye.”  Roxy burst into tears.  “Please dont leave me,” she sobbed.


Rupert cradled her in his arms and whispered into her hair.  “I will wait for you.  I age into a young adult tomorrow and then i am off to medical school in SimCity.  I will make a name for myself and come back for you when you are older and then we can be together.”


Rupert than kissed Roxy and ran off into the night, leaving Roxy standing alone.  Roxy hated her mother for banning her from being with Rupert, but she knew they would be together again one day and swore to herself she would wait loyally for that day to come!


Stay tuned to see what will happen next….  Will Roxy ever forgive her mother?  Will she get over Rupert or will she wait for him?  Will he ever come back to her?  And what will happen to Freya and her evil ways….?




3 responses

28 09 2009

This made me so sad! You write really well.

I hope Rupert comes back for her.
I’ll cry.. xD

29 09 2009

It is kind of incestuous…a little bit. But I guess if it truly were then the game wouldn’t let you interact like that right? They are a darling couple, I hope he comes back for her!

29 09 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Yes i agree. I was not playing with Roxy when Rupert came over and the game made them flirt with each other without my involvement – so i just let it happen. Seems half cousins in the sims is ok x

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