Chapter 5.3 – The Wedding

23 09 2009

Viola and Mia set about planning the wedding of the century.  They planned it for June as the weather is so nice and Viola wanted her wedding outside.  Mia organised all the catering and decorations.


Viola could not help herself and splashed out on a Vera Wang wedding dress.


She invited all her friends and family and even some work colleagues, who Mia thought were from the hospital as that is still where Mia thought Viola worked.  Viola’s farther Harry even turned up, including Jacks farther (he is dancing with him in the picture below).  Jack had no mother, she had died during childbirth.


Viola and Jack exchanged rings infront of 200 guests next to the swimming pool in the garden.  It was the happiest day of Viola’s life.



Everyone stood by and watched as the bride and groom took their first dance and threw confetti over them.  Ever though Ruby was still sad by the loss of Marco, she still stood in the front, cheering her sister on.


After the couple had had their first dance, the rest of the guests joined in and the party was soon under way.


That night Viola lay in Jacks arms.  She could not believe her luck – she had married the man of her dreams!


They soon consummated their marriage and decided to start trying for a baby straight away as they were both pushing 30 and did not want to be old parents.


After the honeymoon, Viola decided to go round and see her sister Scarlet.  She had not made it to the wedding as she could not get any child care (even though Viola had said she could bring the kids), so Viola wanted to see her and tell her all about it.


She met Seth at the door step.  He was a very old man now and crazier than ever!  He did not even know who Viola was.


Scarlet was looking after him well and he had his own room in a little tower at the top of the house looking over the sea and stocked with everything he needed to keep up his hobbies.


Scarlets children were growing up too.  Both Freddie and Lisa were now kids with their own little personalities.  Freddie looked so much like his mum and Lisa looked just like her dad, Jerry.


The last time we saw Scarlet she was only a teenager – but now she was is young adult – boarding on full adult and she is still as beautiful as ever.  She told Viola how her and Jerry had been trying for another baby and she thought she may be pregnant again!  Viola was so happy that her sister’s life had turned out well.


When Viola got home she was feeling very nauseous.


And after taking a pregnancy test in the bathroom, she discovered she was pregnant!  She could not believe it had happened so soon!  She was so excited to be having a baby that could grow up with Rupert and she would have her mum and sister around to help her.


Not for long though.  Mia had taken it upon herself to fix the broken computer in the study.  After a couple of minutes tinkering with it, she pulled at the wrong wire and electrocuted herself!


Mia was so embarrassed she had done such a silly thing, she went off had a shower and pretended like nothing had happened.  She was determined to master the broken the computer so went back to try again – at least this time she knew not to touch the wrong wire.  But before she even got to sit down, she passes away.  Even though the electrocution had not killed her, it had weakened her heart and got her in the end.


Viola rushed in only to see death taken her mother off to heaven.


The whole family were distraught by the loss of Mia.  Seth had also passed away around the same time so they decided to throw a double funeral for Mia and Seth.  Jack was an amazing support and was there to comfort his pregnant wife all the way.



Just before the funeral was to start, it was Rupert’s birthday.  Ruby decided to let it go by without a fuss because of the funeral, but she still bought Rupert a birthday cake and blew the candles out with him.


Rupert grew into a fine looking kid and developed the book-worm trait.

Rupert Kid

Soon enough it was time for the day the whole family were dreading – the funeral.  Viola had insisted on taking on all the preparations for the funeral even though she was quite heavily pregnant.  Ruby and Viola decided to mourn their mother in private before all the guests arrived.


Everyone turned up to show their respects to Mia and Seth.  Scarlet was beside herself with grief.  Viola had to spend lots of the day by her sisters side to make sure she was ok.


Mia’s sisters also came.  Her twin Maria (left) who lived her life alone and her older sister, Lily (right) who is still married to Chris and has a grown up daughter, Terry (please see bottom picture) – isn’t she so pretty?



In the middle of the funeral party, Viola felt a twinge in her tummy.  She rushed off to the study as she did not want to make a fuss and the baby was not due yet.  Ruby saw her and went running after her, only to find Viola in labor!  Viola was crying and wailing for her mother!


Jack was at work so Ruby rushed Viola off to the hospital. I am proud to announce that Viola gave birth to a little girl weighing 5lbs3oz.  Even though she was premature, she was very healthy and inherited her mother’s evil trait and the genius trait from her farther.  Viola named her Freya.  She had her mothers strawberry blond hair and bright blue eyes, just like her grandmother, Mia.

Fraya Toddler

Stay tuned to find out what happens in the next chapter of the Shenston Legacy….




14 responses

23 09 2009

Seth! Noooooo!

Freya is a cutie though.

23 09 2009

Omg freya is so the cutest kid in your legacy yet xx x xxxx
this is soo good and the best legacy i have read

23 09 2009

why Seth no? WHY! aww poor Mai

23 09 2009


Freya’s adorable, btw.

But I miss Seth.

24 09 2009

I echo the sentiments… I’m all for the cute Sims but Seth was such a character! Non-main legacy characters are a great addition! Loving this legacy – mine is slow, I never get a chance to play now – keep up the good work!! Cx

24 09 2009

Haha, great! I love that you had her end up with Jack – I think it’s really interesting to have a criminal couple.

One thing though – your dad is your father, not your farther.

xx tink

24 09 2009

I know guys – i was so sad when that little box in the corner told me that Seth Shenston had passed away!!! But hopefully we will see another Seth character at some point xxx

24 09 2009

Oh no! Poor Seth and Mia!! I hate electrocution deaths, they’re so random.

On a happier note, Rupert and Freya are some of the cutest kids ever =)

9 10 2009
Bill Bartmann

Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

27 12 2009

Hey i was just wondering how you got her to h ave the baby early. Her tummy does look a lil small so i was just wondering because i have been looking for a mod like that so please let me know!! That would be so amazing. Awesome Legacy by the way your doing a wonderful job 😉

4 01 2010

I HATE seth’s hair it is so ugly ill never see it again YAY!

5 01 2010

Anna that was a horrid thing to say.

7 01 2010

🙂 Freya is soooo cute,

3 06 2010

ANNA! How mean! I miss Seth, he was so funny! I hate Betty and Jonas so much, but I like Jonas better, since he felt sorry. I always had a soft spot for Seth, I love how you made it seem like he was mentally disabled, I have a soft spot for them too. 🙂

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