Chapter 5.6 – Wicked

26 09 2009

Soon enough it is Freya’s birthday and time for her to age into a teenager. She did not want a party because she was in an anti-social mood. Being a teen also meant she was to change school. Because she was a genius she had won a scholarship at the School for the Gifted and had to wear a school uniform now.


Meanwhile, Jack had caught up with Viola in the criminal career and they were now both Bag-people – an integral part of the heists.  The were both now sporting rather interesting outfits.


They obviously really fancied each other in these get-ups as Jacks affair with Viola’s sister had  soon been forgotten and Viola had invited Jack back into her bed.


And before long the inevitable had happened, Viola was pregnant again!  Viola was really pleased but also worried as she was getting old and really wanted to concentrate on becoming a master thief.  Looks like her life-long dream would have to wait a little longer!


Now Freya was a teenager she had developed the athletic trait.  She liked to jog around the neighbourhood after school and would often pop in to see the neighbours on her way round.


Being the evil girl she was so couldn’t help stealing items for the rich neighbours homes and even stealing candy from the babies!



Her wickedness did not stop here.  When her mother, Viola, announced her pregnancy to Freya….


…Freya launched into a massive attack on her mother.  She hated the fact that she would have another child to compete for her mothers affections with.  “Cant you just be happy with the two kids you have already,” she yelled.


Viola could not believe her daughter could be so selfish and evil.  “You have to learn to share Freya,” Viola yelled back. “You should be happy that we are expanding our family – there is plenty of love to go around.” 


After this, Freya set about upsetting her parents as much as she could.  She would sneak up on her mother and scare her out of her mind as often as she could, nearly sending her mother into premature labor.



She was always sneaking alcohol from the bar in the living room.


And she would run around town well after her curfew and get picked up by her police.



Viola was too pregnant to be able to deal with her eldest daughter, so it was Jack who had to wait up for Freya to come home each night and greet her arrival in a police car.  He lectured her and grounded her each time, but he knew this would not stop Freya causing trouble if she wanted to.


Even though Freya’s home life was bad, she was still doing very well at school and was a straight A student.  When she was not causing trouble, she was studying hard at her subjects determined to graduate well.


Because she was doing so well, the school had asked her to tutor another student.  Ben’s parents were rich, hence why he was at the school for the gifted, but unfortunately he was not gifted and really struggled with all his subjects. 


Ben was a typical rich bad boy. He had more money than sense and was charismatic, childish and a snob.  Freya fell for him immediately.  She tutored him every night for a week…..


…before she plucked up the courage toask him to go steady.


Meanwhile, Roxy had aged up into a teen. 


She had developed the virtuous trait and begged her parents to buy her a guitar for her birthday.  The moment she picked the guitar up she knew she had found her calling in life which was to become a Hit Movie Composer.


By now, Viola was hugely pregnant.  She was so big that she got too hot and insisted on walking around the house in her underwear.


Jack was so excited about becoming a father again and was constantly fussing around Viola, talking to her tummy, feeling her tummy and listening to her tummy.


One afternoon, Viola and Freya were watching “Cops” together.  This was their favorite show and they loved joking with each about other how stupid the cops were.  This was the only time it seemed they ever got on. 


Suddenly Viola finally went into labor!  She was three weeks overdue and was ready to burst.  Freya completely freaked out so Viola told her to leave the room if she was not going to be any help.



I am pleased to announce that Viola had a little baby boy called Perry.  He was born easily impressed and with a love of the outdoors.  He looked just like his father with his blond hair and bright green eyes.

Perry Toddler

Stay tuned to see what happens next in the Shenston legacy…..




4 responses

26 09 2009

Ooh, Perry’s so cute!

Roxy is gorgeous.

27 09 2009

Perry is really cute. Perry for Heir! Did u get the name from Phineas and ferb? or from a naming site?

29 09 2009

Perry is an absolute doll!!
Freya’s boyfriend is pretty cute as well =)

17 06 2010

that was lol i can laf my head off my body.
some day i wish it was meee…….

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