Chapter 5.5 – Keeping it in the Family

25 09 2009

After two children and becoming an adult, Viola had let herself go a bit and was determined to get herself back in shape.  She worked out on the treadmill for hours on end ready for her return to work.


Viola had also started protesting at the Town Hall as the city Mayer was behaving like a clown and trying to turn the local school into another theatre!


What with her job, exercising, protesting, looking after the girls and working – she did not have much time left for Jack.  Considering he had commitment issues, this was not a good move on Viola’s behalf.  Soon enough Jack’s eyes started to wonder and they wondered straight to Viola’s sister, Ruby.


Ruby had remained single ever since Marco had died all those years ago and she was very lonely. So she really lavished the attention Jack was showing her and could not help but let him complimented her and giver her endless massagers when she came home from work each day.


Soon enough, Ruby had forgotten all about the fact that Jack was her sister’s husband and succumbed to Jacks advance.


Jack and Ruby’s affair was in full swing.  They snuck around behind Viola’s back for months, grabbing any opportunity they could to be together.  This was until Viola came home early from the gym one day.


Jack and Ruby had not noticed Viola come into the room and before they realised it was too late, Viola saw them kissing.


Jack saw Viola standing there out the corner of his eye and jumped back.  “Its not what it looks like,” he stuttered.  “Don’t give me that,” Viola spat.  “I saw everything.  How could you – and with my own sister?!”


Jack tried to explain that it had meant nothing and was only a moment of weakness, but Viola was having none of it.  She turned her head in disgust, she could not even look at her husband or sister!



Jack started to beg.  “Please Viola, I don’t want Ruby, its you I love.  She came onto me.” 


Ruby could not believe what Jack was saying.  “No I did not,” she yelped.  “Jack came onto me and if you believe him Viola, you are stupider than you look!”


Viola was so furious she could not even see straight. She turned to her sister and yelled, “I don’t care who came onto whom.  The fact is you guys have been running around my back for god knows how long.  How could you do this to me – I’m your sister for god’s sake!”


Then Viola leaned forward and slapped her sister as hard as she could, just as Freya was walking by.


Ruby took the slap with good faith – she knew she deserved it.  “I’m sorry,” she begged.   But Viola would not accept her apology.  “I think it is time for you to leave Ruby, you cant live here with us after what you have done.  I want you to move out tonight.”



Ruby knew what she had done was wrong, but could not believe her sister was kicking her out.  She packed up her and Rupert’s things and left that night.  She planned to stay with her other sister Scarlet until she could find her own home. (Im not sure why Rupert drives them away in a cab – maybe he has become a part time taxi driver???!)


Viola is so angry with Jack she can’t even talk to him.  But Jack is desperate.  He picks up some dirt from the floor and says: “I love you so much I am willing to eat this dirt for you Viola.”  And this is what he did, much to Viola’s disgust.



But Viola loved Jack, she always had done and even though he had betrayed her in one of the worst ways imaginable, she did not want to lose him!  And he did eat dirt for her after all.  She told Jack that she will forgive him, but she may never forget what he had done and it would take time for them to get back on track.  This was good enough for Jack – he squeezed his wife so tight, terrified that if he let her go he might lose her forever.



Viola then asked Jack to go and apologise to Freya as she had witnessed the row earlier.  Viola could remember catching her own dad in bed with another man and how it had affected her.  She did not want her own daughter to feel the same way.  So Jack went and apologised to his daughter and explained that the row had nothing to do with her and how much he loved her.


He then spent the rest of the evening tutoring her and spending some quality time with her.


The next day was Roxy’s birthday.  She grew into a pretty young girl and became easily impressed.


Now they were both kids, Roxy and Freya were thick as thieves – best friends even.


They were so different but also so alike.  Freya was evil, brave and a genius – either practicing her chess on the computer or working out.


Where as Roxy was good, artistic and easily impressed – always at her easel painting a picture.


On Roxy’s first day at school, Freya stuck by her sister all day making sure to introduce her to everyone and letting all the kids know not to mess with the new girl.


Stay tuned to see how the Shenston girls grow up and if Viola and Jack can get their relationship back on track…..




10 responses

25 09 2009

Oh no! I loved Ruby! Two gorgeous girls there… I have a good and evil kid at the moment… I think teens are going to be fun…

25 09 2009

Do you have a legacy Rad? If so, whats your link?x

25 09 2009
Rad – ch8.1 might make you smile…

25 09 2009

Oh yeah i have read some – love it. I will add it to my links page x

25 09 2009

What is that heart thing when the girls are playing video games?
And I love the legacy.

25 09 2009

The girls are so pretty. Can’t wait to see what they look like as teens.

17 10 2009

Awesome blog!

I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

7 01 2010

🙂 LOL whats with the cheating dads

3 05 2010

Ew. She forgave her husband and not her sister?!

3 05 2010

…Wow. She forgave Jack but not her sister?! Her sister wasn’t the one who started it! And yet she STILL forgave Jack and not her own sister…

Otherwise, a great chapter! This is one of the best legacies I’ve read!

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