Chapter 5.4 – The Next Chapter

25 09 2009

It took a while, but slowly the Shenston house-hold got back to normal after the death of Mia and Seth.  Viola loved her new baby girl, Freya, but she always had this overwhelming urge to steel candy from her.  Viola desperately tried to resist as she knew it would be too evil even from her to do that to her own daughter.  But one day she could not resist any longer and snatched a lolly-pop out of Freya’s hands. 



Viola felt an instant rush of adrenalin which soon subsided and was replaced with a huge wave of guilt. She scooped Freya up who was screaming her head off by now and squeezed her so tight promising her she would never hurt her again like that.


Though this, Viola still could not help feel that she may not be able to keep that promise!


Meanwhile Jack had been arrested for beating up someone who owed his boss money.  He was picked up from outside the abandoned warehouse where he was hiding out.


He was sentenced to 8months in prison as this was not his first offence.  He spent his time making friends and playing checkers.


Little did Jack know that before he went into prison, Viola had found out she was pregnant again.  She had not got round to telling him before he was arrested and decided to wait until he was out to break the good news.


Ruby had been promoted and was now an Investigative Reporter. She had been tasked to bring in dirt on anything of interest to the newspaper buying public. Her first campaign was to feature a different person’s job in Sunset Valley per week.  She interviewed one of Viola’s colleagues who was a bank robber and told her what it was like to live a life of crime – it was an anonymous story of course.


Then to make a good comparison she interviewed a cop to get his take on what it was like trying to tackle the crime in Sunset Valley.


Lastly, she chose to interview her twin sister, Scarlet who was heavily pregnant again.  She did a story on what it was like to be a teenage mum (even though Scarlet is now a young adult).


Then she went home and wrote it all up hoping to win a prize for her hard work.


Time flew by and before anyone knew it, Jack was released from prison and came home to join the family.  He was shocked to find his wife pregnant again, but also elated as he loved children and wanted a big family.


He decided that he wanted to really provide well for his growing family and made an effort to get a promotion by working out constantly.


Just after he got back, Viola went into labour.  She had a home birth and Jack was with her the whole time – well in the background reading anyway!



I am proud to announce that Viola had another little girl she named Roxy.  She was born artistic and good and had inherited her dads blond hair.  But strangely, her eyes were a deep brown which were neither her mum nor dads colour eyes.  Jack joked they came from the milkman!

Roxy Toddler

Roxy was only a year younger than Freya so they were more like twins than sisters. 


They loved playing together even though Freya was evil and Roxy was good, they still got on great.


Turns out it was birthday time for everyone (except little Roxy).  The family decided to throw a birthday party for Rupert and Freya and Viola, Ruby and Jack would age up into adults without a fuss.  They invited all of Rupert’s friends from school and some family.


Rupert blew out his candles first and wished to become a doctor when he grew up.


Now he was a teenager he had developed the brave trait.  He looked just like his mum with his dad’s dark skin.


Next up was Freya.  Viola helped her daughter blow out her candles.


Freya grew into a cute kid and also developed the brave trait.


After the party was over and the last guests had gone, Viola, Ruby and Jack all aged up too now ready to start the next chapter in their lives as adults.








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